Thursday, September 04, 2008

But We've Been Backed Against All Nature's Laws Far Too Long

Here's my shadow standing over the "Trust Jesus" signs that were painted on a lot of the sidewalks in Salt Lake City. Do you suppose anyone ever gets busted tagging for Jesus?

I don't know what it is, but the minute it gets even halfway cold out, my hibernation instinct kicks in. I'm ready to start storing food, put on my animal skins and retire to my cave. I guess I haven't really evolved all that much. (I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that) It went from being in the upper eighties on Tuesday to barely sixty degrees and rainy today. I suppose it didn't help that I went to the farmer's market yesterday after work and got a bunch of basil, or that my friend J. gave me a ton of tomatoes from her mom's garden, so I had a great excuse to stay home tonight and prepare for Winter. I made four batches of pesto sauce to freeze. I think I'll make a couple more and that ought to hold us until Spring.

Oh yeah, that whole paragraph above was supposed to serve as my lame excuse for this post. I decided to just throw up some photos that are completely irrelevant to my post and yammer on about a bunch of dumb shit and call it good. Wait - that's pretty much what all my posts are like.

I thought I was being all slick snapping this photo in front of the Forever 21 store in San Francisco, until I realized a guy to my left and just out of the photo, was the other shoe shine guy and he made me pay him a dollar for taking this. Drat.

So, this weekend...I don't really have anything planned for this weekend. After last weekend, it's pretty much okay with me. I always tell my friends to text me if they're going to do something fun. So, who knows what will pop up in the next couple of days. If nothing else, I'd be thrilled to stay home and watch movies, and I thought I might actually go back to working on that weird painting I've been trying to get to for the last few years.

Here is Coadster walking ahead of me in Chinatown in San Francisco.

Tomorrow Coadster has part 2 of her showchoir marathon this week. She also got a job selling t-shirts and crap at Hawkeye games. She makes good money and she works with all her friends, so it's pretty social too. The only downside, is that I'll usually have to take her to the stadium at 6:30 on game days. Oy.

And here is Stinky's ponytail bopping around in Chinatown.

Stinky is going to a football game at the other high school in town on Friday night. Then I think she has a party or something to attend on Saturday night. Maybe it's good if I don't have a life, since it looks like I'll be spending most of my time shuttling my girls to their social lives.

Sooo, how about you all? Will you have lives this weekend, will you be facilitating someone else's life, or just hibernating in your caves with all your stored food and animal skins?


another good thing said...

Is it wrong that I find the shadow Jesus pic sexy?
And wait? what painting? I have been staring at a huge canvas for weeks. I've gotten as far as painting it black- no song references please.

evilesb138 said...

Jesus tags, I have not run across any of these yet. Nice catch.

There are stenciled "Babylon AD" adds on the sidewalks of downtown Cleveland right now, I did not even find them worthy of being photographed.

No idea what me and Renee are up to this weekend. It is the weekend of our one year anniversary so we will decide, like always, at the last second. Why change a good thing?

Anonymous said...

First I have to go buy food to store, then I will hibernate in my cave. Unless someone, somewhere has a better way to spend a weekend.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That Jesus tag is a good one.. I've never seen anything like that before.. usually you have someone carrying the sign about Jesus.. We are going to my friend's sons place Sunday for a Birthday party and tonight I'm going out.. was invited by my FFF.. Favorite Favorite Friend Jamming Jan..

Susan said...

This weekend I'm kind of on the fence about what I want to do. Tonight I'm actually leaning towards staying home and watching movies. I'd like to make a big pot of chili and that's sort of time consuming so yeah. Anyway, movies and chili and no stupid boys tonight.

Tomorrow night, however, is a friend's going out of town/birthday extravaganza. Lots of stupid boys will be around so it should at least be interesting.

Minyo said...

Soccer game tonight, then hibernating or having some sort of fun if the weather is good.

The pictures are interesting. I like how you continue to post vacation pics...makes your vacation last longer for us readers.

Cricket said...

That "Trust Jesus" is just ripe for abuse. You were kind a your provocative sort of way.

You paint? Git 'er done! My very plans for the weekend.

Poptart said...

I'm so in hibernating mode too. I made this crazy canned goods and pasta dish last night rather than going to the grocery store (which is less than one block away) and realized I was transitioning to winter - just from a little 20-degree temperature drop!

Have a good weekend!

Tara said...

I didn't notice that the sign was on a sidewalk, I thought it was on a wall (didn't notice the grass to the left), so I was really confused at your shadow. Perhaps it's time I start the weekend. Just not thinkin straight

Mr Atrocity said...

Have a good weekend. We're cooking for buddies tomorrow and it'll be warm comforting wintery food. I was going to see my last game of cricket for the summer on Sunday but the forecast is not good. I'll porbably just read my book and listen to the rain smack against the window.

laura b. said...

Mmmmm, pesto sauce! I am so bad about preparing foods ahead of time to freeze. Thats why every evening I am surprised to find I must provide another meal.
I work on Saturday. booooooo!

booda baby said...

Oh, you are too too sweet. Either that, or shoe shine guys are vultures.

I'd like some hybernating that involved movies and milk shakes and nothing else.

pbpbpbpb. It's still hot and summery here and loads of people are in town wanting to play.

Brando said...

I think that first picture is my favorite one you've ever done. Just awesome.

I plan to counter my wife's anti-football propaganda by watching the Bears with Libby on Sunday.

Churlita said...


I've been trying to get this painting done of a photo I took of my daughter in a laundromat years ago.


Happy anniversary, you two.


That's sounds like a great way to spend a weekend to me.


Good for you. Have fun going out.


That should be a good balance between alone time and stupid boy time.


I still have a ton, so I'm sure I'll posting them for years to come.


i do, but mine aren't as beautiful as yours. This one is kind of multi-media and more cartoonish.


What are we going to do when it's below zero out?


It sounds good to me. I'll just go home right now.

Mr Atrocity,

You'll have a lovely weekend.


I'm usually like that too, but I'm trying to be better while I'm still so broke and produce is so cheap at the farmer's market.

Dana said...

"Here's my shadow standing over the "Trust Jesus" signs that were painted on a lot of the sidewalks in Salt Lake City."

That's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs, I bet.