Thursday, August 02, 2007

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water, I Will Lay Me Down

This is a photo of my friend S.'s cat, Gink. I think she was a little annoyed with us when we stayed at their house because she peed on Stinky's clothes one day. At least we knew where we stood with her.

You know how I've been so good this vacation and didn't hardly drink and got a lot of stuff done and all? Yeah, well I kind of messed that up today. Don't get me wrong, I still got stuff done, but then at 5 I went to my friend K.'s house and chilled out with her and her housemate J. and drank a couple of glasses of wine before we all went our separate ways at 7. It's not so bad having a bit of a wine buzz when you have to do things like run errands, cook dinner and take care of your children. The big problem comes when you want to do something important like blog and then you're screwed.

So, since I'm on vacation and useless from drinking wine too early in the day, I'm going to cheat and post an e-mail I got from a friend today. I hope she doesn't mind, but there's nothing super personal in it and it's WAY funnier than anything I could write. My friend S. lives in Minneapolis and we stayed with her this time last year. Stinky and I were just talking about the trip and the bridge collapsing this afternoon when we had lunch at IHOP.(You know Apple's marketing is good when I am tempted to write iHOP instead) Anyway, when I got home, I found this e-mail waiting for me. All the names have been changed to protect the innocent...Except Gink's, because there's nothing innocent about her:

hey Churlita,
i've been keeping up with you via your blog. i'd been
thinking about you today, because the guys on the
radio kept bringing up last year at this time when it
was 100 degrees, and that's when you and the girls
were here. christ that was HOT. if Stinky wants to relive
it i could send you some cat-urine-soaked socks or
something. gink is pretending that she doesn't know
what i'm talking about.

but i wanted to let you know that the bridge that
crashed into the mississippi is the very one you took
to get into mpls, and out of, and that you exited one
exit after the exact place where the bridge collapsed!

i drive that spot all the time. i'm a little freaked
out by it. but i am enjoying how many times i get to
type 'collapse''s almost like i'm blogging about
lindsay lohan or something.

my friend j. came over for dinner; she was 10
minutes late leaving her house because somebody
called. she WOULD have taken the bridge, but got to it
about 7 minutes after it went down. did i mention that
i'm a little freaked out by it?

happy sorting of your stuff! i'm coming back down
soon, just don't know when.


Les said...

that looks exactly like my cat.

Remiman said...

I have a cat that resembles Gink...he's all black too;-) I call him the little black bastard. Hey he comes when I call him.
That bridge deal was too freaky!!!

Babybull40 said...

Gink sounds like a real trouble maker... Why would she/he pee all over the clothes..? that is just rude....

Tara said...

Cats do tend to deny the trouble they've caused. She looks like a cat that doesn't want to be messed with but she obviously thinks she has the right to mess with others.

I liked that email your friend sent! I'd be freaked out to knowing that a bridge I drive everyday had collapsed. But she's got a knack for humor.

l.b. said...

You have such great friends! I would be freaked about that bridge thing too if I drove on it or by it daily...geez.

booda baby said...

1. Your friend writes a great and very entertaining email.

2. Funny thing about disasters. We all start hauling out the tales of how narrowly - in minutes or miles - we missed being part of it all. I know you're supposed to be - aghast - (Wait. Well, pretend I used that right, okay) but it's hard to when you get to the story about how someone drives that way once a month!! Or stayed in that very hotel that was swept away by a tsunami SIX years ago.

evil-e said...

Wine buzzes are OK for running errands and stuff.....he he he

Glad you are being good for your vacation. Enjoy what's left.

Dagromm said...

I hate being stuck on big bridges in my car for this exact reason. I just hadn't really heard of it much happening before. Completely freaky.

Churlita said...


I love black cats.


Nice name for your cat. The bridge deal was freaky.


She was pissed (get it?) because we were there being loud and invading her space.


S. is hilarious and writes really awesome e-mails. I wish she would blog.


Yeah. How scary.

Booda Baby,

The weird thing for me is how everyone is freaking about every bridge in the country now. How often did this happen to create so much bridge hysteria.


Thanks. I'm trying.


Hopefully, the chances of it happening again are very slim.

Les said...

yes I have heard black cats are hang on ...thats just for witches

not fainthearted said...


If you were exiting/entrancing one entrance/exit either side of the collapse then you were VERY NEAR my house too?

What part of Mpls does your friend live? and the next time you come up here you better tell me so I can take you all out for beer.

Just saying.

Oh. and 'Hi!' I'm back!