Friday, August 24, 2007

It's My Life, Don't You Forget

Hell, I'm sure it's been a couple of days since I put up one of Stinky's self-portraits. So, here she is, giving the peace sign and looking bored. Wooo-Hooo.

Tonight, I'm just going to post some fascinating conversations I've had lately. I'm sure each one will reveal my impeccable taste and refinement.

The first one happened last night while Coadster was watching me play Burnout Revenge.

Coadster: So, you just laughed out loud, by yourself after you crashed your car into that brick wall. You've already crashed it about a thousand times into everything else on the screen. Is it really that funny every single time?

Me: Uh, yeah.

The second conversation was from a week or so ago when I got a call from an adult male on my cell phone.

Guy: Hi. Is Coadster there?

Me: Can I ask who this is?

Guy: This is T.

Me: ...And how do you know Coadster?

Guy: Oh, I work at 126. A. gave me your number.

Me: Okay. Is this T.W? And are you trying to see if she can babysit for you?

Guy: Yeah, exactly. Sorry.

Me: That's okay...I just have to make sure that when an adult male calls asking for my teenage daughter, he's not some creepy guy.

Guy: Well, I did meet her at the bus stop...

Me: I figured either that or a chat room.

The last conversation occurred at my friend T.'s place, when I called Stinky at home.

Me: Hey, I'm just calling to see if we have reception here. Everybody else here has Qwest and they can't get any reception in T's apartment. So, can you hear me okay?

Stinky: Loud and clear.

Me: Then it must just be the carrier for some reason. Verizon seems to work just fine.

Stinky: Yup.

Me: (Belching into the phone because I think it's important to expose my daughters to their proud White trash heritage) How about that? Can you hear me now?

Stinky: Yes, mother. Now I wish we had Qwest. It would be great not to have reception right now.

Me: You're grounded.

Stinky: What? I can't hear you. You're breaking up. (hangs up)


not fainthearted said...

awesome. All of it! but especially the last bit.

Les said...

I like the last one...thats have a good relationship with your kids....some dughters go right off!

Tara said...

Ha, these are amusing. I liked the first one and the last. It is definitely a good phone company when a belch is as clear as a pin dropping on the ground. ;)

Remiman said...

You are an awesome observer of life around you!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I want to come hang out with you for a day!

evil-e said...

I get leery when adult males call me on the phone....I can only imagine that a mom does not want to hear an old guy calling for her daughters....

Babybull40 said...

That last conversation was hysterical.. we have to show off our true heritage to our

I Told You So said...

An adult male wants to babysit your beautiful underaged daughter? I think I saw that once on Dateline. Good call on that one. "No f'in way!"

I have to go shower now. For some reason that made me feel very, very, unclean.

Margaret said...

stinky's getting better at self portraits

Churlita said...




We're doing okay, so far. We still have a few years to get through.


I think a pin dropping would have been a little more civilized.


Thank you.


Damn. I wish you would. You could get me all hopeful telling me about your awesome new relationship.


It can be creepy, for sure.


My girls are definitely aware of their white trash roots.

I Told you So,

He wants her to babysit for his kid. Very funny, but have a nice shower anyway.


She's kind of hit and miss with them.

laura b. said...

LOL! I don't usually like to say "LOL" but I actually am laughing out loud, so it seemed appropriate...