Thursday, August 16, 2007

La La La La La La, When You're Hot, You're Hot

Here is Harry Potter made out of butter and his faithful sidekick, the butter cow - now new and improved with matching glasses.

Man oh man, am I tired. I just spent the last two days being hot and sweaty and grubby. Today I moved stuff and cleaned stuff and organized more stuff. It made me never want to ever have to move again. I can't believe how much crap we cleared out of our apartment, and even worse, how much shit we still have left. The good thing is now I have my own room with a really nice bed and brand new sheets. The bad thing is that I'm too stoopid to put a post together. After yesterday's maturely crafted blog, I'm sure it will come as a relief to you all that I'm making this very short.

It's weird, but after the last very hectic and physically demanding days, the office doesn't seem so bad. When I go back to work next week, I may not even feel the beige cubicle slowly sucking my soul to the sounds of my co-workers bitching about each other and creating bizarre scenarios about bullshit that may or may not happen... Oh wait. Who am I kidding? Even with as tired as I am and as stressful as it was to lift many heavy objects all by myself, (don't worry, I always lifted with my knees) it's still better than being at work.

I also tried to find a tourniquet to help me quit hemorrhaging money this month. Admittedly, some of the spending was my own damn fault, but then there was all that other stuff like school supplies and fees and shoes for the youngins that sucked up all my cash. Stinky just told me that she really wants Guitar Hero for her birthday next month. Coadster is under the impression that if we had it, Stinky would never leave the house. It seems like such a small price to pay to keep a fourteen year old girl out of trouble. Maybe there isn't a strong enough tourniquet in all the world to help me.


Trevor said...

Everyone needs Guitar Hero in his or her life. Ask Brando. The chance to shred to Danzig, the Stooges, the Pretenders, and even yes some Anthrax is critical. It's not that you won't ever leave the house again, you just won't leave for a few months. Then when someone yells Freebird! you can nod and say, I'd be happy to oblige.

Also, best butter sculpture ever. Good on you, state fair.

Congrats on the new living arrangements, and as Elvis said, Welcome to the working week.

Tara said...

The only tourniquet I have is looking at how depleted my bank account gets after I have spent too much. That's when I can stop spending. I'd like to buy myself a Wii eventually, but I don't think I would leave the apartment at all if I had one of those.

Margaret said...

congrats on your own bed!!!

jenny said...

maybe if you would stop buying all those butter sculptures, you could afford fancy shoes for the youngins. really, churlita. so, so wasteful. ;)

TLB said...

It was kind of Stinky to let you have your own room. Rock that privacy and the new sheets.

Avoid Guitar Hero. Avoid it, I tell you.

Poptart said...

when you find the tourniquet, let me know. Basically for me it's been just to live without, and to go to thrift stores for all clothing items, but that wouldn't work for teenagers, would it?

Also: congrats on the apartment and the bed!!! And the sheets! New sheets are one of life's simple pleasures...

laura b. said...

I feel your pain. Back to school time is a close third to Christmas time (1) and birthdays (2) for the kid oriented cash bleed.

evil-e said...

Hot, sweaty and got my attention.

Anything is better than work

I liked the tourniquet to help stop hemorrhaging money line...great visual.

Dagromm said...

Did they have a butter Angelina Jolie? Because if they did I want to see about puchasing it.

AlienCG said...

Great picture. Remember, a bad week at home is still better than a good week at work.

Churlita said...


I've seen first hand the effect that Guitar Hero has on people. They just had a GH tournament at the Picador last night.


Oh, a Wii would be awesome.




If only I could buy a butter sculpture, I'd let my girls run around barefoot.


It was nice of her. I don't think there's any way to avoid it. There wasn't for you, was there?


Maybe in a few years, they'll do thrift stores...

Thanks, I love my new room and my clean apartment.

Laura B,

Don't remind me. Ugh, Christmas is coming.


You're right. Anything is better than work.


You couldn't handle a butter Angelina Jolie. Plus, I bet your wife would have something to say about it.


Remember? That's my new mantra.

Michael said...


Churlita said...


Who doesn't?