Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just An Invitation Would Have Been Just Fine

Here is a photo of a metal sculpture at the State Fair. Now that I study it more closely, it kind of looks like a woman giving birth.

Tonight I'm taking a deep breath before heading into an increasingly social calendar for the rest of the week. Originally, I thought that I might go out once or twice this week, but things keep getting added on, and each event promises to be really fun. Here. Let me lay it all out for you:

Wednesday evening I'm meeting a friend right after work for a drink. I don't know if I've ever celebrated happy hour before. Normally, I go straight home when I'm done working and either go running, or drive the girls all over hell and then go running. I still have to get Stinky to volleyball practice at 6:30, so I will probably only have just one hour in which to get happy, but It makes me feel almost like a grown-up. Because isn't that what adults do - wear business suits and have cocktails during happy hour?

Thursday night, I will be nothing at all like a grown-up. I'm meeting several of my friends out to see bands play at the Picador. Some people I know are coming in from out of town, and it seems like it will be another one of those nights right out of 1997 at Gabes - except we're ten years older now. I'm taking the next day off of work, just in case I forget that I'm ten years older and need some recovery time.

On Friday night, another friend of mine is coming down from Minneapolis for the weekend. I haven't seen LA in so long I could cry, but through the magic of MySpace and blogging, we hooked back up and are ready for action. We hung-out a lot about ten years ago too when I was splitting with my ex-husband and the girls were very young. When I asked my daughters if they remembered LA, they said they weren't sure. Then I told them she was the one who gave them all those cool old school Polly Pockets, and they thought she sounded familiar. I finally reminded them that she was the one who told them to yell "Hey, you stinky hippies - Peeeee-Uuuuuuuu!" out our car window when that Vanagon cut us off at the gas station that one time. My girls suddenly remembered and said, "Oh, she's really cool."

Because LA is so cool, I'm going to look around for a bar that has one of those industrial fans so I can do my coked-out Stevie Nicks impersonation from the "Stand Back" video. LA has seen me do it before, but I think she needs a refresher. Now all I have to do is buy me a caftan, so I can do it up right.

On Saturday morning Coadster has a cross country race here in town. It means I'll have to get up WAY earlier than I want to, but then I'll run and maybe take a nap. As of right now, I don't have any plans for Saturday night, but resting still sounds like a really good idea.

I haven't heard of any more football watching plans for Sunday. On Sunday evening, Junot Diaz is reading at 6:30 (I think) at Prairie Lights. I love his work and really want to see him. Sunday nights are generally bad for me, bein's how it's a school night and all. I'm thinking I might be able to work it, if I make a pot of chili or potato soup on Saturday night and then I'd just have to heat it up and make sandwiches before I ran out the door to try and catch me some culture.


Remiman said...

I anticipate some cool blogscapades coming up.;)
Have yourself a ball....business suit? Pictures please.

not fainthearted said...

sounds like a whirl-wind adventure! Enjoy it!

Babybull40 aka Big Hairy Woman said...

wow you really have it all planned out.. sounds like it will be a culturally enhancing weekend...Including the nap part...

Tara said...

Have fun with the socializing and be careful. But have fun first. :D

That sculpture does look like it's trying to give birth.

fringes said...

Wow. That's one full calendar. By activity #2, I'd be overcome by my social anxiety and start canceling plans. You rock.

booda baby said...

Your week reads WONDERful to me! Even the grown up happy hour hour. I don't like calendarizing - it gives me anxieties - but apparently, I have no problem getting all excited about other people's great plans.

Please take pictures. I need a palate cleanser after the birthing number.

LA said...

Oh man. I am SO ready for some Nicks action. Please follow it up with your patented '80's John Hughes dancing.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

that sculpture looks like a woman inviting a man in!

laura b. said...

You go, Churlita! Sounds like a great week to be you :-)
Do you have some way to post a video of you Stevie-ing it up?

Michelle said...

I love busy fun weeks :) You're going to have some good stories to tell, and I can't wait. When you come down to LA, wear a minimal amount of clothing. People are roasting here.

Liz said...

Your state fair is weird. Oh damn. I need to go make an OBGYN appointment!

evil-e said...

You are having an Evil-like week...

Have fun with all that and watch out for those bastards in the business suits, they suck when they drink.

Churlita said...


I didn't mean that I would wear a business suit. It's just what I imagined adults would wear.


Thanks. I'll do my damnedest.


A good nap is always a cultural experience.


It's weird for a State Fair piece, isn't it?


One thing I don't really have is social anxiety. I think my anxiety plate was already too full.

Booda BAby,

I'm not much of a calendar girl either (in any sense of that phrase) but with kids, you kind of have to plan things.


If I'm doing 80's dancing, I'm going to have to drink a little something first.


Oooh, you're right.


I would, but I wouldn't want to have to pay for all the therapy you'd need after watching it.


I wish I were coming down to LA, but it's just that my friend's initials are LA and she's coming down from Minneapolis.


Maybe it was a health awareness piece.


I tend to watch out for people in business suits whether they're drunk or sober.

Poptart said...

Dude, you have to have LA take a pic of the Stevie Nicks number. Seriously.

Whos' the little miss social now!? It's good that you're planning so much fun. Now's the time!

Michelle said...

WOOPS! Sorry, my mistake! I mis-read/mis-interpreted. Don't they teach how not to do that in elementary Lit classes? ;)