Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Wish It Was Sunday, 'Cause That's My Funday

Here is another recycled photo of rolled hay and farm machinery.

I realize that I spend a lot of time whining on here about a whole lot of nothing. So, tonight I thought I'd list things from a day that was pretty okay. It wasn't such a great day that I'll worry about a tornado hitting my house to make up for it, but it was good. Here is a list of it's goodness:

1. I spent about a half a day with Mr. Dateman and his roommates. He flipped me shit. I flipped him shit. He and his roommate flipped me shit. Me and his roommate flipped Mr Dateman shit. The shit got spread around...There was balance in the universe.

2. When I got to my car and was getting ready to drive away from Mr. Dateman's house, Coadster called me to see if I would take her and her sister to the mall to go school shopping. Sure, I had to be at the big scary maul, and it was packed because it was tax-free weekend, but we got some good deals and the girls thought I was the shit for buying them clothes.

3. At the mall, we also worked out a plan to get me my own room. You know, one of those places where you get to sleep in a bed and shut and lock your door and have privacy? One of those. They both agreed that they couldn't share a room because Coadster is totally Felix to Stinky's Oscar. Instead, Stinky said she'd happily sleep on the futon in the living room. Okay. Now all I have to do is look for a sale on a good bed. I want a queen and I want it to be comfy. After sleeping on a futon for the last four years, I deserve it, godammit.

4. After a late lunch and our mall journey, I dropped the girls off at their respective social functions. I stopped by my friend K.'s house to drop off some DVD's. I also checked out the garden and got even more tomatoes. I swear there are hundreds of them this year.

5. I went grocery shopping by myself, which is kind of nice. I ran into one of my co-workers and his significant other. When I asked him, if I would see him at work tomorrow, he said, "Yeah, I guess I can't get away with calling in sick now, since you saw me here." Maybe next Monday.

6. I waited until almost sunset to run today because it was so hot. Since most of the students are gone, I hardly saw anyone out and about. It was just me, the heat and humidity and the nostalgia in my head. At one point, I smelled laundry dryer sheets coming from a house and John Denver came on my phone Mp3 player at the same time. That combination took me right back to being a kid in the Summer and made me very, very happy.

7. I had turned the air conditioner on when I left to run, so when I got back my place seemed almost cold which was a perfect contrast to the swamp I left outside.

8. I called the court house and got their automated message. Not only do I not have jury duty tomorrow, I won't be called again for at least two years. Sweet. I won't have to deal with The Man after all...Except my boss at work, but I'm used to his shit.

9. Apparently, my favorite word for this blog post is "shit". So, I'll end this shit by hoping you all have to deal with as little shit as possible on Monday.


Tara said...

Shit, that was a good day!

I love coming home to an air conditioned apartment after being outside in the sweltering humidity. It's sooooo nice.

I thought there was something wrong with my new MP3 player this past weekend because it wouldn't charge completely. I finally found what I was doing wrong and now it's all charged and ready for the next walk.

Danny said...

I've been spending the past half hour trying to research what it means to "flip someone shit." It sounds bad yet it's on your list of good things. God, I'm old! Maybe my 12-year-old daughter will come home from camp today and tell me her counselor flipped her shit and then I can be down with the kids' lingo!

P.S. That photo looks like an impressionist painting. Sometimes I tire of living in the inner city!

.j.william. said...

whenever the Man catches up with my current location and assigns me jury duty, that's when I know it's time to move.

l.b. said...

Sounds like a damn fine day to me. I congratulate you on getting out of jury duty...and especially on negotiating for your very own room.

evil-e said...

Sounds like a fine day. All kinds of good shit was abound.

Running outdoors is a nightmare right now for me. There is not enough water in the world to keep from dehydrating. I have tried the morning, but settled for the treadmill at the gym. Not quite the same, but...

Stepping Over the Junk said...

AW. We were jammin in our car this morning to John Denver. Specifically "Rocky Mountain High" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane".

AlienCG said...

It sounds like a lot of good shit. Want to come over next year and plant my tomatoes? You seem to have a red thumb. I hope you have a good week with as little shit as possible.

Churlita said...


I'm glad your MP3 player is better.


It's like giving someone the business, or a hard time or razzing someone. Does that make sense?...Probably not.

J William,

I've been thinking how nice it would be to move lately myself.


I don't have my own room yet, but I'm working on it.


I know. It's hard to breathe or get enough water with all the heat and humidity.


It was Rocky Mountain High for me too.


I thought your tomatoes were doing pretty good this year.

Jane said...

John Denver and dryer sheets!! I love it! Actually, I don't think my mom used dryer sheets, but nevertheless.

My mom and brother and I used to sing "Rocky Mountain High" and "Country Roads" in three-part harmony in the car.