Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Cuts My Security

Here is a picture of a big jalapeno. Mmmm, spicy.

So, you know how I have a tendency to live in my own little world, and how on my planet everything is beautiful and things can really work out for the best? And if, say, I had a problem with the exhaust system on my car, in my head, it would end up being something minor that would only cost a teensy bit of money?...Wait. Let me say this again, a little more efficiently - so, you know how I often tend to be delusional? Well, this time my little fantasy world turned out to be real.

I took my car into a muffler place this morning and walked to work. When I got there, my boss was working with the police department to document all of the bomb threat spam we were getting in our e-mails. The drag about all of these bomb threats, is that we're all so blase' about them now. I wouldn't be at all surprised if we all got blown to bits, as we blindly stepped over the abandoned backpack in the middle of the room. The only good thing about the threatening e-mails, was that they gave me an opportunity to use my English degree for the first time since I graduated in 1990. The very young, very handsome cop who investigated, was reading the subject heading of one and wondered allowed, "So, who's George Orwell? The name sounds familiar..." I was able to give him all the background he needed, and more. He stopped me in the hall on his way out to tell me how impressed he was. The sad thing is, I didn't really need an English degree for that. Don't most people know who George Orwell is?

...So, weren't we supposed to be talking about my car here? Oh yeah, the car guy called me during all the virtual drama to give me an estimate. He first started talking to me about the problem, and I honestly didn't care. My eyes were glazing over, so I interrupted him to ask what the damage was in terms of dollars. "It'll run you $42.28," he said.

"For real? Wow. Okay. I love you," I said, still in shock.

"Well, I am a lovable guy," he informed me, and who was I to argue? I've never had a car problem that was fixed so cheaply before.

I spent the first hour of work waiting for bombs to drop. Thank god, they were all duds this time. Of course, tomorrow is another day...


Margaret said...

wow, $42? i never have that kind of luck

Tara said...

Now that is a fantastic price for car repair! I would've been in shock too!
So...tell us more about the cute police officer, besides the fact that he doesn't know about George Orwell. :)

not fainthearted said...

Yay for cheap lovable auto-repair guys!

Poptart said...

AWESOME! That is great news.

Yeah, George Orwell...well, that's cops for ya. Some of them are OK.

DJSassafrass said...

Hey there,
I was thinking about you for some random reason today and wanted to drop you a line.
I have been thinking about you a lot actually and wanted to say hi.
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch-I didn't know if I should be or if you wanted me to....but today I decided, "you know what? Tara is a cool chick. I am a cool chick. There is no reason on earth that cool chicks shouldn't talk to each other!"
So there you have it.
Bet you didn't know I had a blog. Hardly anyone does--most likely because you can see how often I update it...let's blame that on work..and maybe malted hops (and to finish the quote from "Tommy Boy" we'll throw bong resin in there as well.

I enjoy your blog! I'm glad this is a good outlet for you. I am still looking for mine--but suffice to say, it is NOT charity work...anymore.

Anyhoo-I hope all is well. Drop me a line if you fee like it. I'll check in from time to time.

booda baby said...

An excellent story!! You know I have some strange love of the analogy that works (strange because I can NOT do it myself, no matter how hard I whip the stuff) - but you. YOU!! I'm tempted to say cheater cheater pants on fire because it just fell of your fingertips.

Churlita said...


Me neither.


That fact is all I can think of...Except that he's way too young.


My sentiments exactly.


He was a really nice guy. He talked to me for a while, but he was just young. did I mention he was young?


Yea. I'm excited to hear from you. I left comments on your blog and an email address, so you can contact me if you want.

Booda Baby,

Thanks, but I think you're giving me WAY too much credit.

evil-e said...

I am pretty sure most of the knuckleheads in this world have no clue who Orwell is, they would ask something like, "what show was he on?"

42 bucks is a good thing for a girl expecting worse...sometimes the surprises are good.

laura b. said...

At least you know of one honest auto mechanic in the world! No offense to any auto mechanics reading here..I'm sure you're honest...and maybe, just maybe people using computers should make themselves familiar with Orwell and Big Brother ;-)
Nice post, Churlita!

Churlita said...


I should have told the cop that George Orwell was an American Idol contestant.

Laura B.,

I know. If he had been a worse person, he could totally have screwed me over and I wouldn't have had a clue.

Michelle said...

YES! HOW CHEAP! Give me your repair guy's number!

Churlita said...


I can't even imagine how much more car repairs cost in Cali.