Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Words She Knows, The Tune She Hums

Here is Coadster with a friend at Homecoming last year. This is one of the few times I've seen her wear make-up besides show choir. That's okay, Stinky wears enough for all of us.

My sleep deprivation is getting the better of me. I woke up at 4 this morning with a terrible migraine. So, I'm extremely slow on the uptake and I will try to make this as short as possible.

My computer at work is full of viruses and frightening ads keep popping up on my screen. I would be a little embarrassed to have some of those images showing up on my computer in the privacy of my own home, but at work, it's especially unseemly. Porn and a state job aren't exactly two great tastes in one candy bar, if you know what I mean.

The last few weeks I actually had a social agenda, but this week I got nuthin', and that's okay too. I'm always up for going out and having fun, but I'm also down with hanging out at home and geeking-out. I like to look at it as win-win either way. It is Homecoming for the University this weekend, and Three Dog Night is playing after the parade on Friday night. Coadster loves Three Dog Night. Yes, she's fifteen, but I'm her mom and the poor girl has been exposed to all different kinds of cheese. So, yeah. I'll throw a few more bucks in her therapy fund just to appease my guilt for that one too.

Homecoming for high school is next week, and Coadster just agreed to go with the guy who asked her. She's known the boy forever because when his mom and I were in college, we worked at this groovy, organic, vegetarian restaurant called The Farmer's Market and Bakery. It was on Linn Street and both of us lived in the apartments above it. We'd go upstairs for "smoke breaks" and come back to work so much more relaxed. After we had kids, we'd see each other at the park or the library or wherever.

Once when Coadster and the boy were three, they were playing at College Green Park, and the boy asked Coadster if she wanted a knuckle sandwich. She was hungry and so she said, "Sure." What she got, was a knock on the top of her head. Now that I think about it, maybe I'll suggest she not go out to dinner with him before the dance.


Tara said...

Yeah, a knuckle sandwich is very different than a regular sandwich. Not as tasty. My brothers would tease me when I was little and would ask me if I wanted a knuckle sandwich, but thankfully they never gave one to me.

fringes said...

Knuckle sandwich cracks me up.

Margaret said...

forget the knuckle sandwich, he's probably up to offering one-eyed trouser trout

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

That's so cute.. and yet they are going out for the Homecoming.. I think a knuckle Sandwich would be the appetizer.... Maybe she will get him back for that

booda baby said...

Is it just wonderful/comforting/something else, knowing that history grew this sweet little romance? I can't help it. I moved so much, I think I'm charmed by those long, long relationship stories.

yaj said...

I never tire of hearing you reminisce about the Iowa City of "old". There seem to be so few people in this town (at least that I know) who have been around for any significant period of time that it's refreshing to hear your descriptions of places now gone. You're like the Irving Weber of the modern era. ;-D I've only been here for thirteen years, but am usually the most "old school" one of the group. Ahh....such is the nature of college towns I suppose. Cheers!

laura b. said...

Dang, your computer system at work needs better protection. I work for the City and they are vigilant protectors of the system!
I don't think Coadster's love of Three Dog Night is cause for concern...if she starts agitating for The Archies you might want to set aside time to talk...

Liz said...

I sometimes WISH porn would pop up on my computer at work. It would be a nice break from my the annoying emails that get forwarded and the HR memos.

evil-e said...

All I ever get at work is ads for male enhancement and cheap real estate. I hope these are not omens of things to come for me.

Dagromm said...

My kids are younger and it's so weird to look at them and think about them being in relationships some day. Not with each other of course, because that would be even weirder and I would not enjoy explaining that to people. I meant with other people, which i also might not enjoy.

Churlita said...


You probably knew better if you had older brothers.


Knuckle sandwiches are always funny.


Oh god. I didn't even think about that. You're just lucky you have a boy.


Maybe we should spend some time plotting her revenge.

Booda Baby,

Me too. I never lived anywhere longer than four years when I was younger, so I think it's so cool that my girls have known some kids their whole lives.


Thanks. Between my friends and I, we've probably worked in every bar/restaurant/coffee shop in Iowa City since the early 80's.


We have to answer a lot of international emails, and I think there are tons of bad things embedded in them.


They certainly kept me awake all day.


I hope not too. Although I get those same male enhancement ads, so I doubt it.


Whew. For a minute there, I was afraid you were going to tell me you were from West Virginia instead of Texas.