Friday, August 31, 2007

Wave On, Wave On

Just by having a blog, I'm at least flying my geek flag at half-mast. When I start talking about how much I love comic books on here, I'm essentially raising it all the way up the pole. So, you know, what the hell, I may as well enlarge my geek flag and dress it in neon lights by talking about video games...Again.

I took the plunge this week and traded in all of our Play Station 2 stuff for an XBox 360. It's part early birthday present for Stinky and part fun, new toy the whole family can enjoy.

I initially went to the gaming store in the mall downtown to see what kind of credit I could get for all of our PS2 stuff, but the guy I talked to was absolutely no help at all. Every question I asked him, was answered with, "I don't know." So, I took my business out to a store in Coralville, where the guys were very knowledgeable and and they didn't even look annoyed when I asked stupid question after stupid question. I'm sure they were just polite enough to wait until after I left the store to laugh their asses off. Plus, they gave me tons of in-store credit that I applied to our pretty new toy. And our new toy is really, really pretty. It's amazing how much better the graphics and the controllers are on the XBox.

Originally, I was going to get Guitar Hero for Stinky's birthday, but a new one's coming out in October, and it seems way smarter to wait until then. For now, we did the "buy two used games, get one free" deal at the gamer store. Stinky wanted Burnout Revenge, of course, and a Tony Hawk game. For me, I got the geekiest of the geek games. It's called The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and it's full of magic potions and knights and shit, all mixed in with kicking demons' asses. I watched Mr. Dateman play it a while ago, and it was pure escapism at it's finest.

All day today while I was totally bored at work, after I did my PeeWee Herman impersonation to amuse my co-workers, I just kept thinking about how awesome it would be to go home, eat pizza and start playing my dork-ass game. Which, I know makes me twelve years old, but I don't care. So, now I'm off to geek-out. You can just go run along and feel superior now. Scoot. Shoo!


not fainthearted said...

but I wanna waaaaatch!

I'm seriously thinking about Guitar Hero for our XBox360....might actually be a game I'm good at (because you know I suck at the rest of them)

Neil said...

Are you sure this isn't a birthday present for yourself?

Michelle said...

Guitar Hero! You're so cool!

Personally, I like nerdy people, they're my favorite! I was in marching band in high school, played DDR, and LOVE atari. Oh, yeah, and I blog :) Besides, nerds are best at 'indoor sports' ^_^

evil-e said...

You might be the coolest chick on the planet....

Game store guys are not usually very helpful anywhere you go. Apparently the diet of junk food, soda, and weed makes them kind of dumb.

Churlita said...


Form what I hear, you'll love Guitar Hero.


Um, well...Maybe.


Well, that explains why you read my blog then.


The ones I finally went to, were really helpful. Maybe they skipped eating their Hot Pockets and ran out of weed that day.

Brando said...

Welcome to my world!

It's a good idea to wait for GHIII, because they are releasing a wireless guitar controller with it, and it will still work with GHII.

Oblivion is a HUGE game. I only scratched the surface and I probably spent 25 hours with it. Good choice.

I am playing Bioshock right now, and it is creepy as hell. Even TLB will watch me play.

And I am always happy to answer questions.

Churlita said...


And it appears that they'll even have songs by the original artists, as opposed to the "as made famous by" ones.

Be careful about offering your services, I may take you up on that and then you might be very, very sorry.

Brando said...

There will be a lot more non-cover versions in Guitar Hero III -- I think about half will be originals. The covers in the first two really aren't bad in most cases (especially the music), but the vocals in some cases are pretty bad (the Nirvana and Iron Maiden songs in particular).

I just started playing GHII again. I am trying the Hard level, and it is, uh, hard. I am hoping to get through it before the new one comes out.

DJSassafrass said...

I bought Colin Guitar Hero 2--he's such a rockstar now. Of course when the new one comes ou he will have to have that too--we can play online together...OMG--what is happening to me? You'd think I was spouting testosterone!

Churlita said...


If you can master the hard level on that, then you are a rock star.


Sweet. We can be junior high boys together.