Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Indecison's Bugging Me

This is a photo of the fountain downtown. The weather here has been so amazing. Kids are still shirtless, and playing in the water.

Kids, my mind is all over the place. I know it's something we're all used to by now, but I can think about a hundred things I could write about, but just not very well. Of course, if I worried about the quality of my writing, I wouldn't have a blog. So, I'm just going to plunge in and write about all different kinds of random bullshit. 'Kay?

First of all, I'd like to thank FMDM and DJ Sassy for the loud hoots and woo hoos! as I ran by their apartment this evening. They made me feel almost as pretty as I do walking past a bunch of drunken frat boys at bar close or when jogging by a gaggle of migrant roofers. And with my frizzy braids, enlarged pores and flared nostrils I was sporting near the end of my run, I'm sure it was deserved.

Now, I have a question. To any of you who use Firefox, is it just me, or is it sporadically really slow the last couple of days? At first I thought it was my work computer, but it's been just as wonky at home too. It could also just that I'm a big virus magnet, and my internets are running slow because they are encumbered with them.

Hey, remember when I told you that I got the red ring of death on my XBox? Well, I called FMDM and whined to him about it, and he said it happened to him twice and they sent him a box to get it to the XBox fixer people and it took a while and there were whacky mishaps, but they eventually sent him a good one. When I called them, the guy in whatever country he was in, told me that I had to get my own box and he would email the packing slips and I would have to get it to them. How sucky is that? I think if a company pushes a product without testing it well enough to know that there is a HUGE defect, then they should be kissing my ass to make it as convenient as possible to get it taken care of it. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of things about my XBox 360, but after all this crap, I understand why Wii's are so popular.

My friend J. called me tonight to ask my advice. He had been seeing a girl for the last three weeks and decided to end it with her. He has been talking to me about her, and has had reservations with her from the git. He said their first date was great, but the more he got to know her, the more he wondered if he could get serious about her. She had some depression problems, but the main thing for him, was that she didn't seem to like herself at all. It also bothered him that on a couple of occasions early on, she showed up unshowered and wearing sweatpants. J. is a little fussy about his appearance and that kind of stuff really bugs him. Because he's J., he didn't know how to talk to her about that. Then last weekend, she finally admitted to him that she had an STD. (they hadn't done anything yet) She was really down on herself about the fact that she had it too. About the same time, he told her he couldn't see her anymore. He felt like shit, because she thinks it's because of her disclosure, and he wasn't so sure she was wrong. I told him that if he really liked her, he would work around it, and wear a condom, like he should be using with everyone anyway. So, even without the STD, they probably wouldn't last very long. I also told him he should write her and tell her (diplomatically, of course) that he didn't think their personalities meshed very well, so she didn't feel even worse about her STD. Because, honestly, I think the only reason a lot of people don't have STD's, is because they were either meticulous about wearing condoms, or they just got very, very lucky. Or maybe I just worked at a clinic for way too long.

Speaking of boy/girl interactions, I got some drunk texts from the wedding date guy last Thursday. Basically, he's coming into town this weekend, and he wanted to see me. Since we're going to be at the same social events, I'm sure we will. I have no idea what will transpire. I really like him and am still physically attracted to him, I just can't do the non-relationship thing we tried this Spring and the early part of the Summer. I've decided to just see how it goes. He may not be interested in me that way, or it might be just too hard for me to go down that road with him again - even if it's just a little ways... Did I mention he does triathalons? Yeah, so. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. I'm just going to see how it goes.


Remiman said...

My IE has been a bugger this week and I've been using firefox to bypass those irksome behaviors. Firefox has been flawless so far.
STDs; WTF? Life gets complicated sometimes if you take it too serious. (insert the golden rule here).

Anonymous said...

I've been off Firefox for a few weeks now. I'm using Google Chrome, which is pretty nice. I'll be reviewing it soon.

The STD factor would have had me running in the opposite direction.

stepping over the junk said...

non-relationship. ick. but it's fun sometimes to hook back up as long as it isnt a habit. or not. heh heh.

NoRegrets said...

Yes, we will see how it goes... but if I had to bet on it, what do you think I'd bet on?

Speaking as a person with an STD, probably more people DO have them, they just don't know it. I went through about a week phase of 'oh, noone will love me' and looked at the people who thought they could only date people with STDs, and thought to myself that that's bullshit, get a spine. OK, so I wasn't that harsh, but really! An STD doesn't define you unless you let it. sigh.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

NoR and I suffer the same affliction, and I agree with the both of you...people are super reliable with the protection and/or are very, very lucky, and that more people have something or other and just don't know. And, I could probably relate to that girl and being down on herself about it. You feel stupid and unworthy of a "clean" person, but thankfully there are people who can work around it for someone they love.

As for Firefox, yes, I, too, had some sluggishness a few days ago. Not sure how you generally run your computer stuff, but I leave mine on all the time, browser open and all, and a restart of Firefox fixed my issues.

Poptart said...

That would be good if your friend told her it was other stuff, not just the STD. I've had HPV, and though I know it's SUPER common, I still felt shitty about it. I can totally imagine other stuff being even worse.

Sounds like old girl has some serious self-esteem issues that are exacerbated/excused by the STD thing. Like she's "testing" men - by bringing less than her best self to the table - and all it's doing is driving 'em away. I've been guilty of that most of my life with the weight issue.

This friend of yours, cute? Any possibilities for you?

Though you know I think the triathletes are the hottest of all..this weekend could be an adventure!

Susan said...

I hope you have a delightfully wicked time this weekend.

I just realized I was all "I have no time to blog today" and yet I've spent at least 30 minutes reading other blogs. I think I may have issues.

Mr Atrocity said...

May the weekend be fun and may your Firefox speed up. It could be that your local 'phone network/pipe into the internet is a bit broken. That might explain why work and home are running slowly.

laura b. said...

Isn't a loud hoot the greatest?

It is great that you can give good relationship advice to your friend. Just from knowing you here, I would totally take your advice.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I do adore your random though posts - although it's hard to decide which topic to leave a comment about.

I'll just say this - I'd have a hard time dating someone with a permanent STD and I would feel terrible about it and continue to date the person way longer than necessary.

Tara said...

Firefox is acting okay, but sometimes my computer refuses to accept my camera's memory card. I have to resort to plugging the camera into the thing using the USB cord. What's that all about?

Churlita said...


Glad to hear that Firefox is working for you. Mine has been much better too.


I look forward to your review.


I know. It's kind of a tricky area to maneuver.


Heh, I think we'll probably do some hanging out.

I think that was more his issue with her. She couldn't get over it, and it made it hard for him to think of anything else either. I'm glad you are so strong and well-adjusted.


My Firefox is better too.

yeah, see? You and Nor both have the right attitude and that is super attractive.


I think you are spot on with your analysis of the girl.

The guy friend is someone we both worked with at Great Mid. He was the one who had the big water fight that night that you had to clean up? Do remember him now? And no. He's not my type. He's super fussy about appearances and I could care less. There are other things too, but that's a bit one.


I'm glad you blogged anyway.

Mr Atrocity,

Thanks. I'm hoping for both things too.


I'm not sure if single girls should be allowed to give relationship advice. I just think it's better to try not to hurt anyone's feelings if you don't have to.


I think that's the difference between men and women. I think a lot of guys would get out as soon as possible, but still feel bad about it later.


That is weird. I wish I had better tech skills so I could help you.