Saturday, September 01, 2007

What You Don't Have, You Don't Need It Now

Here is a cowboy boot made of barbed wire for $15.

Today was kind of perfect. I like to document those days, just in case someone complains that all I ever do on here is whine. I actually did exactly what I said I'd do a couple of posts ago. I spent the day appreciating my friends and my daughters.

Coadster was gone most of the day at a cross country meet in the Quad Cities. She'll be gone most of next weekend in the Quad Cities again to DJ a wedding. She was told today that she'd have to play a lot of new country music, which she isn't super happy about, but she makes enough money to suffer through it.

Stinky and I met my friends out for lunch. We ate a lot of appetizers and sushi, Stinky tried everything except for sushi, and ate sweet and sour chicken instead. Hey, what do you want, she's thirteen? We talked about how we missed our friend J. already, even though he'd only been gone about 24 hours and we planned another girl night. On September 13th a bunch of our friends' band are playing at the Picador. It's a school night, so I'm going to have to take the next day off. It's perfect, because it's a Friday so I'll get another three day weekend. My friend T. made us (meaning me) stop talking about nasty, hair clogged drain stories. So, instead I made fun of how Stinky and her friends just talk about boys, and my friend S. pointed out that it wasn't all that much different than our conversations. Will we ever grow out of talking about stupid old boys?

After lunch we went to the mall. You know I'm not a big shopper, but it was way more fun to look at shoes with other girls. Stinky is a HUGE shoe lover, so she was in hog heaven. The only drag about shopping with my girlfriends, is that I was tempted to buy a lot more stuff than I would have by myself. Normally, I go somewhere, get exactly what I want and leave. Stinky and I did end up leaving before everyone else, so she could get ready to meet her friends at the catholic school's big carnival/beer bash they have every year on Labor Day weekend.

I went running, and while I was huffing and puffing down Park Road, my friends were just coming back from the mall. There was much honking and woo-hooing and it was hard to laugh and run at the same time, but I managed it.

Now, it's Saturday night, my girls are carnivalling and then going to their dad's house. I have just spent a great and wonderful afternoon with Stinky and my friends and plan to spend a relaxing evening dorking-out by myself. I might have to balance out all that girliness by watching Dave Chappelle or a Jack Ass marathon or something.

The end.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

sounds lovely, I need to get running again. I dont have a break until next Friday (freedom to run without the double stroller, I mean)

Chance said...

But did you buy the barbed wire boot???

not fainthearted said...

Be glad Stinky is a picky eater. It's much cheaper that way! DS2 is "adventuresome" which means if it's $8/lb he wants some. Sushi, crab, lobster, whatever. But a hot dog? No way! heh....

Sounds like a marvelous day. You deserved it.

evil-e said...

Going to see a band on a school night and taking the next day off....I would never do that....

I agree with the "new country" statement....but I also agree with your attitude. The payoff is worth the torture. I will tie this statement in over at my place when I post next.

signed, stupid old boy

Margaret said...

the talking about boys is impossible to leave behind.

that's so cool that coadster is making money DJ-ing!!!

Michelle said...

Your day sounds like so much fun! I love those good days :)

Churlita said...


I remember the days of running with the stroller. It's such a treat to get off by yourself.


Sadly, no. I have no idea what I'd do with it and I could have bought a lot of funnel cake with $15.


Yeah, it Coadster who loves salmon and shrimp and things that cost a lot more money.


I'll be interested to read the tie-in.


When we're in the nursing home, will we still be talking about the two remaining males in our facility?


Me too.