Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

We're here and we're random - every single one of my personalities.

1.) Okay, remember how I said it was Homecoming weekend here in town? Well, there's usually all kinds of fun drunken incidents that occur on that weekend. I'm going to take some quotes off of the KCRG website so you can learn about my favorite one from this year. 'Kay? Here it is:

An Iowa City man who thought a police officer just "needed a hug" faces several charges including assault on a peace officer and public intoxication...

...According to police records, Schreder ran up to the officer and stuck out his arms. The officer told him to "get away," but Schreder didn't take the hint and embraced the officer.

How great is that? In and of itself, it's wonderful, but this being Iowa City, there's bound to be a protest - of sorts anyway. Today on my lunch break there were some college kids standing around on the Pentacrest giving out free hugs. You bet your ass, I made sure I got one. I asked the boys to hug each other so I could take a picture, (with my camera phone, since I left my real camera at home) and they said they would, if I would let them take a picture of them hugging me. What is all this conditional photographing about? I suppose it's better than in San Francisco, when they wanted a dollar. At least a photo is free. Anwyway, below is where I was in the picture, but I cheated by hiding behind the "free hug" sign. Sue me, I was wearing braids and I looked like crap.

Later, one of my coworkers told me it would've been funny if I had pulled out a fake badge and pretended to be an undercover cop and started to arrest them.

2.) Now, onto my next random topic. So, on Monday I went to my friend's house to watch The Steelers on Monday Night Football. The whole time I was there, the team just kept sucking harder and harder. Finally, I told the people I was watching the game with, that I figured I should leave, because if stopped watching, they might start winning. Then my friend James told me to fake call them, because that worked so well last year. I got out my phone, made my imaginary phone call, stopped watching the game and went home. Guess what? That's right. The Steelers won. Maybe that really is my super power.

3.) The girls said there was a guy who showed up to the Homecoming dance in a gorilla suit. I don't think I need to add anything else to this. The awesomness of it, stands on its own.

4.) Sunday night I told you about the guy who stopped me to tell me that he sees me walking every morning and in his head has always thought of me as his pretend "going to work" friend. Well, I've actually seen him the last two days on my way to work. He honks and waves and I wave back. So, now I suppose he's my pretend "going to work" friend too.

Monday, September 29, 2008

But One of These Kids is Doing Her Own Thing

Okay, we're on Saturday now, right? I'll backtrack a little to Friday for the girls' weekend. They both went to the Homecoming game with their friends. I know I've mentioned on here before that I didn't get to do a lot of stuff when I was in high school. I never went to a Homecoming dance and I don't remember ever going to the game either. That's one thing I've always wanted for my girls, that they could have a way more positive high school experience than I had. Which wouldn't be hard at all. I never wanted them to be isolated out in the country, with no way into town and staying home cleaning on weekend nights when all their friends were whooping it up. I definitely don't let them do whatever they want, but I try to give them the freedom to socialize and do all the typical high school things I only read about or heard about from my friends when I was their age.

On Friday night, the girls got home right after Rooney ended and hung around at my house with a couple of friends. They said that one of the girls who lives upstairs was making out with some guy in the car in our driveway. They kept looking out the window to see how steamed up the windows were getting and getting grossed out and giggling about it. Hey, maybe we don't need cable after all.

On Saturday morning, the girls woke me up around 6:30 so I could take them to work. My migraine must have started in my sleep, which is the worst, because I can't nip it in the bud with my preventative drugs. When I got back home, I took some migraine meds and the combination of that and the pain knocked me out, until the girls called me around 11 to pick them back up.

I took the other half of my migraine pill about noon and then ran Stinky all over to get her last minute Homecoming accessories. I finally dropped her off at her friend's house to get ready. Coadster's friend came to our house and I got to take a couple of photos of her and her friend before they went to another girl's house. Who had any idea it took five hours to prep for a two hour dance?

Stinky told me to stop by her friend's house around 6:15 to take photos. I was still way out of it from the one-two punch of pain and meds. I figured there would be a couple of kids and maybe a parent or two around to snap a few pics and then go home. I showed up in a knock around pair of shorts and tank top with my hair all frizzy and pulled back.

I was so wrong. There were all kinds of parents taking photos and for some reason they were pretty dressed up. Do you think they live soap opera lives and walk around their houses in full make-up, perfect hair and all dressed up in heels? I kept a running loop of "Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Other" in my head the whole time I was there.

I got some cute shots of Stinky, which was really the most important thing.

Oh, and the shoes. I guess, according to Stinky, photographing the shoes was a must.

Right as I was leaving, I heard a call to take a group pic of the parents and I was not having any of that. Nobody wants a pic of me with a bunch of people I don't know in my ratty clothes. I think Stinky would have liked me to join in the group photo, but I really needed to go home and lie down for about a week and half.

I got home and rested. I watched a movie called Under the Same Moon. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Maybe not the best viewing idea. My normal comfort experience when I'm not feeling all that great, is eating a grilled cheese sandwich, and tomato soup and watching The Goonies or Roadhouse. (I'm not kidding) Stinky's comfort movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Coadster's is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

By around midnight, Coadster came home with her friend. Stinky spent the night at another friend's house. My headache was finally over and I had this weird urge to clean shit. I can only assume I was delusional from all the migraine business. Anyway, I stayed up past two cleaning my fridge and washing dishes and my kitchen floor and doing laundry. Coadster and her friend basically fell asleep sitting up, watching a movie on the couch. I guess I stayed home cleaning on a weekend night while all my friends were whooping it up as an adult too, but it's way better when it's my choice.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

All Our Friends Will be Drinking All the Beer

Kids, this weekend ended up being an odd mix of fun, migraine pain, and then, when I'd get the headache under control, I'd have these weird bursts of cleaning and organizing energy (and you know that's very unusual, so I had to go with it).

Anyway, I'll start with Friday for this post and be about 2 days behind all week, because I wasn't on the internets most of the weekend.

Okay, let's begin. I got off at noon and did a bunch of stuff, but not all the crap I wanted to get done. The girls got home from the Quad Cities earlier than I thought, and it seems the minute they get home, the running them all over hell begins.

I got to the cookout at A.'s house about eight. I brought guacamole and refried beans and some corn tortillas I had fried. They grilled fish and we made fish tacos. I've been hearing about them forever, but never actually had them. They were amazing. The whole cookout was great for many reasons. I was sad to leave, but I had J.'s birthday to attend, and so I took my leave.

I didn't take any photos at the cookout, but I think I have to have a beer or two in order not worry about how obnoxious my documenting is. Luckily, by the time I made it downtown, I was at that place. The fun started even before I went down to the Dublin. J. and some other friends were sitting on the bench in front of Pizza on Dubuque smoking.

J. was also being serenaded, or more accurately chanted to by these three, very funny Yea-hoos. Someone must have told them her full name because they just kept chanting her first and last name over and over again. All through the night, they would disappear and reappear and you would always know they were there, because of the birthday girl's name chant. It was charming until it became annoying to some of my friends. I thought it was hilarious the whole time, but you know how I feel about things being run into the ground. After another hundred times, it starts getting funny again.

While I was standing outside, some guy I'd never seen in my life, stopped me and asked me if I walked to work down a particular street everyday. I said, I did. Then he said he drove past me every morning on his way to work and he kind of considered me his imaginary going to work friend. It wasn't creepy at all. He was just being friendly and dorky and I can appreciate that more than anyone. He told me what kind of car he drove. I told him I couldn't promise him anything, but if I was alert enough that early and before I had any caffeine to notice, I would try to wave to him when I saw him.

My favorite thing about Homecoming Friday, is that the alumni marching band comes back into town for the parade and then they go from bar to bar drinking and playing either "In Heaven There is No Beer" or our school fight song. It's good dorky fun and everyone dances around and sings like jackasses. It's the one night of the year when I'm not the only jackass at the bar, and that's why I love it so much.
When I spied the marching band guys, I ran up and asked if I could take a picture of them. They said, sure, as long as they could take some photos with me. "Um, okay." I have no idea why, but it was only fair.

Here's me pretending to play the trumpet. See? I wasn't kidding about acting like a jack ass.

When I told the birthday girl about the photo op, she wanted in too. So, we went back up. This time, the woman sitting on the other side of the trupmet player got a little territorial. I'm sure if she could have gotten away with it, she would have peed in a circle around him, but instead, she insisted on being in the photo. What the hell. We didn't care, as long as J. got to hold the trumpet. We certainly weren't trying to stir up any shit, we just thought it was funny.

Here is the group of girlies in the middle of the fun and spectacle.

Later in the evening, I got a text from DJSass. She was at the Deadwood and needed a reprieve from silly boys and wondered if I was at the Dublin. Why, yes I was. She stopped by and we were able to pay homage to her lovely PBR tallboy. Her fiance joined us and a little later, the Wedding Date guy showed up too.

It was great fun, but then I started seeing scenes like this.

And this. Then I knew it was time to go home. Saturday was going to start early and involve me running around like that chicken with my head cut-off most of the day. So, I took my leave and went home and fell straight to sleep. Night, night.

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Ce'st La Vie", Say the Old Folks

Here is the stage where Chuck Berry will play tonight.

Oh my god. It's sick how much time I spent doing absolutely nothing tonight. Sick. The girls were in the Quad Cities at a funeral for their step-great-grandmother on their dad's side. (got it?) She was in her eighties and had cancer, so it was another one of those things where it was probably for the best for her, but everyone else will be sad.

This weekend should be absolutely insane. I haven't had too many plans lately, but this weekend, there are five hundred million. And you know I'd never exaggerate. I'm taking a half day of vacation today, but I probably should be taking at least three days.

Here is a sign announcing upcoming bands.

It's Homecoming here for both the university and my daughters' high school. They'll go to the high school game tonight and leave early to see a band called Rooney and then Chuck Berry, who are both playing for free on the Pentacrest. I wouldn't mind seeing Chuck Berry, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

My friend K.'s boyfriend is having a cookout, where I'll probably run into the wedding date guy. I called him on Wednesday to make sure everything would be cool and socially comfortable. He apologized a bunch about how things ended, and I told him it was fine. I couldn't do the long-distance thing anyway, even in the non-relationship format. I think we'll both be happy to see each other without any animosity. What more could you ask for in a non-break-up?

I just found out it's my friend J.'s birthday tomorrow as well. She wants to go to the Homecoming parade and then for drinks after. I'll probably make it for a drink downtown, wherever they are after the cookout.

Here is the stage again. Now new and improved with 50% more glare.

On Saturday, I may go to a wedding at the Radillac Farm. Since it's out in the country, they are encouraging people to camp. I'm not sure if I'm up for that, or even how much time I'll be able to spend there.

First I'll have to wake up at 6:30 and take my girls to work. Then I'll have to pick them up around one or two in the afternoon so they can get ready for the dance and then once Stinky's ready, I'll have to go to her friend's house to take photos of them all glammed up.

Here are the lights as they're being hoisted up.

I think I'll try to hit parts of the wedding party in between all that, but my head might explode before the night is over too. You just never know.

Here is a sign stating the obvious.

I have no idea what's going on for Sunday. If I'm lucky, I'll laze around and watch some football, go running and take a vow of silence and cloister myself for twenty-four hours just to recover.

You know the drill. Give me your plans.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well Mr. Jaws, How Was It? "Dynomite"

Here is a picture of me at Tonto National Forest when I was around eight or nine. Just so you know, those shorts I was wearing? Yeah, they were terry cloth. Mmm hmm.

When we lived in Mesa, I had neighbors who were from Tonga. They used to do Polynesian shows at hotels and their parents just gave them all the money they made so they could blow it all on candy and pop, which is exactly what they did. Vai, the oldest spent most of his on 45's. Back in the 70's, 45's were our music vehicle of choice. In junior high we'd discover the beauty of 8-tracks, but when we were younger, we had mini-turntables that produced crappy sound and we bought as many 45's as we could. Vai also used to try to replicate that novelty song "Mr Jaws" by taping bits of all of his records.

Since we were poor and not very exotic. (I guess some would think Irish Catholics were pretty exotic for Mesa, Arizona. We just couldn't figure out how to make any money off of it) I only had a few 45's. I was trying to remember the first one I bought, but I think I got two at the same time. Cheech and Chong's 'Sister Mary Elephant" and Bobby 'Boris' Pickett's "Monster Mash". Apparently, I was really fond of the novelty record.

Back in the seventies, we had what they called record day. It was usually Friday afternoon and we were allowed to spend the last hour of the school day, playing the 45's we brought. That's when I saw my first colored record. One of the girls brought her Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band" and it was a translucent yellow disc. I was hoping it would start a trend and all the records would be cool colors, but it didn't seem to take.

One day, walking home from school with all my 45's in my brown suede, long strap purse, I discovered that I could swing my purse around and around really fast and my records wouldn't fall out. It felt like I had a super power. Swing, swing. I could defy gravity. As I headed down the street, I thought about what kinds of crime I could fight with that kind of power. Uh, um...Okay, maybe I could just go do shows like Vai and his family instead. Swing, swing. I'd go on before they did their fire dances and show people how my bag could go upside down with no records falling out. I would be rich and finally be able to buy, Olivia Newton John's "Have you Never Been Mellow". Swing, swing. I might even get a Close-and-Play. I made it almost all the way home, swinging my purse around my head, when my friend, Skip called me. I stopped and turned around to see where he was and slowed my swinging down. All my records fell out of my purse and broke around me on the sidewalk. My super power was flawed and I would have to wait another six months in order to trade stuff with Vai's sister, Linetti for the Olivia Newton John 45.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Indecison's Bugging Me

This is a photo of the fountain downtown. The weather here has been so amazing. Kids are still shirtless, and playing in the water.

Kids, my mind is all over the place. I know it's something we're all used to by now, but I can think about a hundred things I could write about, but just not very well. Of course, if I worried about the quality of my writing, I wouldn't have a blog. So, I'm just going to plunge in and write about all different kinds of random bullshit. 'Kay?

First of all, I'd like to thank FMDM and DJ Sassy for the loud hoots and woo hoos! as I ran by their apartment this evening. They made me feel almost as pretty as I do walking past a bunch of drunken frat boys at bar close or when jogging by a gaggle of migrant roofers. And with my frizzy braids, enlarged pores and flared nostrils I was sporting near the end of my run, I'm sure it was deserved.

Now, I have a question. To any of you who use Firefox, is it just me, or is it sporadically really slow the last couple of days? At first I thought it was my work computer, but it's been just as wonky at home too. It could also just that I'm a big virus magnet, and my internets are running slow because they are encumbered with them.

Hey, remember when I told you that I got the red ring of death on my XBox? Well, I called FMDM and whined to him about it, and he said it happened to him twice and they sent him a box to get it to the XBox fixer people and it took a while and there were whacky mishaps, but they eventually sent him a good one. When I called them, the guy in whatever country he was in, told me that I had to get my own box and he would email the packing slips and I would have to get it to them. How sucky is that? I think if a company pushes a product without testing it well enough to know that there is a HUGE defect, then they should be kissing my ass to make it as convenient as possible to get it taken care of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of things about my XBox 360, but after all this crap, I understand why Wii's are so popular.

My friend J. called me tonight to ask my advice. He had been seeing a girl for the last three weeks and decided to end it with her. He has been talking to me about her, and has had reservations with her from the git. He said their first date was great, but the more he got to know her, the more he wondered if he could get serious about her. She had some depression problems, but the main thing for him, was that she didn't seem to like herself at all. It also bothered him that on a couple of occasions early on, she showed up unshowered and wearing sweatpants. J. is a little fussy about his appearance and that kind of stuff really bugs him. Because he's J., he didn't know how to talk to her about that. Then last weekend, she finally admitted to him that she had an STD. (they hadn't done anything yet) She was really down on herself about the fact that she had it too. About the same time, he told her he couldn't see her anymore. He felt like shit, because she thinks it's because of her disclosure, and he wasn't so sure she was wrong. I told him that if he really liked her, he would work around it, and wear a condom, like he should be using with everyone anyway. So, even without the STD, they probably wouldn't last very long. I also told him he should write her and tell her (diplomatically, of course) that he didn't think their personalities meshed very well, so she didn't feel even worse about her STD. Because, honestly, I think the only reason a lot of people don't have STD's, is because they were either meticulous about wearing condoms, or they just got very, very lucky. Or maybe I just worked at a clinic for way too long.

Speaking of boy/girl interactions, I got some drunk texts from the wedding date guy last Thursday. Basically, he's coming into town this weekend, and he wanted to see me. Since we're going to be at the same social events, I'm sure we will. I have no idea what will transpire. I really like him and am still physically attracted to him, I just can't do the non-relationship thing we tried this Spring and the early part of the Summer. I've decided to just see how it goes. He may not be interested in me that way, or it might be just too hard for me to go down that road with him again - even if it's just a little ways... Did I mention he does triathalons? Yeah, so. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. I'm just going to see how it goes.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend Mood and She's Feeling Proud

Here is a picture I took on the outside looking into the Sports Column. Actually, I've never stepped foot in that bar before. I figure I don't need any help feeling ancient in this town, so I'll just stick to the old people bars, where I'm comfortable.

Hey, let's go back and talk about the weekend. It was the closest the girls and I were going to get to any kind of break in a while. On Friday night, the girls went to the football game. We have two high schools in town and there's a huge rivalry when they play each other. It's kind of dumb, since most of the kids from both schools know and like each other, but I suppose, as with everything, it's all about the drama. Both girls had plans to hang out with their friends after the game, so I met some friends at the beer garden at the Picador. My friend Dave and his smokin' hot wife, S. were hanging out. He told us about the time his band opened up for The Circle Jerks at the Crow's Nest back when he was very, very much younger. He said, The Circle Jerks kept accusing them of being drunk because they were playing so poorly. Finally, his band had to admit that they really just sucked that bad.

It was my friend T.'s birthday and she and her St Louis boyfriend showed up and along with my friend K. and her boyfriend, A., and the other couple, I think that made me the ninth wheel. Whatever. If I started worrying about that shit, I'd never leave my house.

The White Rabbit is a really cool textile type do-it-yourself store. Very awesome.

Saturday was our first day of rest in forever. Stinky spent most of the day reading the second book in her young adult vampire series. Apparently, vampires are all the rage again these days. As long as it doesn't produce another movie where I have to see Tom Cruise wearing a blonde wig, I'll be okay. Coadster napped a lot and I ran my eight mile route for the first time since the flood.

Part of that route goes through Coralville, which was underwater for a while and then, in turn, smelled really, really bad for another while after the flood receded. So, I finally got around to that route on Saturday afternoon, and then I was the one ready for a nap.

Around 8'ish, my friend D. called me to let me know she was headed to the Dublin in about a half hour or so. So, I finally got off my putzy ass, and got ready to join her. Since it was an away game, the bar was pretty mellow. At one point, I went down toward the bathroom and ran into my friend T. and her St Louis boyfriend and some guys they knew who were still here with FEMA, but were headed to Texas in the next week. T.'s St Louis boyfriend is hilarious. He was talking about the guy I dated last Winter and quoted another friend of his by saying, "Yeah. He's the kind of guy who would bring a date to his own wedding." I'm so glad I don't care anymore and can laugh at that. Ahhhhh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Holding Hands With Your Heart to See You

Hey, kids. Guess what time it is? That's right. It's time to wish Stinkyjandra Luz Maria another happy birthday on the 22nd. My baby is now fifteen years old. That just seems craaaa-zeee to me.

As much as we love Stinky, I will freely admit that she was a big cry baby when she was little. That top picture is one of my favorite photos of her, because it's how I remember much of her babyhood. Sure, she had her reasons. She had a clogged tear duct and dyshidrotic eczema and a big sister who was constantly stealing her pacifier. (yeah, I made the mistake of weaning Coadster while Stinky still had hers. Duh) When Coadster was little, she couldn't say a lot of words, but she got really good at saying, "Uh oh. Baby cry."

But all that fussiness just made it that much more fun when we did get her to laugh. (notice Coadster with her sister's pacifier in the background).

Stinky has never been much of a structure girl, but she's smart and very social, so she has always loved school. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had to have with her teachers throughout the years, about how she procrastinates and isn't well organized, and is way too chatty in class. I'm sure after talking to me for five minutes, it all made sense to them. As much as we'd like, sometimes you just can't fight genetics.

For much of Stinky's life, she took her cues from her big sister. When she was younger, she let her sister boss her around, as long as Coadster took care of all the details. Coadster would walk her to class every morning and make sure she had everything she needed.

It was a great little arrangement for both of them for a while. Coadster got to be in control and Stinky didn't have to think about anything practical and was free to live in her own little world. Then when Stinky hit eight years old, she got tired of the constant harping, and decided it wasn't worth it. There were a few tough years there where the girls resented their previous roles and drove themselves and me crazy.

Stinky got older and definitely became her own person. She wasn't so caught up with the world inside her head and started running around with some kids who got into trouble the Summer before junior high started. Which meant I had to put the screws to her a little bit and she began losing a lot of the things and freedoms she previously enjoyed. Seventh grade was a huge transition year for her, she changed friends and started getting her shit together better. By the Summer before eighth grade she was a million times better. One day I told her how proud I was of her, and asked what happened to change her behavior. She said, "Well, I figure you give me a lot of freedom anyway, and when I try to push it, then I can't do anything. It just seemed stupid to keep trying to get away with stuff and getting in trouble all the time." Hey, it only took her thirteen years to learn that lesson.

So, now we're at our next stage with Stinky. She just started high school. Today in the car on the way to her birthday dinner, I was talking about sex and alcohol and all the things that terrify me about high school. Coadster told me that I didn't have to worry about Stinky, that she was very overprotective of her and she and her friends were watching out for her all the time. Then Stinky started laughing and said that she was really overprotective of Coadster too. At least it's reciprocal now.

Here's wishing Stinky a happy birthday and a safe landing for every stage she enters.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

That's All I Have Today, It's All I Have to Say

This week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word was chosen by Tara at Eclectic Spaghetti. She chose the word, red.

This week, I decided to actually look for fresh photos for the word, so I brought my camera to work, and started hunting. On my way to work I noticed the leaves on this tree were already starting to turn red. Then after I took the photo, I realized that my camera was next to my frozen lunch item in my bag and steamed up the lens when I took it out in the warm humid morning air, producing this softer look.

Here it is even more pronounced. It's so dreamy.

I took my camera around with me at lunch. It was national "talk like a pirate" day and usually, some funky pirate organization is out on the Pentacrest, making pirate hats out of newspaper and, of course, talking like pirates. I really wanted to photograph them, but sadly, they didn't do it this year.

Instead, I took a picture of this guy downtown playing with his red organ right out in public, Ew.

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Love This Town, Even if That Doesn't Ring True

Thanks for everyone's kind words and I'm doing much better today. Sometimes I just have to spew shit on the page in order to figure it out and try to fix it. You'll be happy to know that all my lightbulbs have been changed (which, unfortunately is NOT a euphemism for anything fun) and my shoes are picked up.

So, today I had the dorkiest idea ever. Me? Shocking, I know. But it was beautiful outside and I happened to bring my camera, so I thought you might want to go for my lunchtime walk with me and see some stuff that I passed on my way around town. When it's nice out, I cruise the same little route everyday. We're going to start with this first photo. It's the door stop to the building where I do all of my extremely important pushing of papers.

I didn't take photos of the beginning of my walk, because I had to get my guts up. It's kind of weird to go around and snap photos of mundane shit. You never know how people are going to react. I just had to warm up to it.

The picture above is of a guy people call Sexual Robbie because of the name of a band he was in in the nineties. He seems to be playing guitar by himself these days.

This is a forgotten dinosaur on a bench between the playground and the library in beautiful downtown Iowa City.

Here are some chairs and behind them, some tables all lined up in front of that one restaurant across from the library. Sorry, but the name escapes me now.

We've turned the corner now and we're cruising along Linn Street. The building to your left is the library. Our public library is pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.

Here's a guy putting up flyers for some band that's going to play in some bar at some point. I'm sure it will be covered by another flyer by the end of the day.

We're on our way back to work now. I only get a half hour for lunch, so I can't take you any further. We'll just follow the girl with "Iowa" written across her ass. I still don't quite get the point of having something written across one's butt. Is it really just so that everyone will take a closer look? Because if that's it, it totally works. Even when I don't want to, I have to read whatever is in front of me.

We're crossing the street and heading to the Pentacrest, which is the main campus. As you can see, we still have twelve seconds, so it's not like we have to run before the light changes or anything.

This sidewalk leads to McBride Hall. I never had any classes there, but I used to take my girls to the free natural history museum when they were younger.

Also, I really like those boots that the girl walking ahead of me is wearing.

We're getting very close to my office now. There's always someone reading on these steps when the weather's nice.

As you've probably noticed, our school colors are black and gold. These buses that you see are free to anyone. My girls used to love to ride around on them when they were little. That's one thing about this town, it's pretty easy to be poor in. Believe me, I'm an expert.

This is the walkway that was named after the woman who was shot by Gang Lu in 1991.

This sign is mounted on a rock in front of the building where I work.

And finally, we're inside. Sadly, lunch is over and I have to go answer phones and vent about the callers after I hang-up and ask the guy who sits behind me how his favorite planet is and hear him answer, "My anus is just fine, Churlita. Thanks for asking"

Now, run along and quit following me. I've got shit to do. Oh, and don't forget to have a great weekend too.