Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well I'm Near the End and I Just Ain't Got the Time

Here is a picture of some fire damaged Redwoods. Don't these look a little like the trees in H. R. Puffinstuff?

It's finally the end of the week and boy am I wiped. I don't really have any plans for the weekend. It's the Iowa/Iowa State game in town, so things should get stupid crazy drunk around here on Saturday. There was a little talk about maybe going to Fort Madison with some people for Fiesta, but I haven't heard anything about it recently. I hear the food is amazing and we'd go to our friend C.'s bar and hang out, but if it's going to rain all day, it might not be worth it to me...We'll see what happens.

Tonight, I'm in the mood to look at photos of pretty trees and countryside. Speaking of country, I think I'll just list the songs on the CD I made K. last night. You may or may not recognize anything on it, but I don't have much else going on in my life and I'm going to actually try to go to bed at a decent hour. Soooo, are you ready for some Bluegrass?...No. Probably not, but here it is anyway.

Here is a picture of the road leading us out of King's Canyon.

Old Timey Country and Bluegrass CD:

1. "El Paso" - Marty Robbins. When Coadster was a baby, my ex-husband used to sing this to her but he replaced, "I fell in love with a Mexican girl" with, "I fell in love with a half-Mexican girl". To this day, I'm sure Coadster thinks those are the actual words.

2. "Big Mon" (instrumental) - Ricky Skaggs. I went to see Ricky Skaggs play in a gym in Marshalltown with the guy I was dating at the time, some tattooed friends and a ton of senior citizens. The music was great, but in between songs, Ricky Skaggs would go on and on about god and his love for Billy Graham. While Ricky was speaking, the guy I was dating would whisper/chant, "Less talk. More rock" until they started playing again.

3. "One More Dollar" - The Nashville Bluegrass Band.

4. "Green Pastures" - Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris, Ricky Skaggs.

5. "Girl on the Billboard" - Del Reeves. I warned you there would be a trucker song or two on here.

6. "The Grass is Blue" - Dolly Parton. I really like Dolly Parton's bluegrassy stuff. Okay. I also love "Jolene" and "9 to 5" and a few more of her songs. I understand how cheesy she can be, but I kind of like that about her too.

7. "Jolene" - Jack White. This is an excellent cover of this song.

8. "What Goes On" - Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys. If you haven't already noticed there are a lot of covers here.

9. "Manzanita" - Tony Rice

10. "A Fool Such as I" - Tasty Licks. Interesting name for a band, huh?

11. "Hickory Wind" - Gillian Welch and David Rawlins. This is one of the songs from the Gram Parsons tribute album. Again, another cover.

12. "Rocky Road Blues" - Dwight Yoakam. I'm pretty sure that every country CD I make has at least one Dwight Yoakam song on it because I heart him - even when he was the scary white trash guy in Slingblade.

13. "Hello Darlin'" - Conway Twitty. This song is so creepy sounding it cracks me up.

14. "Rebel Rouser" - Duane Eddy.

15. "Bury Me Beneath the Willow" - Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice. This song is a classic example of the "suffering hero" daydream I learned about in my high school psychology class.

16. "I've Just Seen a Face" - The Charles River Valley Boys.

17. "Wild Flowers" - Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt.

18. "By the Mark" - Gillian Welch. Have you noticed that I really like Gillian Welch too?

19. "Walls of Time" - Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys.

20. "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" - Freddy Fender.

21. "Can't Find My Way Home" - Rob Ickes and Tim O'Brien

Here are some tree silhouettes.

Okay, that should be enough country for any one person. I can almost feel Evil-E wincing right now.

Have a great weekend with as much or as little countryside or country music as you can stand.


evilesb138 said...

Thanks for the shout out....

I can honestly say I don't know any of those and what no Steve Earle on this list? I thought for sure his name would show up.

Remiman said...

Oht-O, this is gettin' scary: I know most of those songs!

My canoe partner's son is getting married this weekend so we're off to NJ for the fete.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That is quite the list.. I have heard of some of those,great songs for driving or whatever..

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Family Guy, I have heard of "Hello Darling" by Conway Twitty. Other than that...

Q said...

That is a great list! Just in case you haven't heard it "" is the best album ever. Check it out, it has the best version of my favorite song "Buenes Noches from a lonely room"

booda baby said...

1. I am pretty sure that I accidentally use Dolly in my vetting of future friends process. It's nearly unimaginable to moi that someone could not love her.

2. Jolene. What a song. What a fricking great song.

3. I lived in Dwight Yoakam's apartment in Hollywood. John Goodman lived there, too. Nothing like breaking the chain, hm? Anyway, except for that genuine piece of shit film he wrote and starred and and possibly directed, I admire and even love his work. He's such a huge supporter of alternative rock dudes, you know. How can you NOT admire someone who steps outside their zone of success, I don't know.

Mr Atrocity said...

I too love Gillian Welch. And a little Duane Eddy doesn't hurt either. Good choices all.

laura b. said...

I'm not a country music person for the most part, but I do recognize and have actually enjoyed a few things from that list.

We'll look forward to hearing how the weekend goes after all :-)

Cricket said...

Gosh, I love Dwight Yoakam.

What a great list. Can't believe you didn't include Allison Krause and Union Station. My son was a freak for O Brother Where Art Thou.

NoRegrets said...

I actually like country. I heard a good one on the radio once - old time one. And I had the words, and just lost them. crap... something like the baby's ugly because of you.

*Renee* said...

Cool pics! LOL when I saw the word "PUFFINSTUFF" there is a store down the street from me called that but spelled *Puff "N" Stuff* ;) where I'm sure you get the idea of what is sold there. Bad bad things lol.

That's a whole lotta' country ya got there! ***EEEKKKK**** That's the one thing Evil and I have in common that we both dislike but the ironic thing is when we met at that Saddle Ridge place for our friends b*day it was a country bar *lol*. All my friends thought I was the one going to start drama with me whining about the music and that night I proved them all wrong. I was the most well behaved lol :)!

sissy said...

I sometimes think my husband married the wrong sister. You know how I feel about that kind of music.I heard toooo much of it living in Mesa Az as a kid. yuck-o but I know you like it. I wonder if it was being best friends with the Chapmans that did it to you!! Ha Ha

~Tim said...

Getting out among the trees sounds like a great idea. Great selection of tunes!