Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Way I Talk is Just the Way I Talk

Well, whadaya know, another photo from the state fair last year. Let's hope to god I get new ones posted tomorrow night. We got our iPod newly stocked and charged, and I'm all ready to make myself sick eating meat on a stick (shut-up) and funnel cakes. I should be back early in the evening to try and read blogs and stuff.

Hey, I thought you might all appreciate this new thing I'm going to try out on here today - I'm actually going to take a break from my incessant whining and wallowing. Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Instead I'm going to talk about a new friend I made on Saturday night. Her name is B. and she is ever so much fun.

My friend K. introduced me to her and when she found out I'd just been dumped she said, "You should definitely get drunk and then you should have sex with W., (a local musician) but make sure he wears a condom because he's apparently done it with every other girl in town too." I took her up on her wonderful getting drunk idea, but I stayed far away from the man whore. I didn't want to have to make a visit to the free clinic on top of everything else I've got going on right now.

The other cool thing about her, is that she grew up in Utah as a non-Mormon, and I grew up in Mesa, Arizona as a non-Mormon, which is practically the same exact situation. My friend K. who also has had strong Mormon influences in her life, and B. and I tested out our memory of Mormon children's songs. Later in the evening, after I was sloppy (read: screeching) drunk, I thought it was really funny to mix the Mormon lyrics with metal songs. One of them I sung went something like this: "Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me, are about the Lamanites WHO UNLEASHED THE DOGS OF WAR! (the last part was sung in that growly metal voice - you know the one) Anyway, because B. humored me through all of that, she is now my new BFF.

There, I made it through a whole post without whining... And you thought I couldn't do it.


Mr Atrocity said...

The whiny Church of England nonsense I was forced to sing as a child was, sadly, too fluffy to get the metaaaaaal treatment.

Tara said...

I like that you combined mormon songs with heavy metal. Sometimes I try to sound like Celine Dion when I've had a bit to drink. I'll try combining heavy metal songs with Christmas carols this season.

booda baby said...

Your worst whining sounds pretty damned playful to me. Maybe you're not giving it your best?

Is there an easy breezy way to wrestle abandonment issues to the ground and beat them up? I don't have those things and so, as you guessed, except for the standard and predictable post-breakup reactions, I've been able to move on easily. So easily, that the breaker upper has often returned soon after, a little mystified, to TRY again. (Now what the HELL compels THAT?)

It's not magic, though. It always helped (and might probably help again, one day) to be very very clear. Of course, they're entitled to not want to be with me (or to be with someone else), but I'm also genuinely obliged to want them to be happy and real because goddammit, I expect that reciprocal attitude.

That little twist of really and truly being on the side of them being happy and not owing me any emotional anything ... It's always helped.

not fainthearted said...

Shit. If you can't whine here, where can you?

Anyway...glad to hear you're going to get some meat on a stick one way or another....

Anytime you want to come up and see a REAL state fair (a.k.a. Minnesota's!) you just let me know. I'll play tour guide and well do it up right. BTW it starts next Thursday....not that I'm keeping track or anything ;-)

laura b. said...

Ah, thanks for the laugh! Living in a very Mormon area, I can relate...and how cool that you made a new friend!

Poptart said...

It's so hard to make new friend when we're grown-ups. It's good that you did! And you never sound whiny compared to me, so shut up.

What's that post-title lyric from?


evil-e said...

Metal children's church songs, how freaking cool. I do know the growly metal voice and know it well.

You stopped me before I had a chance to comment on the meat on a stick reference, damn. It would have been funny!

Margaret said...

woo-hooo! to new gal pals

AlienCG said...

OK, it sounds like you had too much to drink...or not enough. Record those Mormon metal songs and post them on your blog.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

I don't know. It might be funnier the fluffier it is.


Make sure you record them and put them on your blog.

Booda BAby,

Totally. I had an ex break-up with me, but not really mean it. Six years later, he's still trying. Wha?

I do wish the best for Mr Dateman and I've told him as much. I just have to work through my own stuff, as usual.


My friend who lives up there has told me the Minnesota State Fair is awesome. If only I could afford to drive up there.


It's from a Cramps song...Which may be a cover of an older song. You know how The Cramps did a lot of covers.


Maybe I should put out my own song book - a "Scare Your Kids into Religion" thing.


I know.


No one would ever read my blog again.