Sunday, September 30, 2007

Twitching Like a Finger On TheTrigger Of A Gun

Here is a photo of the girls before they left for the wedding. I hope you like Coadster's dress. You're going to see it in pictures again next week for Homecoming.

Today was another beautiful day. I keep thinking that every weekend will be the last nice one, and then there's always more. I'm not complaining. I love warm weather and I was able to run six days this week. It's just that my body is ready for a little rest, and I won't go into hibernation mode until it starts getting a little cooler outside.

I only caught a little bit of the Steelers game today. When we first got to The Vine, there were still tons of Bears fans hanging out. Yes, I do consider myself a Bears fan, but unfortunately, that game was lost before it started. None of our guy friends showed up, but since we were the only Steeler fans with a table, we let a bunch of people I'd never met before sit with us and there was much bemoaning of the how bad the Hawkeyes suck this year too. I guess all that's left for me to say at this point is, go Cubs!

At 4:30 I dashed over to the Bijou to meet my other friends to watch King of Kong:A Fistful of Quarters. It was actually pretty good. If you ever want to feel really sane and not at all nerdy in comparison, you should go see this movie. I know I can be weirdly obsessive about shit, but I'm too lazy to be totally OCD like the one guy in this film.

The other weird thing about it, was that they showed a lot of footage from the video game olympics in Ottumwa in 1982. It was really strange to see the town the way it was when I was in high school. I hardly ever go downtown when I go back to visit, and it doesn't look like it used to anyway. It brought back some memories, looking at the inside of the video game arcade where I used to hang out and spend all my detasseling money and seeing the movie theater where my sister worked for several years, exactly the way it used to look.

The rest of the evening, I actually did boring practical things and got caught in a huge downpour and thunderstorm while bringing in groceries from my car.


Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Coadsters dress is very pretty... Hope she had a good time at the wedding..... We keep getting nice weather too and its suppose to get warmer through the week... So it's not over till it's over... I watched a good movie based on a short story by Stephen King.. "1408" its actaully a good movie...

Tara said...

Since our family was born and raised in the Cleveland area, I am supposed to be a Browns fan. I'm not a sports fan, but one rule of thumb is to not support the Steelers, Yankees or Wolverines. It's been embedded into my brain somehow. ;)

Margaret said...

is not being OCD really a mark of laziness?

booda baby said...

THAT was a good day. When do the leaves start doing autumn leafy-things? I can hardly wait for the Homecoming dress set against burnished gold and burgundy. Forget the burnished part. I don't really know what burnished means. This is nuts, how many words I know only in context.

Dexter said...

I want to see that Donkey Kong movie since they compared it to Wordplay, which i really liked.

dmarks said...

Donkey Kong? Good idea. I'll put my little Donkey Kong story in my blog tonight or tomorrow.

evil-e said...

I missed the entire Steelers game yesterday, seems Miss R has a hold of me and that is OK...they lost anyway, so I was glad to not have watched it.

Go Tribe!

laura b. said...

Your girls looks so pretty :-)
I like those little non-blockbuster movies, so I will definitely have to hunt King of Kong down.

Churlita said...


They're saying it might snow here next Sunday, so I'll shut-up now.


At least the Browns won yesterday.


It is for me, because I'm really obsessive, until I get lazy and become complacent. Thus ending the OCD tendencies.

Booda Baby,

The trees are starting to burnish brightly now. I'll try to get some photos this weekend.


I thought it was hilarious. My friend S. who doesn't even like video games thought it was good.


I can't wait to read it.


I was kind of torn because they were playing Arizona and I grew up there. I suppose it didn't help that two of their former coaches were coaching against them.


If you like documentaries, you'd probably get into it.