Friday, November 02, 2012

Time Doesn't Wait for Me

Oh, hell. Sorry about the absence...Again. Today I will just post photos of the last few months. if I try to add much text, I'm sure I won't finish this post either. So, here it is:

We went to the State Fair in August.

In September we went to La Crosse, Wisconsin for a weekend of bike riding for The Guy's birthday. This was at the railroad trails.

Then Cyclocross racing season started.
We did a race outside of Iowa City and it rained the whole weekend. I told The Guy that he looked like a sad clown when he finished. He told me that he felt like a sad clown too.
Here we are both muddy and looking like sad clowns.

For a race before Halloween, called Spooky Cross at Living History Farms in Des Moines, we decided to dress-up. The Guy strapped a creepy zombie baby on his back and rode the whole thing with it. Pretty.

I decided to just go as a zombie. I called myself The Riding Dead, and it was pretty accurate.
If I was a little faster, an image of me in zombie make-up, coming over a hill might be a bit more frightening...
In Iowa, our audiences aren't always that impressed with our races.


laura b. said...

A picture's worth a thousand words, right?
You guys take the best pictures!!!

rel said...

I'm so happy to see you full of zest and enjoying life!!

SkylersDad said...

I always love your pictures, and keeping up with your busy life!

Tara said...

You and The Guy look like muddy, happy clowns! Oh, and that corndog in the first photo looks tasty. Good ole state fair. Honestly, who goes to the state fair and orders a salad? You go there to eat wonderfully bad stuff.

NoRegrets said...

Was that a corn dog or was he happy to see you?

Johnny Yen said...

Guilty as charged. Worked on a catch-up post tonight. Lots has gone on in the last few months. Post to follow. Looks like life has been good to you!

dmarks said...

I love La Crosse!

Was it the river trail?