Wednesday, October 02, 2013

We Will Find You Acting On Your Best Behavior

I haven't blogged in so long, that I don't really know how it works anymore. I can't put the text where I want it and moving things around is a mystery to me. I'll just write anyway wherever it let me. So, if it looks clumsy...It will only be fitting to me.

So, I've never been mechanically inclined, but now that I'm riding bikes so much, it's silly of me not to know how to maintain and fix some of the easiest things. In addition to changing a tire, greasing and putting on a chain, I also can now replace pedals, and mess with the barrel adjustor too. Now, The Guy is teaching me how to build wheels. It's pretty interesting, except that there is a lot of talk of lubing up the nipples and inserting them into the rims and I start laughing so hard that I can't concentrate on the task at hand. Maybe I'm just too immature for bike mechanics...

Cyclocross season is in full swing now. We went down to Hermann, MO for a race a couple of weeks ago. They seem to take their cyclocross a little more seriously down there. The women in my race were all very nice and really, really fast. Even the woman who raced in a pink wig, I think was probably drunk and kept telling everyone that she was just racing for bacon and dollar bills beat me. Right as we were being staged, they were announcing the name of the winner of the race before ours. His name was Titsworth. No, really. I kept cracking up every time they said it and all the other woman around me were completely stoic. So, maybe it's not just wheel building, maybe I'm too immature for bike racing in general.