Friday, August 03, 2007

Got the Wings of Heaven on My Shoes

Well kids, I'm just kind of blah today. It's my last official day of vacation, I spent a lot of time dealing with a banker (the man) trying to get my finances in order, and I may have jury duty on Monday where I would inevitably have to deal with the man again. Wah. I know, you've heard this song from me before, and probably don't want to hear it again. So, instead, lets all have a laugh at my expense, shall we? That's usually way more fun anyway.

Today when I got home from running, Stinky was waiting for me with a camera. I don't know why she didn't take photos before I ran and wasn't all sweaty and my braids weren't all frizzy, but, whatever.

So, here's me being a dork. I was trying to run like one of the Iowa City action figures. You know, the group of notable, lovable loonies who populate our city? Yeah, one of them. This one Mr Dateman calls "Jive Guy" because he walks all over town, all the time and his walk is most decidedly jivey. See? This was way more fun than listening to me whine about my overexposure to the man, right?


Stepping Over the Junk said...

you are so teenie tiny and SO CUTE!

mark said...

Look at that six-pack! You could break a nail on those.

Anonymous said...

no look great!!! Mr Dateman is a lucky guy!

Remiman said...

WoW! look at you all buff and smiley. I'm impressed.
Thanks Stinky.

Tara said...

Wow, you do look great, Churlita! That's it, I'll have to take up running. I wanna look toned.

Oh and best of luck with jury duty if you get called up.

evil-e said...

Nice abs....just to mention one thing.

Les said...

Wow! thats a 12 pack!

AKS said...

Damn skinny fit girl! Looookin good.

booda baby said...

I'm joining the 'Dork?!?! No! Adorable, Yes' chorus. You must be a favorite of Iowa City-ans. They'll never meet you, or talk to you, but you make their days beeeootiful.

Poptart said...

Holy buff girl! You look amazing! Look at those arms! Those abs! I am sooooo jealous. WHY can't I enjoy running? I'm gonna try to do it again.

"You're my ROLE model..."



Margaret said...

must start running, must start running... you and the braids are sooo cute

Churlita said...


I think when you said cute, what you really meant was dorky.


Ha. I don't think I'd let anyone try.


Thanks. I doubt he feels all that lucky. People seem to get used to what they have.


Thank you. I put on my goofiest smile just for you.


I didn't get called. Yea!




It's just a belly.


I'd be happier if I could pick up about ten pounds, but Winter pelt season is fast approaching.

Booda Baby,

That's nice, but I think I'm too dorky to make people's days beautiful. They may get a laugh at my expense when I trip over my own feet though.


If you turn into Ellen I'll come to Chicago and kick your ass.


The braids are silly, but they help control the frizz when It's hot and I'm running.

l.b. said...

What a cute picture, Churlita! See how it turns out that dorkiness is in the eye of the beholder?

LA said...

You are, like, TOTALLY fat. OMG!

Your abs make me wanna cry. They are a thing of beauty!