Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heard it From a Friend Who, Heard it From a Friend Who

Here is a cute little pony.

Well kids, I'll just warn you that I'm feeling a little random tonight. Who knows where the hell we'll go in this post. This was a total ADD evening and I'm still going with it. I had a little time to kill after work while I charged my iPod, so I played a few quick games of Centipede. Then after I ran, I picked Stinky up at the junior high and we grabbed food and came home. I remembered that I had to get a few things at the store, so I ran there and back. I received a text message in there somewhere from my friend K. saying she and some others were at the Dublin, but they were coming out right as I was getting there. They were headed to someone's house for a bit, but I didn't think I had it in me to hang out and not be fidgety, so I went home and washed some dishes and then messed around downloading and organizing songs on my computer. Yeah, so please pass the Ritalin.

The IT people cleaned up my computer today. While that was going on, I had to sit at the empty desk next to my friend John. He can't hear very well, so if you speak to him and he's not sure what you're saying he makes fun of you, and says, "Ack, ack, ack, ack?" Like it's your problem for not speaking clearly. It reminded me of this guy from Nicaragua I worked with at a restaurant that I not so affectionately called La Caca. One time the Nicaraguan guy was trying to sing an REO Speedwagon song, but he didn't understand the lyrics, so he sang it, "Fummalumma friend who, fummalumma friend who, fummalumma another you been messin' around..." I loved it so much, that whenever anyone says something I can't make out, I say, "Fummalumma?" It made me curious if everyone does this, or if it's just the weirdos I know.

In the afternoon after my computer was all cleaned up and I could move back to my desk, I realized that I kind of missed the sicko ads that had been popping up. After two days of my imaginary friends from the internets flashing me pictures of their nether regions, just sitting at my desk and actually doing my job, felt kind of lonely and boring.

Okay, now I'm going to try this new thing where I get more than five hours of sleep tonight. I thought about taking cold medicine if I couldn't fall asleep again tonight, but then I remembered how stoopid it makes me for much of the next morning. Instead, I thought I'd try to remember what it felt like at about three o'clock at work today and I figure that should put me right on out.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

My best friend and I say Bloop, bloop.

Tara said...

I miss the guy that usually fixes our computers at work. He found another job somewhere else, but whenever he'd come in to work on my computer, we talked about movies and music and stuff. It made the time go by faster.

evil-e said...

The guy who fixes the computers where I work is Chinese and does not speak goodly English. He is loud, mean, and always has a maple aroma to him...I cannot even pronounce his name right, so we call him Todd.

Dagromm said...

The guys that fix the computers have the best job, because nobody monitors what they do on their computers all day. I have it on good authority that they play World of Warcraft and blog all day.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Sad to say I don't have a job where I can have some IT guy/person come and fix my computer.. Actually I had to take my Lptp in for repairs and I sadly miss her... Yeah it's a her... I call her Baby... cause it's my baby.. Sorry to hear the porn stuff is gone.. maybe it will come back if you will

laura b. said...

My IT guy is called Frank and he sends me and Milly links to little YouTube videos that he does. Cute boy.
I think picturing being at work is a great sleep aid idea! Medication is great, but the next day, not so much.

Brando said...

Thank you for putting that song in my head for the rest of the weekend ;-)

Chance said...

Fummalumma friend.... Classic.

Churlita said...


Bloop bloop works.


Yeah, our IT guy is really cool too.


Maybe whatever he eats that smells like maple is making him cantankerous.


So, do you by any chance work on computers?


The best stuff is burned in my brain right now, so it's okay.


I agree, work is an awesome sedative.


I'm sorry, but it's not like you wouldn't or haven't done the same to me. It's all about karma, my brother.


I have always loved the fummalumma, and who doesn't?