Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did You See Any Action? Did You Make Any Friends?

Here is me playing the photo game from Evil-E's blog, Random Crap. The word was "fall". So, this was taken last Fall of some fallen leaves.

Today was kind of excellent. I finally got some real sleep - almost ten hours to be exact. Nice. After I got up and actually moved, Stinky and I went downtown so she could cash some birthday checks. It was a little before noon and the downtown area was insane with Homecoming kids. There was a lot of black and then even more gold and I almost got drunk from huffing the fumes that came off of almost everyone who walked by me.

I helped the girls get ready for their cousin's wedding. I was invited but opted not to go, because it was my ex-husband's family. While I love many of his family members, it always feels kind of weird being around everyone and blah and blah. I wouldn't mind it one bit if my kids wanted to bring me some sopa back, however.

I went running after the girls left and it was windy and around eighty degrees and I think I could easily have continued for half the day. My iPod is funny because it tends to play certain songs over and over again, and others not so much. Today though, it brought up some music I hadn't heard in forever. The Knack's "My Sharona", Head East's "Never Been Any Reason" and my two favorite Van Halen songs besides "Runnin' With the Devil" - "Jamie's Crying" and "Dance the Night Away" all came on. It took me right back to Summer in junior high when I lived in Alsip, Illinois, and I would listen to WLS on the radio when I weeded the garden and sigh a little bit about a boy named Robert DiGregorio.

In the afternoon, my friend K. called to see if I wanted to join her, T. and our friend Ashley and her beautiful baby to walk her dogs in Hickory Hill Park. Hell yes, I did. We were still laughing about the other night when Ashley and K. and I were walking home from a show and were getting harassed by some guys who told us they were Marines. My friend Ashley, who is very tall and very gorgeous told them they looked too short to be Marines and then threatened to kick their asses if they didn't leave us alone. K. and I would totally have had her back, if they hadn't wisely crossed the street and finally shut their pie holes.

Around five'ish I traveled to an Iowa City suburb for a BBQ at my friend S.'s house. Her boyfriend excellently cooked us steaks and so I got to eat and then drink and watch a movie and talk shit. What more could a girl want?

Tomorrow, I'm going to do some stuff that even after a couple of beers, I know is bad planning for a Sunday afternoon and evening. At three I'll meet some kids at The Vine for more football viewing and then I'll leave that early to go see King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters at the Bijou with another friend of mine named S. and her husband J.. It's a documentary about two guys trying to break records on Donkey Kong. In the Apple trailer, they even show a snippet of filming that photo I put up on here from when Ottumwa was in Life magazine for the video game olympics in the early eighties. I like movies, I like video games, so a movie about video games should be the best thing ever, right?


Stepping Over the Junk said...

I need some time off. This sounds great, for some reason.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Your town sounds like what I miss about Columbus. Walking places, little cool movie theaters (that sell beer), live music.

I think iPod looks at each songs play count and will play the songs you play a lot - more often.

FYI - my iPod song with the highest play count:
Queen Bitch by David Bowie

not fainthearted said...

I think this King of Kong movie is going to be a bit like Trekkie. So, even though I suck big time at games and all that (always have. always will) I think I might just see it to feel the love for my cousin geeks.

Margaret said...

ha, the term 'pie hole' is one of my favorites

evil-e said...


The time off and the sleep sounds very good for you, glad you were able to get some.

Churlita said...


After sleeping in a pull-out couch, everything probably sounds great to you.


I wish the Bijou served beer, but I do like our cute little town.


It does have a Trekkie feel to it. The movie really exposes the drama of arcade gaming. Who knew there was such a thing?


Oh, and I like it too.


I wasn't able to get "some" but I did catch up on my sleep. ha ha.

laura b. said...

I like your fall picture and the sound of your weekend! Awesomness (if it isn't a word it should be)

Churlita said...

LAura B.,

Thanks. It was a good weekend. I just need to rest now.