Monday, September 22, 2008

The Weekend Mood and She's Feeling Proud

Here is a picture I took on the outside looking into the Sports Column. Actually, I've never stepped foot in that bar before. I figure I don't need any help feeling ancient in this town, so I'll just stick to the old people bars, where I'm comfortable.

Hey, let's go back and talk about the weekend. It was the closest the girls and I were going to get to any kind of break in a while. On Friday night, the girls went to the football game. We have two high schools in town and there's a huge rivalry when they play each other. It's kind of dumb, since most of the kids from both schools know and like each other, but I suppose, as with everything, it's all about the drama. Both girls had plans to hang out with their friends after the game, so I met some friends at the beer garden at the Picador. My friend Dave and his smokin' hot wife, S. were hanging out. He told us about the time his band opened up for The Circle Jerks at the Crow's Nest back when he was very, very much younger. He said, The Circle Jerks kept accusing them of being drunk because they were playing so poorly. Finally, his band had to admit that they really just sucked that bad.

It was my friend T.'s birthday and she and her St Louis boyfriend showed up and along with my friend K. and her boyfriend, A., and the other couple, I think that made me the ninth wheel. Whatever. If I started worrying about that shit, I'd never leave my house.

The White Rabbit is a really cool textile type do-it-yourself store. Very awesome.

Saturday was our first day of rest in forever. Stinky spent most of the day reading the second book in her young adult vampire series. Apparently, vampires are all the rage again these days. As long as it doesn't produce another movie where I have to see Tom Cruise wearing a blonde wig, I'll be okay. Coadster napped a lot and I ran my eight mile route for the first time since the flood.

Part of that route goes through Coralville, which was underwater for a while and then, in turn, smelled really, really bad for another while after the flood receded. So, I finally got around to that route on Saturday afternoon, and then I was the one ready for a nap.

Around 8'ish, my friend D. called me to let me know she was headed to the Dublin in about a half hour or so. So, I finally got off my putzy ass, and got ready to join her. Since it was an away game, the bar was pretty mellow. At one point, I went down toward the bathroom and ran into my friend T. and her St Louis boyfriend and some guys they knew who were still here with FEMA, but were headed to Texas in the next week. T.'s St Louis boyfriend is hilarious. He was talking about the guy I dated last Winter and quoted another friend of his by saying, "Yeah. He's the kind of guy who would bring a date to his own wedding." I'm so glad I don't care anymore and can laugh at that. Ahhhhh.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like the right mixture of rest and excitement for a perfectly balanced weekend.

matt said...

Cool, I was at that Circle Jerks show. David Murray's band wasn't that bad. Was he in Stiff Legged Sheep when they opened for the CJ's?

dmarks said...

I will start reading that vampire series today. I guess it has replaced Harry Potter as the "in" thing in that way.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Glad you had a break for a change.. Sounds like it was a decent weekend..

Bonnie said...
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Cricket said...

Could you email me? I want to send you a link.

NoRegrets said...

You mean mr. sushi?

Susan said...

I am officially immature enough I can read "Circle Jerks" and giggle to myself. I'd review my weekend but it's all still a bit of a blur. I might sort it out some day...or next weekend might just happen and erase it.

Admin said...
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DJSassafrass said...

I have a friend with a daughter the same age as Stinky. When I worked night audit a couple months back-they came straight from the B&N book release party and brought me the first books in the series. I had to shut the second one for good when werewolves joined the fray. Vampires? Okay, I guess. Werewolves AND Vampires? I'm out.

laura b. said...

Fun AND rest! You have a good sense of balance.
We have so many copies of those Meyer books in my library, but it doesn't matter...they are always all checked out.
Wow, that guy sure sounds different from how he seemed to be! You are smart to be over him.

Poptart said...

(OK, I posted a big long comment but it was sent from my other account so you wouldn't recognize me so I selected it and copied it but then it was all lost. Anyway.)

I love hearing things like that about guys after the fact, when I am ready to just laugh and realize love/lust really is/was blind, and everyone else coulda seen the trainwreck ahead clearly...

MrManuel said...

If you are talking about the vampire series I think you are, you DO have a movie to see in December...

Anonymous said...

It's alway good to get a break for the weekend. I had such a good weekend, I added an extra day.

Chance said...

"Whatever. If I started worrying about that shit, I'd never leave my house."

That's a good attitude.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Yeah, but not half as cool as how you spent your last week. Sigh.


I'm not sure. Either that or Soviet Dissonance. I don't think I lived here then.


Beware. I hear it's very addictive.


Yes. Rest was really nice. I really needed it.


I put my email address in the comments of your last post. Does that work?


Yeah. That guy.


You should giggle. I'm sure that's why they chose their name.


Really? I can deal with both. Vampires are sexier though.


I think he tried really hard when we were first dating, but sometimes you just can't fight city hall. He's definitely a conquest guy.


Oh yeah. We were so incompatible, it was stupid. But at first it was a lot of fun and we both thought we could make it work.

Mr Manuel,

I know there's a movie, but I'm hoping there's no blonde Tom Cruise. Scary.


You're a smart man. I think every weekend deserves an extra day.


Thanks. I just assume I'm going to be 5th wheel girl and it's fine.