Saturday, September 08, 2007

If I Were Superman Then We'd Fly Away

...And so it begins. Today was the first home football game here. Even though I've lived in this town for many, many years, it seems that I'm still not above learning new lessons. Like, just because the game doesn't start until seven in the evening, doesn't mean the kids won't be out partying at noon. So, unless I want a bunch of drunk frat boys asking my cleavage for its phone number, (and I really, really, don't) I better stay far away from Kinnick Stadium when I'm running. I suppose the positive thing was all the spectacle I got to witness and viewing all the different ways people found to match black and gold. Apparently, gold knee highs and gold clogs are the thing these days. I couldn't even count how many guy, barbed wire, bicep tattoos I saw and then there are always the Hawkeye striped overalls that look like this:

Ouch! At one point, some young blonde boy was running in the opposite direction and got really excited when he passed me and said, "Running on game day. Yeah!" and gave me both thumbs up. Yeah, indeed.

I'm writing a little earlier tonight because I have two possible ways in which to spend my evening, depending on how things pan out. I could possibly see my friend Ed play at Wild Bill's coffee shop and then maybe meet my friend C., who might come into town in an attempt to escape Fort Madison for the evening, then drink enough beer that eating a Panchero's burrito at two a.m. would seem like a good idea. If that doesn't happen, I'll stay home and watch the Superman movie from last Summer and then play some of my geeky Oblivion game. I'd be happy either way.


evil-e said...

I will be donning the black and gold for my beloved Steelers tomorrow. I will probably have to do some running after my boys kill the Browns and I start talking smack...

I am back on the commenting circuit for the moment, seems Miss R and I both had some errands to run today....I will give some information about my past week in the days to come over at "the Crap"

Since you are on my list, check out the MySpace page to see how bad I got it right now...this should take care of the need to know until I post.

AlienCG said...

I prefer donning the black and orange for my Cincinnati Bengals.

Those black and gold overalls are pretty stylish...uhh, no. Go for the burrito!

Killer said...

I graduated from Ole Miss. I don't which would be worse, the black and gold cover alls, or the requirement for all frat boys at Ole Miss to wear a suit and tie to all the games.

a said...

I know I have lived in Texas tooooo long, I am starting to like the color burnt orange - but gold and black yea thats tough. I mean really would you choose to wear that color combination if you weren't a hawkeye? yea thats pretty telling eh?

Liz said...


Don't be fooled. Killer uses the term "graduated" loosely.

Football season is an exciting time. Every year I SWEAR it's going to be my year for the game. I get all pumped up. I talk ball with the boys at work. I decide on the team I'm really, really going to support. Then I usually lose interest by October.

not fainthearted said...

I gave you the Rockin' Girl Blogger award.

because...well, because you rock, of course!

LA said...

Must admit to missing the sweet smell of vom in the alleys of dt IC on game weekends....and the black and gold. Thanks for posting the fans. GO HAWKS!

Poptart said...

OMG!! I forgot to tell you how scary and disconcerting it was last weekend, when I walked out of my apartment **in CHICAGO** and saw all those people wearing those colors. Seriously, on one dog walk early in the day, I counted more than 30 people wearing crazy Hawkeye-themed clothing and carrying things toward the train. Finally, after realizing it was exactly 10 years since I moved from Iowa City, and wondering whether God was playing some weird surprise trick on me and moving Iowa City to Chicago or something overnight, I just asked a multigenerational (i.e., not scary former frat guys)-looking group and they said the Hawkeyes were playing some other school in Soldier Field. I breathed a sigh of relief and gave a lame "Go Hawkeyes..." and walked on.

It was trippy.

No one had the overalls on, but there was even face paint!

Later that night, on another dog walk at about 9:30pm, a whole BUS dumped a load of Iowa fans out in front of a sports bar near my place. You can bet Lois and I crossed the street to avoid that group.

Margaret said...

those striped overall are frightening

Churlita said...


Did you have to run after the game? It was pretty much a blow-out.

It's great to see you so happy.


The Bengals, eh? You're not a Browns fan?


I can't imagine anyone at our school wearing a suit and tie for a game - unless it was a suit of spilled beer and dried vomit.


You got a problem with looking like a bumble bee.


I used to go to the games when I was dating a guy with really good seats. I haven't been since, though.


Thanks. That's so nice of you.


IT kind of makes you glad you live in Minneapolis now, doesn't it?


Oh yeah. I forgot they played in Soldier Field last week. I bet that was weird for you.


Who you tellin'?

Michelle said...

I liked the Superman movie :) *sigh* I miss hometown football games!

Churlita said...


Sometimes our home town football games can a be overwhelming.