Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Know Just What You're Saying

Here is a photo of some nice, relaxing, umbrella chairs.

Oh, how I love the Friday before a three day weekend. Oh, how I need a three day weekend. I got so spoiled all Summer when I tore through all that vacation time. But now? Now I have to learn to balance my time. And I'm sure you won't be at all surprised to hear me tell you that I'm not very good at that.

It's been a particularly long week. Do I say that every week? I feel like I do. Well then, every week is very long in my world.

I know I say this all the time too, but I can't stress on here enough, how wonderful my girlfriends are. Sometimes it's tough having teenage daughters, who are awesome as far as that goes, but they're still teenagers and they are girls. In case you've never met a female before, they generally tend to be a little verbal, and if they're my spawn, they're also very open in general. They (those people who write them thar child rearin' books) always say it's good that your children feel safe enough to tell you stuff, but "they" lie. It would be nice, every once in a while, to be blissfully ignorant of the trials and tribulations of teen world. Being single, I don't have that other person to vent to about the things I have to know - which is where my awesome friends come into play. They not only let me vent, my friends also help me locate my sense of humor by relating their own hilarious tales from high school. They made mistakes, they did really stupid shit, and they're not only still around to tell about it, but thriving and totally hot, to boot.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'm planning on spending this long (but not long enough) weekend, appreciating my friends and my daughters. I may also try to do it all while wearing earplugs, and a blindfold for my own protection.


Remiman said...

Yupper, it's going to be a good weekend. I'm on call tonight 'til 0700 Sat. morn. but then off for 3 days. The kids and s.o's. are coming to enjoy the last hurrah of summer and help mom and dad move out of the cottage and back home.
Have a great time with your girlfriends.

Tara said...

Have a very fun, long weekend with your friends and your girls! I am loving that it is the Friday before a three-day weekend. Lovin' it.

not fainthearted said...

A verbal child? who tells about what's going on?

Never heard of it.

Of course, I have boys. And finding out anything is like pulling teeth.

No, that's not fair.

Pulling teeth is easier. :D

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

booda baby said...

From a distance, it seems like you have the greatest girls in all the world. How you keep from pinching their heads off in a fit of big love, I don't know. You're a team, indeedy.

Michelle said...

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

laura b. said...

I honestly don't know what I'd do without my friends either, even the ones who are family too.

evil-e said...

I am so ready for the three day weekend. This past week, even with a sick day, was way too long. Enjoy the friends and daughters time.

Churlita said...


You have a great time with your family as well.


How can you not love it?


I know. Mom's of boys always say that and I'm not sure which is better; knowing or not knowing.

Booda Baby,

Thanks. I do feel lucky. It's just that the games they play get scarier the older they are.


I think with teens, all the time ignorance is bliss.

Laura B,



Thanks, I will. You enjoy your days off too.