Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Girls Smile and People Forget

Here is Stinky being Stinky and taking a photo of herself.

And here is me being like Stinky and taking a photo of myself.

Today I have been a little bit on the internal side - which means I tried very hard not to take an active part in the real world. Sometimes it's just better for me that way. Here are some random thoughts/observations that entered my tiny, demented, festering brain. Read on at your own risk.

1. When I took the deposit to the bank today, I saw some college looking guys get off the Cambus and seemingly, intently check out an older, heavier set woman. I thought, hey, if this is what the kids are hot for today, I might just be aging at the very rightest of times. As I got closer, however, I realized that the woman was having a very loud, very heated conversation with one of her other personalities (apparently, the disagreeable one) and the boys were just staring at her.

2. I vowed never to forget my lunch again after doing just that today. I had to forage for office food and made a lovely meal of cheese popcorn, trail mix and bite size Nutter Butters. My poor belly may never fully recover.

3. After walking about a mile home from work in the hot, muggy badness, I saw the ice cream truck parked right in front of my house. I got really excited, until I remembered that I had no actual cash on me. Don't think for a second that if the ice cream man would accept credit cards, I'd be above charging a Bomb Pop.

4. I stopped at my friend K.'s house on my way to buy charcoal in order to grill brats for dinner. I had to pick up some bowls that I had brought food over in. When her house mate opened the door, I thought I'd be kind and give him a heads up that I was "as fresh as a mother fuckin' daisy." He wisely stepped back a few feet after I entered.

5. Because it was so icky and sticky out again, I waited until later to run tonight. When I was almost home, a storm started a-brewin' and I turned my music up so I could drown out the sound of thunder and the hooting and hollering from the truckload of high school boys driving slowly past me. Cranking The Who's, Eminence Front while trying to outrun a storm and fielding calls from both of my daughters to make sure I was okay and that I'd remembered to unplug the computer, was actually fun. I know I've said time and time again that I hate drama, and normally I do - except when it's very contained and in my head and I can pretend that I'm running from the law in one of those crime dramas from the 70's, like Mannix or Streets of San Francisco.


Les Quinn said...

Oh how I would love to drive down that bumpy street that the car chases were always in the streets of san francisco.. LOL That will be on my tourist list when I venture to the US.

Remiman said...

That forgetting to bring money to work is trouble on many levels. I fixed my breakfast in the cafeteria yesterday and realized at the register, after the ring up, that I'd forgotten my wallet. No, that wasn't sunburn on my face. ;-)

Babybull40 said...

great pics BTW... I like watching people.. especially the ones that argue with themselves.. Don't they realize they are being heard and watched? Funny stuff..

Tara said...

I hate having to search for food at the office, because unless it's popcorn day or a staff meeting or some visitors from higher up, there isn't anything around to eat. Then I get desperate and start searching my purse for gum to chew.

l.b. said...

Inside your head sounds like a totally alright place to be. I laughed thinking of foraging for office food for lunch. That can make for a very odd meal. Stale Girl Scout cookies and altoids anyone?
Everytime I read your blog I consider taking up running.

Suzie said...

i hate office food especially since my office is to cheap to buy a microwave...so no popcorn!

David in DC said...

"I can pretend that I'm running from the law in one of those crime dramas from the 70's, like Mannix or Streets of San Francisco."

I loved those shows.

I love your blog.

Thank you.

evil-e said...

Back at my old place, we had people who would walk by and have weird conversations with themselves. The novelty never wore off.

AlienCG said...

I prefer taking a lunch to work with me. I'm not a fan of running out to buy something and there is really never anything at the office.

Don't worry, I can't escape the heat either. Just think cool thoughts.

Margaret said...

oo that lunch hurts my belly

booda baby said...

OH, your brain and my brain could have hung out today (although this post was yesterday's, wasn't it?). Well, if we could have managed a time warp, they could have hung out and done damage. Not saying that's good. Just saying.