Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Because I live in Iowa, I take a lot of photos of farm related machinery and buildings. It's what we got here.

Today was my second full day of vacation. I could really get used to not going to work. Unfortunately, I need the damn paycheck and I got a decent raise this month, so I'll just enjoy my vacation and then suck it up and go back to work next week.

My sister came up today. Her kids were in daycare so she spent time with mine. She took me and the girls out for lunch and got to hear Coadster make fun of Stinky for sounding like a Valley Girl and then Stinky got mad at Coadster for being so mean. It was lovely. I had chicken parmesan because it's breaded, deep fried, and covered in sauce and melted cheese. What's not to like?

After lunch, we went to the mall to look at stuff and my sister did that thing she does when she comes up to visit that she thinks is so funny. Since she doesn't know anyone here, she likes to try to embarrass me. Today we were looking at dishwashers for her new house, when she just started dancing in the aisle at Best Buy. It was pretty funny. Since you probably all know by now that I have absolutely no shame, you won't be surprised when I tell you that I wasn't the least bit embarrassed. My daughters, on the other hand, walked away as quickly as possible. Later on, I decided not to take her up on her offer to get on the big workman's industrial cart and let her push me around the mall. Sure, it would have been funny, but would it be worth going to jail for?

After my sister left, I started in on a few of my projects. I'm at that point where everything is getting torn apart and sorted, but it's messy and seems overwhelming. My sister called me during all of it so I could hear her kids fighting over the phone. I suppose it's only fair.

During hour number two of organizing papers and wondering how many acres of forests were demolished in order for me to receive credit card offers, I had to take a break. Stinky was at a park playing night games with her friends, so Coadster and I went to run errands and to procure ice cream. During our adventure, Coadster got to briefly meet Mr. Dateman for the first time. This was her assessment of him: First, she said, "Finally," about getting to meet him and then she said, "He seems really nice." Her last observation was that he looked a lot younger in person than he did in the few pictures of him she had seen. In Coadster speak, that's a ringing endorsement.

Tomorrow might be a little more work than today was, but it is so great to have the time to take care of it all.


Dagromm said...

I'm glad that you're using your vacation time to wisely blog. Your dedication is what sets you apart.

Mr Atrocity said...

Let's see.

Breaded? Check.
Deep Fried? Check.
Covered in sauce? Check.
Covered in cheese? Check

Yup, I think that pretty much ticks all the relevant boxes.

Remiman said...

Oh lordy, I think your sister and I are cut from the same cloth! ;-)
I've been known to sing a love song to a walmart cashier (no, I don't know her at all) loud enough for the whole line to hear.
One time here in the hosp. cafeteria, a male co-worker said to me, "kiss my ass." I got up walked over and took his head in my two hands and planted a big sloppy kiss right on his lips. It would've made a great M.C. comercial. ;-))))

Stepping Over the Junk said...

wow. meeting mr dateman! I dread dating men and getting to a point where my children meet one of them. It just sort of freaks me out.

Ah vacation. Enjoy!

Liz said...

I love vacation. Even if I don't "do" anything, I like sleeping late and watching Magnum reruns.

When I change jobs, I'm going to demand 4 weeks a year. If they don't like it, I'll stay where I am. Next August I get bumped up to 3 weeks per year. Not bad, ey?

Margaret said...

you know, if you ask nicely, you might could get the workmen to drive you and your sister around on the cart, no jail involved

LA said...

If your sister shares your talent for theme dancing, she can bust out some "Stand Back, Stand Back" Stevie Nicks action. To this day, I think about that image of you doing that and bust a gut. Toooooo funny.

Brando said...

I could really get used to not going to work.

Amen to that.

Enjoy the vacation. What better time to take one in the IC than when all the kids are gone?

l.b. said...

Keep enjoying your vacation :-) It seems like a good sign that you felt ready to introduce one of your daughters to Mr Dateman.

l.b. said...
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l.b. said...

Somehow I posted twice...I must have been really enthused!

evil-e said...

Chicken Parmesan is some good stuff, as long as the sauce is good.

Sounds like vacation is going well, keep that rolling and enjoy.

"playing night games at the park"? What is that? Just asking, seriously.

Churlita said...


Yeah, yeah. I'm a nerd even when I'm on vacation.

Mr Atrocity,



Wow. You must really keep your wife hopping. Does she just shake her head and laugh a lot?


It's so much different when your kids are older. They really wanted to meet him and my other daughter was a little disappointed that she didn't.


I'm at about 4 weeks now. I've been here for ten years, though. Where can I find Magnum PI reruns?


Sadly, the only option my sister and I could think of was theft. It's the Southeast Iowa in us.


I can't believe you still remember my STevie Nicks impersonation. The sick thing is, that I just did it in the upstairs of GAbes about a month ago into one of those huge fans. Damn, I wish you had been there.


There were a lot of kids and their parents around today because it was moving day. I think they'll all be gone tomorrow.


They actually met him when they were a lot younger, but they don't remember him. Mr Dateman and I have been friends for years.


Night games are when you and a bunch of your friends go to a park or a friend's house and wear dark clothes and play ghost in the graveyard or hide-and-seek at night. It's kind of cool that kids still do that, I think.

Tara said...

One time during my college years, my sister-in-law came to visit with my brother. We toured my campus, and in the one building, she went on a rampage and wrote on the dry-erase boards "Tara was here". I was panicked, thinking that if a teacher saw that on the board, they would know it was me. As if there wasn't another Tara at the campus.