Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If I Don't Get Your Call Then Everything Goes Wrong

I took this in Hills last Summer.

Dear Cell Phone,

I know I put you off for a long time. I promise I wasn't playing that girl game of hard to get, I just really wasn't sure if I was ready for a relationship and I didn't want to string you along. You seemed really cool and I was afraid of hurting you. You have to admit, there is some hassle and money and time commitment when we're talking about getting involved. Frankly, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be that accessible either.

Once my girls got old enough to start using their own cell phones, I was able to see that some of the freedoms I was worried about losing, would be replaced by other, very important liberties. Dude, you've made it so I'm not stuck at home waiting to hear from my girls. I can actually have a social life. I also had no idea that you possessed so many other attractive qualities. Sure, you look good and you do a great job communicating, but you've also really helped me get more organized. You wake me up even when the electricity goes out, you keep track of all my friends, and best of all you motivate me to run with your amazing Mp3 skillz. It seems like I owe you a HUGE apology for underestimating you and taking you for granted.

At the risk of dropping the L bomb, I'll stop just short and say, I really, really really like you a lot. I just hope I haven't screwed things up between us by my initial hesitation. If you give me another chance, I promise you'll have my full attention and devotion. I'll even try harder to get better at texting on you and stop writing wordy tomes to my friends and family.




Mr Atrocity said...

With the correct vibrating ring-tone setting phones can be caring and sensitive lovers too.

It's all just so *sniff* beautiful. *sniff*

Remiman said...

The beginnings of another "Love Story?"
Glad it's working out for you. ;-)

jenny said...

see... soon enough you'll be getting an iphone, and then we'll never hear from you again. :)

Margaret said...

aawwww, how sweet

Babybull40 said...

That all sweet and everything.. I think you forgot that it will never replace a Man.. unless it has special features we don't know about...glad to hear you are getting along and hope this romance lasts for many years..

booda baby said...

It's always hard to watch someone embark on a love affair with someone/thing you privately think is - yes, good looking, kind of exciting, and popular - but hollow, demanding, jealous, superficial and self absorbed.

So, of course, I'm glad you're happy.

That said, the LAST time I went off on the cell phone culture, was the rare time I had one with me so that A. could call and give directions. And because that's how these things are engineered, ... well, you KNOW what happened.

evil-e said...

I still don't have one again.

I used to, but it was a "gift" from my ex so she could keep a leash on my lame ass. I canceled the plan after two months because all we ever did was argue about the thing. Apparently she was not happy about me leaving it in the glove box all the time.

plain jane said...

I'm breaking down and joining the cellular world this week too. Sigh. I have mixed feelings. I hope that my relationship with my cell phone is as successful as yours.

Churlita said...

Mt Atrocity,

Damn. I forgot to make the vibrator analogy.


Thanks for the well wishes.


You're right. If I had the money for an iphone, you probably wouldn't ever hear from me.


I know, right?


Like Mr Atrocity said, it's all about putting it on vibrate.

Booda Baby,
I know, I know, but he does get the job done and he cool about giving me my freedom.


Using it as a tracking device is heinous. I'm glad you got rid of both of them.

Plain Jane,

They always cost more than you think they will, but i do hope it works for you.