Monday, September 01, 2008

But I Got a Smile for Everyone I Meet

Here is a picture of food carnage from our neighborhood party.

The rest of my weekend went just fine. There was a little more to the story with Mr. B. He called me a couple of times on Saturday night and apologized for texting when he should have called, but ultimately, the end result between us was the same. I don't want to get into much more detail, because that pseudo drama really bores me and I don't want people talking a bunch of shit about him. Mr. B. isn't an asshole by any means, he's just going through some stuff. So, that's that.

Now, on to the next day. We had our block party on Sunday and it was hosted by my friend Bridget. She invited all kinds of people and I'm sure over 100 neighbors showed up throughout the course of the shindig or shingding, as my friend Joanne called it after she'd had a few to drink.

Here is a picture of someone trying to stop Bridget's dog from stealing hotdogs from little kids' plates.

Our neighbors are really great for the most part. We have some musicians and authors and tons of professors. In a town filled with pretension, our little block is surprisingly down to earth. At one point, a retired couple were on their way out and Bridget asked them why they were leaving already. The husband said, "Well. My Viagra wears off in 45 minutes, so time is of the essence." How hilarious is that?

Here are some neighbors under the little tent thingy eatin' and a-drankin'.

Bridget did introduce me to the "hunky" guy who was my age. She didn't tell him she was trying to get us together, and that was good. It was so much more casual this way. He seemed very nice and his kids are the exact same ages as my girls. He also didn't seem all that interested in me either. Bridget said he was pretty shy, but I think it really was a lack of interest. Which is totally fine. I'm defintitely not on a man hunt, and I like meeting people. Sometimes it's easier if there is no chemistry, because then it's safe and you can just be friends.

Today was a mellow day. The girls came over in the afternoon from their dad's. Stinky asked if she and I could do something fun, since Coadster had a showchoir workshop and then a potluck for that afterward. I told Stinky I'd take her to a matinee if she wanted. She definitely wanted. She said I could pick between seeing, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, Tropical Thunder or The Dark Knight. I thought it was funny that she even had to ask. She knows what a comic book geek I am. So, yeah. We saw The Dark Knight and I really liked it. I know everyone has already reviewed it, so I won't do that. Suffice it to say, that we were both well entertained.

Now, I guess I shoud hit the hay. I'll be going back to the real world of beige cubicles, paper pushing and answering phone calls tomorrow. Awesome.


-RM said...

LOL, definitely know that drama you're talking about. That is a shitload of food too! Glad you liked the movie, and...sometimes it is just better when there is no chemistry. Oy! Sometimes all too good!

evilesb138 said...

I hate hook ups....

I will not talk shit about Mr B...I said what I thought a couple of posts ago....

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

The food looks great and the company I love the old guy saying that about his Viagra.. pretty funny.. How many hot dogs did that dog get anyways..? I think he has to go on a

Chance said...

I'm proud of you fro not letting Mr B write the rules with his drama-apology cycle. That's bad news.

You're not on a man hunt??! Coulda fooled me :)

Anonymous said...

Good job sticking to your guns with Mr. B. Let the relationship thing happen naturally.

Susan said...

Any time someone tries to hook me up with someone it turns out that someone is interested in the someone who was doing the hooking up and it's just awkward.

Wasn't that easy to follow?

Poptart said...

Yum, hunks and hot dogs. Sounds fun...but you didn't say whether he was a hunk or not-?

*Renee* said...

LOL I like poptart's comment :)! I don't know who Mr. B is so I won't comment on that. But sounds like you had a nice time all in all - and glad ya picked The Dark Knight :)! I haven't seen it, but out of those choices I would have picked that as well.

Churlita said...


Exactly. No chemistry = no Drama.


I know. There's always weird pressure and they almost never work out.


That guy is pretty funny. Especially since his wife is super uptight about everything.


Ha ha. Yeah, shut-up. I'm trying to be more open, because for years I wasn't and then I didn't date at all and then I got scared to date and on and on and on...


I still think he's a great guy. He just can't pull it together enough to be in anything romantic.


Yes it was. My friend Bridget is happily married, but he seemed way more interested in her and her twin sister who is also happily married.


He was definitely attractive. But as far as a relationship is concerned, I don't really care what anyone looks like. It's so much harder to find someone I'm compatible with, than someone who I think it hot.


Yeah. It was a great weekend and the movie was really good.

laura b. said...

Wow, it does sound like a great weekend and a fabulous block party! I probably would have picked Sisterhood...mainly because the only excuse I'd have to see it is if I were with a teenage girl.

Michael said...

My friend Henry likes to tell this story.

He tells his mother he went out to dinner with a woman he works with.

"Your girlfriend?", she asks provocatively.

"No, Mom, just a friend."

"What, you think you're going to marry your enemy?"

sissy said...

We really liked the Batman movie. That is not really my kind of movie but it was really well done and I loved it. You made a good choice.

Tera said...

Oh I love Block parties! And to think I wasn't even invited...hmph! Did you have a drink...or two...or three for me?

Tara said...

Block parties are fun, but sometimes hitting the hay feels so much better. Especially after a long day.

Churlita said...


Believe me, with two teenage daughters, I've seen my share (and everyone else's) of girl movies.


That's cute. I wouldn't date a guy who wasn't also my friend, but I have a lot of guy friends who I don't want to date.


Wow. That really isn't your kind of movie. It was good escapism, though, wasn't it?


If I thought you could make it up to Iowa, I would invited you for sure. I did have some sangria and it was good.


And hitting the hay after a block party is the best thing ever.

Remiman said...

Neighborhood parties usually turn into fun times, and it sounds like, over-all, you had a good weekend. Now you'll be all refreshed for cube sittin'. Right?