Sunday, September 09, 2007

You Do What You Wanna Do

Here is a picture of some pumps and some hoses.

So, I opted for plan B on Saturday night. Stinky was at an end of the Summer party at the quarry, and Coadster was at her DJ'ing gig in the Quad Cities. After hearing that Coadster made $50 per hour and got to eat the wedding dinner and cake, I've decided that I'm in the wrong industry. Once she's fully trained, she'll make even more money. So, yeah, maybe she can start giving me an allowance.

Where was I?...Oh yeah, on Saturday night, I stayed home and happily enjoyed my alone time. I worked with my friend G. over the phone on getting my XBox live thing going, but I'm apparently still a ways away. What I really want, is a computer fairy to come over while I'm asleep and set it up for me, but I don't think that will happen. Sigh.

Today, I actually socialized for a couple of hours. Weird, huh? I ran in the morning, so I could meet some friends at The Vine to watch the Steelers game. Personally, I fancy myself a Bears fan, but two of my friends really, really heart the Steelers and they're about my second favorite team. The game was a total blow-out, so after the first big play or two, people stopped jumping out of their seats and clapping, and started to concentrate on drinking and eating wings and other kinds of greasy food. We spent some time trying to write lyrics for songs about chlamydia. It's tough to find many rhymes - "There once was a girl named Lydia. She gave me a horrible case of chlamydia..." See? We did kind of stretch it and used fastidious, but then we got smart and put chlamydia in the middle of the sentence, so we could rhyme better words. I also took a poll to see which of the guys at my table shaved their balls. We were kind of on the subject anyway, and you can't tell me you haven't wondered the same thing about your male friends. You might be surprised to know that only one in four of the men, answered yes to that. Apparently, there was a big fear of nicks and cuts, and who can blame them?

The only drag about drinking beer (I was good and only had one pint) and eating greasy food at noon, was that I couldn't go home and take a nap after the game. I had to take Stinky to the mall to buy black pants for marching band, and then get groceries and come home and grill brats. I'm not complaining, I just think a nap would have been nice.


Babybull40 aka Big Hairy Woman said...

Naps and brats are always a good thing to do on a a weekend.. What kind of instrument does she play for the band?

not fainthearted said...

sounds to me like a nap was most certainly in order. oh well.

It's funny but I've only learned in the last year or so about men shaving somewhere other than above their shoulders..... but yeah, who doesn't wonder?

booda baby said...

NO! $50/hour. Well, that there's the marketplace.

It's always fun to watch a game when no serious loyalties are involved.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I am smiling that you had a kid at a quarry and a kid DJing, all in one night. I dont look forawrd to my kids growing up

laura b. said...

You and your friends are the funnest! If I lived in your town, I would so want to hang out with you guys.

Michelle said...

Stinky's in the marching band?! How cute! I was in the marching band too, I played clarinet! :) And I tried out for drum major but didn't get it... What does she play?

Poptart said...

wait, marching band?! more info, and a picture, please.

oh my god. the ball-shaving -- all the shaving and waxing -- has got to STOP! stop the madness!

I mean, legs and pits are fine, but stubble down there, and those irritated red marks down there, I don't care WHAT gender, are just unappetizing. Ick.

But SO funny that you asked.

evil-e said...

If I did not have a new Mistress of Evil I would be on the road to Iowa...for a chick to say the Steelers are her second favorite team totally rocks.

I watched my boys crush the Pumkinheads yesterday and loved every second of it. It is really fun living in Cleveland and rooting for the enemy, gets people all riled up.

I want to hear more of this "chlamydia" song.....

Churlita said...


Stinky plays the trumpet. As her cousin pointed out, it's loud and happy just like Stinky.


Yes, it was.

Booda Baby,

...And when it's a total blow-out so people aren't entirely engrossed.


It all seems to happen overnight once they start junior high.


You should come and visit. It's really cheap to drink here.


You're so adorable. I can't believe you didn't get to be drum major.


I'm with you on that. It's kind of how it started. My friend told me he shaved and I was kind of shocked and he seemed to think all guys did, so I took a poll.


Ha ha. There was one bartender who was a Browns fan and I really did feel sorry for him.

Tara said...

That DJ-ing gig sounds like so much fun! Does she do weddings exclusively, or does she set up at other events?

Sadly, there aren't that many songs about chlamydia. They are so hard to find.

Churlita said...


It's her uncle's business and I think they DJ for any event that will pay. I think it will be good for her to learn the technological part and to announce.