Friday, November 02, 2012

Time Doesn't Wait for Me

Oh, hell. Sorry about the absence...Again. Today I will just post photos of the last few months. if I try to add much text, I'm sure I won't finish this post either. So, here it is:

We went to the State Fair in August.

In September we went to La Crosse, Wisconsin for a weekend of bike riding for The Guy's birthday. This was at the railroad trails.

Then Cyclocross racing season started.
We did a race outside of Iowa City and it rained the whole weekend. I told The Guy that he looked like a sad clown when he finished. He told me that he felt like a sad clown too.
Here we are both muddy and looking like sad clowns.

For a race before Halloween, called Spooky Cross at Living History Farms in Des Moines, we decided to dress-up. The Guy strapped a creepy zombie baby on his back and rode the whole thing with it. Pretty.

I decided to just go as a zombie. I called myself The Riding Dead, and it was pretty accurate.
If I was a little faster, an image of me in zombie make-up, coming over a hill might be a bit more frightening...
In Iowa, our audiences aren't always that impressed with our races.