Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No, Don't Lose Your Head

Here is a photo of a line of headstones that I took last Summer in a country cemetery.

Kids, I will try really hard not to bother you with the details of all the practical shit I got done today. Really, the only interesting thing that came out of it, was discovering the cool superhero stamps I bought to send off all my bills. I think doing all this practical stuff gave me a bit of a migraine. It's the only thing I can think that caused it. The pain isn't horrible, it just makes me even more spaced-out and stooopid than normal. So, I ended up forgetting for just a second how to turn my brights off when driving home from Mr Dateman's house. I turned my windshield wipers on instead, and then finally remembered after the other car had passed me. Yeah, I was one of those assholes tonight.

Because I'm still on the migrainey (yes, it's a word because I said so) side, I will quickly talk about two movies I've seen in the past week. Tonight Mr Dateman and I watched 300. I don't know what this movie would be like for people who don't either read a lot of comic books or play a lot of video games. Luckily, Mr. Dateman and I have both of those covered. I think there was a little story line in there somewhere, but mostly there were naked people, lots of spectacle and violent battles. I think I counted three decapitations in about a half hour. So, really, what's not to like?

The other movie I watched was All the Kings Men. In my defense, I tried to watch it on Friday night, and Stinky was having some friends over in the living room for a movie party and all those teenage boys and girls and their hormones in the same room at the same time made me tired. At one point, I came out into the living room and yelled, "hand check". It was funny that all the guys knew exactly what I meant and threw their hands up in the air immediately and all the girls were confused and said, "What"?

Where was I again? (damn ADD) Oh yeah, All the Kings Men was a movie that seemed to involve many men wearing suits and talking. After all the kids left my house, I fell asleep while watching it and when I woke-up, it felt like I was having one of those dreams where people morph into other people, because Sean Penn was originally talking to James Gandolfini, but then he turned into Jude Law. I'm sure the movie was very good, but I didn't see any naked people, very little spectacle, and I don't think there were any battle scenes or graphic decapitations to speak of. In other words, I just couldn't get into it.


Margaret said...

ha! i'd forgotten all about hand-check

Tara said...

I like Gerard Butler, but have not been tempted to watch "300" yet. I liked him as Dracula.

booda baby said...

The superhero stamps are GREAT, aren't they?!? I'm thinking about having to buy the ugly stamps, though, since I end up guarding the great stamps until they go and raise the postage rates.

Your poor head. Still, when you write things like: I think there was a little story line in there somewhere, but mostly there were naked people, lots of spectacle and violent battles. I think I counted three decapitations in about a half hour. So, really, what's not to like?, it's hard to believe you're incapacitated (which is kind of a hard word to get out when there's a word like decapitate showing off beside it. Know what I mean?)

Dagromm said...

I haven't watched 300 yet, and am upset I missed it on the big screen as I suspect it looked even better larger than life.
I watched Norbit last night. It was a guilty pleasure as I caught myself laughing a lot more than I expected.

evil-e said...

Superhero stamps...that is way cool.

300 is on "the list" for me. I will eventually get to it. Everyone I know who has seen it says it is pretty good and pretty you said, "what's not to like"

Churlita said...


It will all come back to you when E. is in Jr High.


It is violent, so if you're not into that, you may want to skip it.

Booda Baby,

Sometimes I wish I could be decapitated when I have a migraine.


I watched it on Mr Dateman's gigantic TV so it was kind of like watching it at a theater.


Check out the superhero stamps. They're awesome.

Babybull40 said...

Have yet to see 300 but have seen parts of ALl The King's Men.. I didn't care for it.. it was long and kinda slow for my liking...

Killer said...

Sometimes when I am alone with myself, I will call for a hand check.

300 was awesome, but I can't help but think back then all the guys were probably really only five feet tall and skinny.