Monday, June 18, 2012

I Love the Passing of Time

Say...This place looks familiar. Didn't I used to have a blog here a long time ago?

So, yeah. Things are going well. I'm reading and watching movies and running and riding my bike and I even did my fist triathlon a couple of weeks ago.

it is Summer here in Iowa and it is green and full of flowers and farm animals and rolling hills and topped off with amazing skies.

...And while I'm filling you in, I should probably tell you the most important news - the cats are just fine, thank you.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Beep Beep M'Beep Beep. Yeah!

Tried to plant some coleus in the front yard for a little more curb appeal.
Sooo, The Guy and I decided to refinance the house and put more money down to get rid of our mortgage insurance and go down to a 15 year mortgage. We met with the mortgage man and got everything okay'ed and locked in at 3%. (holy crap!)

Because we're in our 40's and not in our 20's, we talked about what we would do if, (goddess forbid) we didn't make it as a couple. Since The Guy has put more money into it than me, he would probably buy me out. This is the conversation that followed our meeting with the mortgage man:

Me: So, do you mind waiting a few years to dump me, so we can build up enough equity for me to put down on another house?

The Guy: Well, the reality is, even if we don't break-up, we won't be together forever, because one of us will die first. Do you mind waiting to die after I do, so I don't have to miss you?

Me: We could always die together. In a fiery car crash...

The Guy: That would be great, Let's hope for that...But what about the cats?

Don't worry. Archie's only sleeping here.

Me: Let's leave everything to my girls with the condition that they have to take care of the cats until they die.

The Guy: Of course, that will probably mean that Archie will mysteriously get run over by a Stinky teenage girl in one of our cars.

Me: Yeah. Poor Archie doesn't stand a chance after we die in our fiery car crash...