Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't Stop Confiding in the Road You're On

Some of the women on our team entering the Tardis RV.

 Well, kids. I have been sucking at blogging. I doubt I'll ever finish my February vacation post, I still have to write about my birthday, but for now, I'll fill you in about RAGBRAI. It was sooooo much better than last year. I didn't crash, I wasn't on my period and I was able to swim and dance without my bandages unraveling like last year. Whew!

We did a Northern Iowa route this year. For me, the best day was when we rode to Mason City. It was only 38'ish miles and we rode together as a group for the most part and probably drank more than we rode. We spent most of the day in Clear Lake at the Surf Ballroom and playing frisbee in the lake.

The rest I will show  you in photos, because I don't have time to use my words. Lucky you.

There were many braids.
The first day of riding. Leaving Rock City.
Most of our crew. We are team Dublin Underground and we even got jerseys made this year.
Wednesday was a stroll through a field of daisies. Only 38'ish miles.

Interpretive dancing at the Surf Ballroom (where Buddy Holly played before he crashed into Clear Lake). Believe it or not, we got a standing ovation after this.
I even got to dance with my man that day.

After the ballroom, we headed to the actual lake and played an awesome game of frisbee from the dock to the beach and tons of people we didn't know joined in the fun.

Bike Iowa.

Proof that we do actually ride bikes on RAGBRAI too.
So much kitsch. So many photo ops.

Real corn...Well, with probably lots of GMO's. Sigh.

I love these little old towns.
Instead of ending in Guttenburg with the rest of RAGBRAI, we took a trail down to Ely, through Cedar Rapids and had dinner in Solon. The Cedar Valley Trail was pretty cool.