Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well That is That and This is This

Here are some plastic veggies set on stainless steel for you.

This weekend went by so fast, I'm not really sure what happened. It's almost easier to figure out what didn't happen - namely, all those cleaning projects.

I started the weekend with a bang. I was running late for work in the morning, so I drove in as close as I could get before I hit the metered parking. As I reached my car after work, my friend J. was driving by and very kindly stopped to talk some shit. When I got in my car and started it up, there arose such a clatter. Yup, the rattling noise my car had been making forever and that Mr. Dateman wisely diagnosed as an exhaust problem, had made my car sound like the loudest of Harley's. If only I were one of those go-getter types who would actually get shit checked out before it became a very loud problem.

Most of Friday night I had a dull migraine that I treated with my wide variety of meds. Saturday I think I did some stuff...Oh yeah, I ran and drove kids around and tried to coordinate Saturday night festivities with several different people. It went from a gang of folks meeting at George's for cheeseburgers and beer, to a girl's night where we ate Indian food and then drank at 126. My friend A. got called into work for a co-worker who's dad died, so we figured we'd be nice and drink and very loudly keep her company. I drank Mojitos, which probably wasn't the best choice for me, because they don't taste the least little bit like alcohol and so I was kind of surprised when I was suddenly stoooopidly drunk. My friend S. did a great job of keeping us entertained with her gruesome substitute teaching stories. I almost felt kind of grateful to work in a sterile, bland cubicle...Almost.

Today, I was a bit on the hung-over side. Not bad, but kind of d-u-m and lame. So, I guess I wasn't much different than I normally am on Sunday.


Remiman said...

Yeah, how come it's ok for harleys to sound like that, but when the car does they want to give you a ticket?
Good times with good friends always assuages the down of a hangover! ;-)

Margaret said...

mojito's are super, super dangerous

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I got stoopidly drunk the other night too. OH MY GOD. I have to write a post about it. It was red red wine.

I hate the noise of harleys.

Tara said...

That's what happened with my car recently. For a few weeks it was quietly rattling and hinting to me that I needed to check it out. I just figured my car is old and it'll make unnecessary noises. Then one morning I started the car and it sounded like a motorcycle. Didn't lose my tailpipe, but I needed a new exhaust pipe. My muffler had to be replaced, but that was under warranty.

jexebel said...

But can the variety of meds ever really be wide enough?

not fainthearted said...

Sadly, I spent my weekend feeling slow and d-u-m and don't even have a good night of drinking to blame it on...glad you're getting out with friends!

booda baby said...

Except for the migraine, I think it sounds like a great weekend! And you got a Harley out of the deal. I have the fondest memories of Harleys in Iowa. Here, they just look like rich guys trying to be MEN; for some reason, there they look like they belong.

Michelle said...

I do the same crap with my car - a few weeks ago I brought my car home and told my dad that my brakes hadn't been working for a while. When he looked into it, he said that had I driven just a few more miles, my brakes would have given out and I wouldn't have been able to stop! Thus ensued the $250 purchase of a new car part so that I wouldn't die driving.

As for the drunken night, ehhhk. But well worth it right? I had 8 Jager shots Friday and I felt like a complete dud Saturday. My co-workers love it when I sometimes come in with blood-shot eyes on the weekends :)

Hope your headache's better!! ^_^

Poptart said...

Did you get your car fixed? I just spent $620 on mine. Holy crap.

evil-e said...

Mojitos are some good stuff...they are sneaky evil and will mess you up six different ways before Sunday.

I could not score a second PBR shirt, my friend $Bill had a hard enough time parting with the one I got. I would have sent you one.

Liz said...

I want to try a Mojito. Believe it or not, it's one drink I've never had. How do you pronounce it? Mow-jee-toe? I don't need to make the same mistake I made 15 years ago when I ordered my first Mint Ja-loop.