Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Must Be Joking. Oh Man, You Must Be Joking

Here is Coadster visiting the fortune teller at the arcade.

I need to take new photos, I know. Right now I'm still using the vacation pics. Tonight I thought I'd put up some things that creeped me out on our trip.

Now that I've completed my assignments, I can talk about the weekend. Friday night it was rainy and icky and the girls both went to the high school football game and had their social events to do afterward. It sounded like the perfect set-up for me to stay home, put on my jammies by seven o'clock, eat leftover enchiladas and watch movies. It was so wonderful.

I finally watched the new HBO show, True Blood. It had vampires and lots of violence and gratuitous sex, so, of course, I liked it. I noticed during the credits that one of the writers in town is working on it. He was in the workshop when I was in college, I know his ex-wife pretty well, but I've only talked to him a few times at some parties and when he's stopped by to pick up his son from our house. His son is the one who gave Stinky a plunger as a gag gift for her birthday a couple of years ago. Anyway, it's fun to see a hometown boy making good.

Stinky was supposed to get a ride home with some guy friend from the party she went to after the football game. Coadster told me I could trust the boy and she's probably more protective than me when it comes to that stuff, so I gave it the okay. Stinky had to work at 6:30, so she was supposed to be home by 11'ish. When I didn't see her then, I called. She said the boy was on his way to get her. It turns out the boy was on his way to the party, but he decided he wanted to stick around and decided not to give Stinky a ride home. Awesome. My car has been having problems since our trip, and I can't really afford to get anything checked out right now. I use the car to get groceries or pick up the girls, but something's leaking and I don't trust it to go out of town. Of course, this party was out in the country past West Branch (Herbert Hoover's birthplace) and so I had to drive there at midnight in the rain and stress-out the whole way there and back. By the time we got home and settled, it was almost one. Crap. So much for my nice relaxing Friday night.

Here's this other creepy thing from the arcade. I didn't get close enough to see what her purpose was, as you can see, she was scarier than a clown and I kept my distance.

Saturday morning I got up and took the girls to Kinnick Stadium so they could go to work, and I went right back to bed. When I woke up the second time, it was still raining. I did some really great putzing around the house, and then I wandered over to my friend G.'s garage sale. I did some sitting and girl talking and it was really nice. I heard my girlcrush was headed into town and we all made plans to go to the Dublin in the evening.

At around three o'clock or so, my girlcrush was there with her hubby and some of their friends and J. and D. were starting to make pina coladas. It sounded great, but I know myself well enough that I'm sure if I started drinking at 3, I'd be asleep by seven. So, I went home and ran my short route and hung out with my girls until they went to their dad's. Mr. B. texted and called me throughout the night. As I've said, he's a great guy and really fun to talk to, so that's where we are right now.

Here is a photo of a poster they had for a Dali exhibit at a gallery by Ghiradelli Square. Coadster loves Dali, so she made us go in and take a look. The paintings were actually cool, but Dali himself frightens me too.

I met the fun kids at the Dublin a little before nine, and it was packed. I hadn't hung out down there since I've been back from vacation and there are a lot of people I miss seeing. It was great to catch up. A little before midnight, everyone seemed to be leaving. My friend D. and I walked home together, and even with all the drunk people wandering around after the football game, we didn't get hassled once. It was a miracle.


evilesb138 said...

It rained all weekend here as well....

You got out and saw the crowd which is always fun. I have not seen my version of "the crowd" lately...not much doing with that scene right now.

You never get to quite finish that nice relaxing _______(fill in night) night. One day you will.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I think we all had rain over the weekend..then the sun wanted to burst out and the rain won out the battle royale with a huge wind storm.. sounds like you had an alright weekend..

Anonymous said...

I hate it when my nightly relaxation is ruined because I have to leave the house for one reason or another.

By the way, I believe the second photo is what's called "Laughing Sal" and was a staple in old amusement parks. There used to be one in Cleveland at the old Euclid Beach Park.

Minyo said...

Those sure are freaky pictures. It was a bummer about the rainy, gloomy weekend. Sounds like it kept the drunk football crowd somewhat subdued.

Have a sunshiny week!

Susan said...

This weekend I read two books (Nights in Roedanthe (sp?) and Life's a Beach) and watching Coco Chanel. Yes, it was on Lifetime but it was a good movie! I don't know how accurate it really was but it broke my heart and gave me hope all at once.

Cricket said...


Makes me think of 'Big.'

laura b. said...

Love the creepy shots. I, too, would have avoided "Laughing Sal".
My daughter likes to promise me she'll be able to get a ride home as I drop her off for her evening festivities. She rarely does, though. I am always sitting around on standby. I wish I were a genuine chauffer so that I could at least sit around with the other drivers playing cards or something....

Churlita said...


Yeah. It's always good to see your crowd. Especially when you haven't seen them for a while.


Your weather is so dramatic. Ours was a little bit too.


Thanks for the info on Laughing Sal. Don't you think she's creepy?


I think it did during the game, but later at night when it stopped raining, the downtown area was craaaa-zeeee.


I had a friend tell me she was going home to watch the Coco movie on Lifetime. That's so funny.


That's what my girls were saying at the time. Like they would suddenly be transported to adults.


It's a teenager thing. I end up taking the girls to and from places they're sure they'll have rides to as well. Ugh.

stepping over the junk said...

can I come hang with you some weekend?

Tera said...

Churlita have we always known that you have a girlcrush?

Tera said...

Oh yeah, I also meant to comment about our suck-ass weather has been awful. We've had all the repercussions from Hurricane Ike, and all I can say is it was not a fun weekend last weekend!