Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All Of It Was Made For You and Me

Here is a picture of some feet and some shoes...Some very white shoes.

Kids, I just want to say, I know I done you wrong yesterday and I'm sorry. Can we still hang-out if I promise to be better about only using the same post once? It's just that I looked down the week and saw what was coming and I had to take Monday night to clean, or I knew there wouldn't be another chance. Does it help when I tell you my house is nice and tidy right now?

Okay, whatever. Let's just lay it all out for you. Tonight I had to pick girls up and then I went running and then came home and started making dinner, before I had to take girls to a volleyball game at the high school. I then had almost an hour before I picked girls up and then dropped other girls off at their houses and came home, cleaned my kitchen and got ready for tomorrow. See what I mean? It's all so crazy making, and I know it's what we all deal with in our own ways everyday.

Tomorrow will be just as busy, but the girls will be at their dad's house and he has his car fixed, so he can actually do some of the driving for once. Yeeeee Haaaaaaaw! What am I going to do instead? Well, I'm going to run around with girls, but just different ones. I'm finally going to cash in that rain check with my friend from last week for beer right after work. Then I'm going to leave that and meet some friends at George's so we can walk from there to Devotay to celebrate my friend T.'s birthday. Because T. was so awesome and fun on my birthday, I'm going to try really hard NOT to make happy hour evolve into sloppy evening. I hear it's all about moderation. I'll have to try that sometime.

Thursday night I may have to clone myself. Stinky is marching for the first time at the football game and Coadster has a cross country meet in Cedar Rapids. It would be great if their dad could have attended one thing and I could do the other, but he scheduled auditions for the play he's directing on that night without checking to see if it would work or not. That's all I'm going to say about that, because if I started, I might not stop. I think I'll have to skip Coadster's meet, since I just saw her run on Saturday and I don't want to miss Stinky's first marching band dealio.

Friday's kind of an open spot - which means I may do something, or I may just clean, dig around for sedatives and get ready for Saturday.

Saturday is Stinky's fourteenth birthday. Days like these were made for Valium. After last year, I originally said no more big parties, but then I caved. In my defense, she's been hanging with a different crowd these days - kids who are actually her age and don't seem to be the types to vandalize Taco Bell and bring all the plastic silverware and "Caution Wet Floor" signs to my house. Coadster will be at another DJ'ing gig in the Quad Cities and my friend A. won't be able to come over bearing wine like last year, so I won't have my people to help me. Actually, maybe days like these were made for a Valium, Xanax and beer cocktail.


Killer said...

You have to locate at least one bar with the late night happy hour...that way you can go from the normal happy hour to the later one without breaking the "only happy hour" rule.

Tara said...

Sounds like an exhausting but exciting time you've got there! Moderation is tricky, but good luck with that at happy hour! :)

Oh and today is the 25th birthday of the email smiley face. Did you know that? Yeah, I didn't either till yesterday.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Single moms are a marvel - nobody deserves a happy hour more than you.

Although, it's probably not moderation if yer mixing booze and pills.

booda baby said...

...maybe days like these were made for a Valium, Xanax and beer cocktail. Maybe?! I wish you'd slow down enough for me to whack you up the head. MAYBE?!

It's the weirdest thing and I'm not trying to encourage uninvolved parenting, but I liked VERY VERY much running without an audience. It was actually the most liberating thing for me much later when I was hitting tennis balls against the singles wall to recognize playing/competing as performance vs. because I just loved every part of it. Know what I mean?

fringes said...

God, you're busy. Don't forget to have fun with it all. Pour your cocktail heavy and enjoy.

laura b. said...

Sounds like a good kind of busy week.
It is always hard making those "which kid am I going to watch" decisions. It all evens out at some point though...

Brando said...

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

Stinky's party should be fun, and especially if you take your "Mommy vitamins."

evil-e said...

You are the busy one....

Good luck and God speed SuperMom. If you achieve your goal there will be a beer, Xanax, and a valium waiting for you.

AlienCG said...

Good luck maintaining the last shreds of your sanity through this week. Hopefully you'll get the beer, Xanax and Valium and not the padded cell.

I'm sure you'll survive. Reasonably sure, at least.

Churlita said...


I'll have to keep an eye out. I'm not sure we have a bar that has a late night happy hour around here.


I wish I weren't such a lightweight.


CAn we call it something else that sounds kind of respectable then?

Booda Baby,

Gotcha, but I know Coadster likes me to be there.


Thanks. I will take that wonderful advice.


We talked about it and they were fine with my decision.


God. I hope we don't repeat it.


Is that like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?


I'm sure I'll survive. We'll see if I'm all in one piece or not, though.