Monday, September 29, 2008

But One of These Kids is Doing Her Own Thing

Okay, we're on Saturday now, right? I'll backtrack a little to Friday for the girls' weekend. They both went to the Homecoming game with their friends. I know I've mentioned on here before that I didn't get to do a lot of stuff when I was in high school. I never went to a Homecoming dance and I don't remember ever going to the game either. That's one thing I've always wanted for my girls, that they could have a way more positive high school experience than I had. Which wouldn't be hard at all. I never wanted them to be isolated out in the country, with no way into town and staying home cleaning on weekend nights when all their friends were whooping it up. I definitely don't let them do whatever they want, but I try to give them the freedom to socialize and do all the typical high school things I only read about or heard about from my friends when I was their age.

On Friday night, the girls got home right after Rooney ended and hung around at my house with a couple of friends. They said that one of the girls who lives upstairs was making out with some guy in the car in our driveway. They kept looking out the window to see how steamed up the windows were getting and getting grossed out and giggling about it. Hey, maybe we don't need cable after all.

On Saturday morning, the girls woke me up around 6:30 so I could take them to work. My migraine must have started in my sleep, which is the worst, because I can't nip it in the bud with my preventative drugs. When I got back home, I took some migraine meds and the combination of that and the pain knocked me out, until the girls called me around 11 to pick them back up.

I took the other half of my migraine pill about noon and then ran Stinky all over to get her last minute Homecoming accessories. I finally dropped her off at her friend's house to get ready. Coadster's friend came to our house and I got to take a couple of photos of her and her friend before they went to another girl's house. Who had any idea it took five hours to prep for a two hour dance?

Stinky told me to stop by her friend's house around 6:15 to take photos. I was still way out of it from the one-two punch of pain and meds. I figured there would be a couple of kids and maybe a parent or two around to snap a few pics and then go home. I showed up in a knock around pair of shorts and tank top with my hair all frizzy and pulled back.

I was so wrong. There were all kinds of parents taking photos and for some reason they were pretty dressed up. Do you think they live soap opera lives and walk around their houses in full make-up, perfect hair and all dressed up in heels? I kept a running loop of "Which One of These Things Is Not Like the Other" in my head the whole time I was there.

I got some cute shots of Stinky, which was really the most important thing.

Oh, and the shoes. I guess, according to Stinky, photographing the shoes was a must.

Right as I was leaving, I heard a call to take a group pic of the parents and I was not having any of that. Nobody wants a pic of me with a bunch of people I don't know in my ratty clothes. I think Stinky would have liked me to join in the group photo, but I really needed to go home and lie down for about a week and half.

I got home and rested. I watched a movie called Under the Same Moon. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Maybe not the best viewing idea. My normal comfort experience when I'm not feeling all that great, is eating a grilled cheese sandwich, and tomato soup and watching The Goonies or Roadhouse. (I'm not kidding) Stinky's comfort movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Coadster's is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

By around midnight, Coadster came home with her friend. Stinky spent the night at another friend's house. My headache was finally over and I had this weird urge to clean shit. I can only assume I was delusional from all the migraine business. Anyway, I stayed up past two cleaning my fridge and washing dishes and my kitchen floor and doing laundry. Coadster and her friend basically fell asleep sitting up, watching a movie on the couch. I guess I stayed home cleaning on a weekend night while all my friends were whooping it up as an adult too, but it's way better when it's my choice.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

The girls look so grown up.. Glad they had a chance to go and have fun.. Cleaning till after 2 am..? I don't think I have ever done that.. it's almost

stepping over the junk said...

Phew, I still have a few years....

Remiman said...

You have every reason to be proud of your girls.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my fave to.

Poptart said...

I feel so bad that you get those migraines, Churlita. The girls look gorgeous!

The other parents annoy me (makeup and shit on a Satruday daytime?), but when you show up to stuff all scruffy looking, you do become more like the rebel made for TV movie single mom who the lead actor falls for in the new town he just moved to. You know?

Tara said...

Ah ha, hence the holiday suggestion you provided over at my blog about comfort food and a movie while you're sick at home. Very good idea, I'll have to think about mine.

Those photos are great, and I do love the shoe shot. I hope you were able to lie down so the migraine could go away.

Susan said...

Roadhouse is great!! Have I ever told you this sick obsession I have with Sam Elliot? Roadhouse chased by Tombstone helps me out of a funky mood.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, I really don't know how you can survive moving around with a migrane. Jeez they blow me away.

And it's wonderful your daughters have you as a mom...

Bonnie said...

That picture of them together is just beautiful, a treasure.

Tera said...

The girls look GORGEOUS!

Tomato soup & grilled cheese---FUCKING LOVE IT!

Goonies---ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY love it!!!

Glad you started feeling better even if it was at the tail end of the day :)

michelle said...

I know those types of parents. I've seen them myself - always seemingly perfect. My daughter assures me that they're all really boring. You probably looked a million times better than they did despite all their fancy clothes.

What's with the photos of teenagers and their feet/shoes. Mine does that too as do my nieces and nephews etc.

MrManuel said...

Ah yes, I remember the days of high school dances and tons of parents gathering around to take pictures. That embarassed me at first, but not in my later years.

laura b. said...

Both Coadster and Stinky look really pretty all dolled up for Homecoming.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup together is a beautiful thang.

Chance said...

I feel it is my duty to warn you that from the looks of the figure at the right of the first photo, your daughters may be friends with a douchebag.

Churlita said...


That's because you've never been delusional like I was.


Yes, you do and enjoy them.


Thanks. I am. How can you lose with the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo?


I know what movies you're talking about. That woman is usually played by Marissa Tomei or Sandra Bullock and they meet the hunky, carpenter guy who gets them and if no one ends up dying first, they live happily ever after.


It's all making sense to you now, isn't it?


No. Now, I'm sure we have the same sick obsession.


I just don't have a chance. I didn't say I functioned well, I just functioned.


You mean Coadster and her friend? It is pretty darn cute.


Thanks. We'll have to take care of each other when we're both sick next time. I'll make the soup and sandwiches and you can get the movie going.


I don't know if I'd go that far, but thank you.

Who knows about the shoe pics. Both of my girls had one with their friends.


That's pretty good. For a guy not to be embarrassed by that.


I guess they do clean-up alright, huh?

It is the best comfort combo.


I told my oldest daughter what you said, and she laughed and said you were absolutely right. Nice call.

booda baby said...

The girls were beautiful! I'm glad that Homecoming Dances are popular again. I mean, I never went to one, either because ... well, no one I knew did. Of course, we didn't try to look like sexy thangs either - I'm sure we wouldn't have minded TRYING, but it just wasn't - shit. We were old fashioned.

But not really. Golly. Times change. :):)