Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It Seems Like This Whole Town's Insane

This tag was from a wall by the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently done by a San Francisco native.

It's another one of my, "It's late and I'm tired posts". I worked on an old timey country/bluegrass CD for my friend K. tonight. I'll put the playlist up on the blog one of these days soon here. Even if you don't know a lot of bluegrass, there are also a few trucker hits and a cowboy song, and some of the blugress songs are covers of songs you might know. I had to import a lot of my bluegrass CD's and then I decided to load my iTunes up with some other CD's I had while I was at it. So, I kind of screwed myself over for blog time tonight.

This was a leftover wall painting from the Olympics. Coadster was obsessed with finding any remnants from the Salt Lake City Olympics while we were there.

Which means you all get a mostly photo post tonight and some random ramblings about whatever enters my pea sized brain. (I almost spelled: brian - just so you know what you're dealing with tonight)

I decided to dip into my vacation pics again and pull out any photos I could find of my favorite kind of art - low art. I'm still working on that one painting and it's supposed to be a bit murally, and comic booky and graffiti-like and since it has taken me two years to really get going on it, I've had plenty of time to collect photographic examples of what I'm going for.

This mural was a side part of the mural below this. It was so big that Stinky had to photograph it in parts.

The wedding date guy drunk texted me on Saturday night. I hadn't heard from him since the text non-break-up, so it was kind of surprising. The first text was long and similar to what someone might write in your yearbook your senior year in high school. He basically said that he was glad he got to know me and that he wanted me to be me (?) and that we had to stay friends. I was tempted to write back, "It was really fun sitting by you in study hall. Don't ever change. I hope we see each other at keggers at the Lagoons after graduation." But I was good. I knew he was drunk and just wanted attention from someone of the opposite sex. We've all been there. I texted something about having had a great Summer with him and that I would always be his friend. Which was all true.

This was the main part of the mural. There were all kinds of groovy famous people painted within this one and the girls tried to identify all of them. Yes, we are dorks. What's it to ya?

I'm going to try really hard to remember to bring my camera to work tomorrow. Today there was a group of god people holding these GIGANTIC signs about how we all suck and we're all sinners and blah, blah, blah. These particular zealots, all seemed to be very attractive college aged kids. So, I was walking across campus toward the bank to drop off the work deposit, when some young buck tried to hand me his pamphlet. I politely declined it. Then he said, "You need to repent, ma'am. You're hopelessly lost."

I wanted to say, "Listen Buster Brown. If you call me 'ma'am' one more time, I'll make you repent." But once again, I was good and kept it to myself. People who know me, will be shocked to learn that I do indeed have a filter. I just forget to use it most of the time.


evilesb138 said...

You had me at the first photo. Thanks, I love the graffiti and it reminds me that I am only about two months ahead on mine and need to go out and shoot some more. (I found a new hot spot)

I have to start carrying my camera, at least one of them, with me to work as well. I missed the PETA girls showering half naked on Public Square in downtown Cleveland the other day. Not for half naked girls, but rather the whole freak factor of it all.

Remiman said...

Living in small town USA, nothing like that ever happens here.
I imagine my self being approached by some proslytizing youngster pointing their finger at me and calling me a sinner and I say, "yeah, so what's your point?"

Years ago (1963) in O'Hare airport in Chicago I was approached bu a Hari Krishna. I whispered in his ear, "Do you want to be a unich?"

Anonymous said...

I don't get to see the freaks in action because I work in the suburbs. Stuff happens here, but I never get to see it.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

we get the jehovah Witness' all over and even venture to the front of my door.. to try to get me sucked in.I tell them I'm not interested, but they don't seem to get it..

Love the grafitti tags..great shots ..

Tara said...

Do you have the song "Devil Went Down the Georgia" on that mixed CD? They were talking about that on one of the VH1 shows and mentioned how the guy rocked on the fiddle.

DJSassafrass said...

It was super sharing a locker with you these past four years. I'll never forget the Homecoming when you broke your shoe on the dance floor. Have a great summer! Good luck at (insert college of your choice).

PS what are those crazies protesting? Did I ever tell you about the 4...yes, that would be FOUR, people in tye-dye on the steps on the Newton town square? their platform? Legalize pot.

NoRegrets said...

You should have said, I AM lost. Can you tell me how to get to such and such building? Or showed him a boob.

Cricket said...

HS yearbook lingo - now THAT is a classic description.

That's a bit ballsy on the repent lingo, but I hear they get brownie points or eat brownies or something for that.

Todd Totale said...
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another good thing said...

ooh- trucker tunes. Sign me up.
And hey- that's ART.

Poptart said...

I love these pics! And yipes - the god people. You shoudl just get back at them by saying something about how you're voting for Sarah Palin - doesn't that count to get into heaven?

booda baby said...

The restraint you show with college kid lecturers is astonishing to me. Even when you flip them shit, you're still pretty nice about it.

I really can't wait to see your artwork. Even a little sliver of it.


laura b. said...

You know I am a fan of the random postings :-)

I admire the way you handle...everything! Your vacation, the texty guy, protesters. Churlita da bomb.

Churlita said...


I can't wait to see the new photos. I was actually thinking about posting one I took a couple of years ago, because it's so great.


I should have used your "What's your point" line. It's great.


Maybe it's better that way.


Yeah. With Jehovah's Witnesses, I always tell them how much I like to celebrate my birthday and holidays and the leave me alone.


I own that song, but it didn't fit with the CD. I may have to make another one and work other songs around it. The fiddling on that song is crazy.


Ha ha. From what I could tell, they wanted us all to quit our jobs and wander around spreading the word of Jesus Christ. I'm not sure what they'd do when everyone stopped working and started wandering around preaching.


...Or Both.


Maybe they get the best home and car in heaven.


I know. Who doesn't like trucker hits?


They had plenty of college kids to argue with. Did you ever argue with them when you were in college?

booda Baby,

Let me see what I can get done here and then I'll try to photograph it and post it. Kay?


You are WAY too nice. I wish I was better at handling everything. That's for sure.