Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Living On My Own Was the Least of My Fears

How creepy does this goat look with it's shining blue eyes?

I don't know, kids. I just don't have much to share with you right now. I just feel like I don't even get a second to process anything enough to write about it. I come home from work, run my ass off, both literally and figuratively and then by ten o'clock, I'm done. My brain is fried and stringing words together seems really overwhelming. There's got to be something more worthwhile I should be doing instead, like isn't there an old episode of Flavor of Love on that I could watch?

Hey, I know...I could talk about my bed. I'm a little sad that I haven't had the time to get to know my bed properly. I feel like I was so irresponsible to go to all that trouble to make a room for it and bring it into my home, but not really get to spend any quality time with it. Sure, I sleep on it every night, and I usually make it in the morning, but I would be much happier if I could give my bed the hours of uninterrupted personal attention we both really need and deserve.

This is the first time I've owned a queen size bed all by myself. It's crazy to have so much room in a bed. It's funny to see which side I actually prefer. I've never been with a guy who hasn't been weird about which side they want/have to sleep on. Since I normally don't care, I take what's left. In the last couple of weeks, I've had the chance to discover my side...I guess I'm more comfortable on the right side of the bed. Who knew?


Les said...

made me think of that funny vampire flick where the cows are in the barn hanging upside down like bats....

Mr Atrocity said...

The goat is a replicant.

Margaret said...

that goat looks like taxidermy

Babybull40 said...

I sleep on a couch because the Mattress is so old it hurts my little old back... Now the couch is bothering me too.. boo hooo... I hope you get that one on one with the bed.. you need to put more effort into getting to know it.. BTW is it a she or a he?

not fainthearted said...

All that room in a queen size? I felt the same way a couple of years ago when I started sleeping alone in the queen sized bed. I find that which side I likes changes depending on how I'm feeling!

And diagonal seems to be my favorite!

Talk about a bed hog!

Tara said...

You should take a photo of your bed to show your appreciation of it. Then pin the photo up on the fridge.

dmarks said...

Call Goatbusters

Poptart said...

I like the goat!! I am total right-sider, too. It's the side that's not against the wall, though, s maybe that is the mitigating factor- escape route.

You need to get a really good book and have a really rainy weekend (like me two weekends ago with Harry Potter), and then, you and your bed will be one.

booda baby said...

Great. So now it's your turn!! Someone else can settle for the left side!

laura b. said...

I have to say that I really enjoy having my queen sized bed all to myself, usually. When my kids were small I often had one or more wandering in with me and I learned to sleep well enough all scrunched up. Now I am a total bed hog.

Michelle said...

the goat was the first thing that loaded on your page so I got to stare at it for a few seconds before the rest of the page loaded. Yes, it is creepy.

And yay for the big bed! I'd say sacrifice a run and spend that time getting to know your bed :) I love having BIG BEDS ALL TO MYSELF. Ahhh.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I've never been lonely in my empty bed. I have wished someone particular were in it from time to time but never lonely in my own bed for some reason.

Nice goat.

evil-e said...

That goat is cool, how metal is that?

I have always been a right side of the bed sleeper. I have been fortunate that most of my bed sharing females have been more the left side girls. I have had a queen sizer for a long time now. I now sleep on both sides or diagonally (which is excellent) since there has been no Mistress of Evil lately.

Churlita said...


Oh yeah. I remember that one. What was the name of it?

Mr Atrocity.

He is the Rutger Hauer of goats.


...Like demon taxidermy.


It's a he. I like to sleep with men.


I had to sleep diagonally on my futon because it wasn't long enough. Now I have the luxury of a side.


I'll put it next to all the pics of my kids on the fridge.


Who you gonna call?


My right side is closest to the door, so maybe that's it's appeal too.

Booda Baby,

That's it. I just have to find someone so I can make them settle now.


I'm trying to get better about being a bed hog.


I'll get an extra day this weekend, so maybe I can use that to hang out with my bed.


I'm right there with you on that.


Like I said, I'm good either way. I just got to find out that I actually had a preference. And the goat is totally metal.