Sunday, September 07, 2008

You Think You're Higher Than Every Star Above

Here is a picture of construction being done on Clapp Street, on the way to Hotz Street - the sexiest part of town.

My stupid migraine followed me around all weekend. I would take my meds and get all spacy and tired, and then it would come back and I'd take more meds and so on and so on... I did make myself do a couple of things, so the weekend didn't seem like a total waste.

On Friday night, Coadster and I watched the movie Driving Lessons together and then I made a vat of fresh de gallo salsa. It was a nice, mellow night.

My girls worked most of the day on Saturday. I slept a lot, but I did make myself run my six mile route, because the weather was perfect and I know these nice days are numbered.

I drove kids around for a bit in the evening and then I sat around and watched the last Die Hard movie. My migraine was under control at that point, so I was kind of in the mood to watch people trade wisecracks and see shit blow-up. Weeee! My friend K. texted me to see if I wanted to go to a cookout and then to the Picador to see a band called Petit Mal. I passed on the cookout, to watch the end of the my shit blowing-up movie, and really didn't want to go to the Picador either, but I thought I should talk to adults at some point over the weekend, so I made myself.

I'm glad I did, because I had a great time. Some of my girlies were there and a lot of my guy friends. Oh yeah, and the band was awesome too. Plus, I got to have a guy use one of my new favorite pick-up lines on me. I thought the last band that played sucked, so me and some of my friends were going to the beer garden to hang out. Just as we were getting ready to head downstairs, some guy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance with him to the suck-ass band. I thanked him but told him I was going downstairs with some friends and then he said, "Well, um. I just got back from flying a helicopter. You know, just in case that fact would make you change your mind about dancing with me..." So, of course, I had to dance with him then... Just kidding, I told him I already promised my friends I would go to the beer garden with them. I thought it was hilarious, though and you all are totally welcome to use that next time you're trying to hook-up. I will warn you, results may vary.

I heard another funny thing on Saturday night. I was talking to this guy B., who I used to work with at Great Midwestern about ten years ago. He told me that I intellectually flustered him sometimes when we spoke. At first, I was all ready to take that as a compliment, but then I remembered that the last few times I've talked to him, he was really drunk and from what I've seen, most really drunk guys can get intellectually frustrated by a gnat, so I don't think it meant much.

Here is a hot air balloon that was making what sounded like heavy breathing noises when I stepped out of my house on the way to work a couple of weeks ago.

Today was our first football Sunday at The Vine. My friend C. was supposed to come up from Fort Madison, but he didn't make it. Stinky came with because she's a huge Steelers fan, but Coadster had to do some volunteer work and she watched the Bears game later tonight and got to feel superior because they beat the Colts. Anyway, we watched the game and ate wings and other greasy food and drank some soda and the Steelers won by so much, that the game was almost boring and my migraine seems to have lost its hold on me. The end.


Anonymous said...

That's the way to get over illness, headache or any other not-good condition, go out and have fun. Glad to read you're feeling better. My Bengals lost.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I'm glad you feel better .. Those migraines can be horrible..

Love that line the guy used.. Never heard that one before.. it's a good one..

Susan said...

I'm writing that line down. On Saturday a guy told me "I'm the champion of the Velvis Golf Tournament. Don't you want to make out with a champion?"

For the record, Velvis=Velvet Elvis

I did not make out with him though I did take a picture of me with him in his big red champion cape.

DJSassafrass said...

So what was the fave pick-up line? Or was it the helicopter bit. That's pretty hilarious!

dmarks said...

I saw "Die Hard" was on again too. I've only seen it once, and thought about seeing it again. Just to see Bruce battle Snape.

Too bad you just can't outrun migraines.

stepping over the junk said...

helicopter? ha. You should have said, "oh yeah? I just got back from flying to the moon!"

Dexter said...

I liked that movie Driving Lessons...Harold and Maude ish....

Poptart said...

You did more with a migraine than I did without one. You rock!!

Brando said...

Oh, how I miss telling people to go to Hotz and Clapp to get to my house.

I was in Bear heaven last night. I went from full Chicago pessimist to Super Bears, Super Bowl. I can't wait for my optimism to be crushed.

Churlita said...


Sorry to hear about your Bengals. One of the guys we talked to at The Vine was a Bengals fan.


Thanks. I hope to never hear a dorky line that doesn't make sense ever again, but there's no avoiding them in bars, I suppose.


That's awesome. I'm glad you used him for what he was good for - a cheesy photo.


The helicopter bit. I've heard some better ones, but not for a while.


In the newest one, he doesn't battle Snape. He battles a super hot guy I've seen in a couple of movies lately.


Ha ha. He probably would have taken that as a yes.


That's exactly what I was thinking - without the sex between them.

I thought Laura Linney was great too.


That's just because I make myself. Believe me, my first response is to lame out.


I miss you guys living there too.

I had to miss the Bears game, to watch the VMA's with Stinky. Coadster came back from her friend's house after the game, just beaming she was so happy that they beat the Colts.

laura b. said...

Barring the migraine, sounds like a mighty fine weekend.

And that is some pick up line :-)

evilesb138 said...

Steeler blowouts are never boring...
I am hoping next Sunday will be much the same.

I loved NFL week is like church to me. Renee slept in really late and I had her TV all to myself.

Hey can I comment on your blog? I just flew in on a helicopter...

Tera said...

Other than the headache, sounds like a great weekend!!! I hear so many horror stories about migraines, I can only pray that my headaches never progress to such terror!

Which Die Hard did you see? "Live Free or Die Hard?" I LOVE that one!!!

Tara said...

I admire you for making yourself do stuff while you're suffering from a migraine. If I had just a bad tension headache, I shut down and used the headache thing as a major excuse for everything.

Churlita said...


It was. I just felt bad that I didn't get more done.


I know. We hang out with all these Steeler fans at the bar we go to and we never see those people outside of football Sundays.

Yeah, as long as you flew a helicopter, I guess.


That's the one. It was really fun and Bruce Willis didn't seem to be ridiculously old to still be playing that same guy either.


I get them so often, that if I didn't do stuff, I'd be in a mess of trouble.