Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

We're here and we're random - every single one of my personalities.

1.) Okay, remember how I said it was Homecoming weekend here in town? Well, there's usually all kinds of fun drunken incidents that occur on that weekend. I'm going to take some quotes off of the KCRG website so you can learn about my favorite one from this year. 'Kay? Here it is:

An Iowa City man who thought a police officer just "needed a hug" faces several charges including assault on a peace officer and public intoxication...

...According to police records, Schreder ran up to the officer and stuck out his arms. The officer told him to "get away," but Schreder didn't take the hint and embraced the officer.

How great is that? In and of itself, it's wonderful, but this being Iowa City, there's bound to be a protest - of sorts anyway. Today on my lunch break there were some college kids standing around on the Pentacrest giving out free hugs. You bet your ass, I made sure I got one. I asked the boys to hug each other so I could take a picture, (with my camera phone, since I left my real camera at home) and they said they would, if I would let them take a picture of them hugging me. What is all this conditional photographing about? I suppose it's better than in San Francisco, when they wanted a dollar. At least a photo is free. Anwyway, below is where I was in the picture, but I cheated by hiding behind the "free hug" sign. Sue me, I was wearing braids and I looked like crap.

Later, one of my coworkers told me it would've been funny if I had pulled out a fake badge and pretended to be an undercover cop and started to arrest them.

2.) Now, onto my next random topic. So, on Monday I went to my friend's house to watch The Steelers on Monday Night Football. The whole time I was there, the team just kept sucking harder and harder. Finally, I told the people I was watching the game with, that I figured I should leave, because if stopped watching, they might start winning. Then my friend James told me to fake call them, because that worked so well last year. I got out my phone, made my imaginary phone call, stopped watching the game and went home. Guess what? That's right. The Steelers won. Maybe that really is my super power.

3.) The girls said there was a guy who showed up to the Homecoming dance in a gorilla suit. I don't think I need to add anything else to this. The awesomness of it, stands on its own.

4.) Sunday night I told you about the guy who stopped me to tell me that he sees me walking every morning and in his head has always thought of me as his pretend "going to work" friend. Well, I've actually seen him the last two days on my way to work. He honks and waves and I wave back. So, now I suppose he's my pretend "going to work" friend too.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

The free hugs guy will probably get a slap on the wrist.. it's really a shame the cop couldn't tell if the guy was being genuine..

Remiman said...

1.You looking like crap? Never!
2. Could you not watch the Giants the next time they play, unless of course they are playing the steelers. Then watch watch watch.
3. It's a step up from imaginary friend.
Isn't it?

NoRegrets said...

Oh, what a friendly bunch you are.

Oh, and normally you are asking guys and asking for a photo is a way to cop a feel...

Tara said...

That "free hug" guy looks cute. Glad you stopped for hugs and some photo opportunities!

Minyo said...

Pretend going to work buddies are like highway buddies, except now you're acknowledging each other. This could be the beginning of a beautiful "pretend friendship".

I like your thinking on the super power status and the Steelers. I like to think I have super power status regarding the Cubs. I have been purposefully ignoring them all year :) I think it might be working.

Cricket said...

What a quaint, charmed life you lead - hugs, winning, gorilla suits, and waves. Life is good amongst the corn fields.

Susan said...

They're kind of cute. Maybe I should move to Iowa and find a man.

Todd Totale said...

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I say "Fuck you and your imaginary phone calls that ultimately help the Steelers achieve success."

Poptart said...

First off, I think the free hugs guy is the gorilla suit guy - don't you? and second, I think the fact that you know him now makes the going to work guy a real, not pretend, going to work friend.

another good thing said...

I love the going to work friend.. I especially like that he TOLD you. And hey- how many more hugs would they get if they charged a dollar, huh?
Like Hugs for Thugs, the charity for ailing gangsta's...

booda baby said...

You, in braids. How much cuter could anyone beeeeee?

Also, your walk to work pal made me feel all good inside. Sometimes, those are the best new pals.

laura b. said...

That is all some, like, groovy good karma stuff going on over there.
Dang, I think I would PAY for a free hug right about now...

Churlita said...


Oh, I'm sure the guy was drunk and the cop wasn't sure if the guys was violent or not. It's just a funny story, is all.


You're too nice. I think it only works with the Steelers for some odd reason.


Not in this case. Those boys are easily 20 years younger than me, and this town has literally thousands of hot young girls, with low self-esteem. Those boys wouldn't waste their feels on me.


They were pretty funny. I'm glad too.


You didn't accidentally watch the Cubs tonight, did you?


For the most part. Iowans seem to be unashamedly dorky and that's why I love it here.


You should. You would be the perfect age for this town.


I know, I know. It's weird, though. It doesn't work with my Bears. Only The Steelers and they're my 2nd favorite team. Maybe it's because I care too much whether they win or not.


The gorilla suit guy was a high school kid and those hug boys were in college. So, they're probably not the same person.

My pretend going to work friend, won't be much more than that. I talked to him once for 5 minutes and don't remember his name. It cracks me up every morning I see him, and that's the most important thing.


Ha ha. I know. I love how dorky he was and is about the whole thing.

Booda Baby,

Exactly. Everyone is wonderful when you don't really know them.


I'd give you as many hugs as you needed for free. I'm annoyingly affectionate that way.

Anonymous said...

No free hugs for me, thanks, unless it's from a cute girl.

People in gorilla suits are funny and quite a sight to see.