Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You've Still Got a View of the Summer Sky

Here is Stinky's latest school photo. Coadster didn't get hers yet.

...And here is Stinky's first school photo from kindergarten. It's weird how they change so much in some ways, and not at all in others.

As part of an attempt to get my shit in order, I ran 31 miles from Friday - Monday. It's those equal parts, meditation, escapism and free high that make running so addictive for me. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect for almost the whole long weekend. The other wonderful thing about running, is having an Mp3 player. For me, music makes everything better.

Now, I will warn you for the five thousandth time that I am a girl who loves her cheese. Nowhere is that more evident than in my music preferences. Honestly, I like parts of almost every kind of musical genre, and that means lots and lots of really bad shit too. Really, there's something to offend everyone on my play lists. In the past I've teased Brando about the content of his play lists, in that way we do where we hope everyone focuses on the one finger pointing at someone else's cheese, in order to divert everyone's attention away from the three other fingers pointing back at us, er, me. So, in homage to Brando's (or as his wife affectionately calls him, The Circle Jerker) CJ's Random 11 posts, I'm going to share one of my random running playlists that came up when I put my Mp3 player on shuffle. Brace yourselves.

1. "Smile", by Lily Allen - It's a charming little ditty about a woman enjoying her exe's (who cheated on her) sadness. Quaint.

2. "Theme From Shaft", by Isaac Hayes - Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks? SHAFT!... Why can't John Shaft live in my town?

3. "Mr. Brownstone", Guns N' Roses - Awesome music to run to. Duh. It's Guns 'N Muthah Fuckin' Roses, yo.

4. "Loser", Beck - Stinky very pointedly put this on here for me - just in case I forgot what kind of person runs 31 miles in four days. It makes her so happy when I tell her it came on during my run.

5. "I Don't Wanna Go to Rehab", Amy Winehouse - According to my girls, she did just that recently. Oops.

6. "Girl Like You", Edwyn Collins - Yes, this is off of the Empire Records Soundtrack and yes, I own it. No judgements.

7. "5:15" - The Who - Quadrophenia is one of the best albums to run to. When I lived in San Francisco, my ex-boyfriend and I would get high, put our Quadrophenia tapes in our walkmen and go running in the fog at night. It's the closest I've ever come to a liquid state.

8. "Such Great Heights", Iron and Wine - Skip. Sorry. It's too slow for running.

9. "Killed By Death", Motorhead - you can all shut your yaps. I heart Motorhead and no one will ever change my mind.

10. "Cynical Girl", Marshall Crenshaw - What can I say? Every girl's gotta have a theme song.

11. "Hard Luck Woman", KISS - Oh, wait. Maybe this is my theme song.

12. "Stranglehold", Ted Nugent - Yeah, we all know The Nuge has tons of scary issues. I find it easier to enjoy his music, if I just think of him as a cartoon character.

13. "Right Back Where We Started From", Maxine Nightingale - This. Song. Is. Awesome. Shut-up.

14, "Dancin' in the Moonlight", King Harvest - You're welcome to argue with me, but this very well might be the best pop song ever written.

15. "Know Your Onion", The Shins - It's gotta good beat and you can run to it.

16. "Tempted", Squeeze - The second best pop song ever written.

17. "Search and Destroy", Iggy Pop - I have to be careful, because sometimes this song makes me want to go find an innocent bystander, just so's I can kick his/her ass.

Okay. We're finally done. Once again, you are now free to feel superior. It's why I blog - to build you up.


Mr Atrocity said...

G 'n' R, Mötöhead and Iggy Pop aren't cheese. That's art, man, art.

Leo said...

You get kudos from me for having both Iggy and 5:15 by the Who. That's cool.

not fainthearted said...


Tara said...

Ooo, great songs! I should post some of the songs I have on my MP3 too. Haven't listened to Beck's "Loser" in awhile and really like it.

I have Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" on my MP3. It's him rapping, but there's a good beat to it and some good lyrics and stuff.

Brando said...

I just got the "Ace of Spades" album. I am hoping for "We Are the Road Crew" to pop up soon for the Random 11. I love writing about stuff like that.

"5:15" is probably the grooviest song The Who ever wrote. Love, love, love the rhythm of it.

This is a pretty stellar list. There is no shame here.

Wavemancali said...

Not only are we not going to taunt you for your choice in music I also resent the fact you're have the willpower and energy to do the whole running thing. Jeesh... some people.

booda baby said...

I LOVE YOUR SOUNDTRACKKKKKKK so much, I was tempted to start running again. And then it came to me - it could also be the soundtrack for sitting on my ass. (Actually, now that I wrote that, I don't think so. How can you NOT get up and go to Stranglehold? Tempted? Right Back Where We Started from?)

Do you feel like pinching Stinky's photo's cheeks?

Poptart said...

OK, who is this Maxine Nightingale and what is that song? Otherwise, I love all your choices. I don't jog with music outside, but I do plan to take my ipod shuffle to the gym with me in winter, and I might need to take notes.

I love the Stinky pictures. I can't believe she's so grown up.

laura b. said...

That is a very eclectic (yay!) song list you have there. Who could be critical of that? Not me :-) And if you must be obsessed with a free high, I am thinking that running isn't such a bad thing...

laura b. said...

By the way, Coadster is beautiful.

egan said...

That's some impressive mileage Churlita. I need to get back into the running. I have an aggressive goal I want to meet for a half marathon this year. Time, time, time is not on my side.

TLB said...

Oh my God, you and the Circle Jerker should be bestest friends evah with those lists.

Liz said...

CHEESE? I have to balk. Cheese would be Celine Dion, followed by Richard Marx, and then that song, "Walking in Memphis".

Your daughter is really pretty. She has great coloring. And no wrinkles. Ah... the good ole days...

Churlita said...

I was having computer problems at home last night, so I wasn't able to answer comments. I'll try later today. 'Kay?

Ondine said...

I completely forgot that "get right back..." song was one my favorites when I was a kid. "50 ways to leave your lover" was another. Don't read too much into that combination.

.j.william. said...

motorhead!! that's what I've been missing to crack the 4-mile limit. If lemmy can't motivate you, you're not alive.

Churlita said...

mr Atrocity,

One person's cheese is another person's cheese.


Thanks. I love them both.


Thank you.


I would love to read your playlist post.


There is some shame. I think The Empire Records Soundtrack is a good source of that.


It's less willpower and more of an addictive personality.

Booda Baby,

I wish I could still get away with pinching Stinky's cheeks.


Think disco diva. I can't believe you don't know that song. I thought you knew every song.

Laura B.,

I agree. There are way worse addictions out there.


The only reason I have time, is because my daughters are older and too busy to hang out with me.


Me and Brando could go back to jr high and listen to that music and play video games and laugh at fart jokes.


That's just because Hall and Oates or Journey didn't come up on that play list. It can be much worse.


Ha ha. I love 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.


You are so right. Lemmy could get you through a marathon.

.j.william. said...

speaking of motorhead, this is both beautiful and disturbing:


Michelle said...

My sister says that Lily Allen's "Smile" song reminds her of me. I know what she means, heheheheh