Sunday, July 01, 2007

Well I Tried to Make it Sunday, but I Got So Damn Depressed

I know last week I said something about maybe posting a photo of me relaxed and passed-out with an empty bottle of Jack in my hand, but I was really just talking shit. Alcohol doesn't really relax me so much, as make me that much louder. Instead, I'm finally posting this pic of the gigantic wooden nickel that I promised you ages ago.

Kids, there's no way to sugar coat this for you, I'm feeling kind of down today. It's not a full blown funk or anything, I'm just at that point where I have to eat that reality sandwich and it tastes like shit. Killer predicted this would happen in the comments of my post last week and because I can be overly optimistic, (read: delusional) I didn't believe him. Silly, silly me.

At first I thought I'd try to do something creative tonight, and then quickly realized I didn't have it in me. So, maybe I'll just do a little whine first, and then try to wrap it up by trying to be at least a little positive and, oh, just maybe try getting over myself. Jeesh.


The last few days I've been running around trying to get Coadster ready for camp. There were papers to fill-out and clothes to buy and then wash and then more toiletries to purchase and then pack and since Coadster was at her dad's on Saturday night, there was also some one-on-one time where we watched a movie and lounged on our couch together on Friday night.

My landlord called last night to let me know that the inspectors were coming back to check and make sure the ten year old fire extinguisher had been replaced and the bathroom was repainted. Which means I have to go around and tidy up everything that we threw around while we were looking for suitcases and papers.

It's the first of the month, so I have to take care of all my bills. I already dropped my rent check off to the landlord along with my new phone number. Which reminds me, I still haven't cancelled my land line or sent out that gigantic group e-mail to all my friends updating my phone number.

Have I ever mentioned what a horrible procrastinator I am on here before? After reading this, I probably don't need to mention it, do I?

I have to go to the Verizon store and see why my phone is only letting me upload 100 songs on it.

I woke-up with a nasty migraine. I've been trying to ignore it all day, but it finally kicked my ass around four o'clock.

Getting over myself:

Coadster's gone and Stinky has been out most of the day. I've had a lot of alone time to get some shit done and to lie around when my head exploded. I try to make a big Sunday dinner every week. In between swimming at the quarry and going to the Jazz Fest downtown, Stinky invited one of her friends to eat with us. It helped fill the Coadster void.

The kid who was over on Thursday night with the really stinky shoes, (the kind that smell like stale cat piss) took his shoes off outside before entering my house today without me even having to ask him.

I still have 100 songs in my phone and running with music again after 20 years is seriously one of the best things ever. I can't believe I went so long without it.

I have real migraine meds, so even though the pain was intense for a few hours, my headaches don't wreck me for three days anymore.

The Fourth of July is on Wednesday. So, yeah. I can whine all I want, but I still don't have to work a full forty hours this week either.

Okay. Good enough. I'm sure I'll never completely get over myself, but at least I'm feeling a little better now.


Remiman said...

I'm glad your feeling better. It's good to have a place to sound off!!!!

Margaret said...

thank god we've all got a blog to whine on, keeps us from whining to strangers at the grocery store.... i'd write more but i've procrastinated with the bill thingy and must rush to the bank

notfainthearted said...

real migraine meds huh? [drool]

and they really work? Is it something besides Imitrix?

booda baby said...

Those migraines HAVE to go.

It doesn't seem right that you call it whining. Lots of moms did it all themselves in days of Yore. Your. One of those kinds of days. But PLEeeeeeeze. There just weren't half the demands on their time and there weren't half the things going on to undermine them.

You take care of so much stuff it gives ME a headache.

AKS said...

I thought of coadster going off to camp this morning as I dropped off my 3.5 yr old - with his pirate water bottle hanging around his neck and his ladybug back pack with a "healthy" snack and clean underwear - he was going to his first nature camp - (its a break from regular day care for him) he was about to cry but got very brave when we mentioned he gets to wear bug spray (he loves bug spray and sun screen) I bet it was a bit different for the coadster - I'll email a real email soon -

Tara said...

I hope you're feeling 100% better today!

l.b. said...

It's your blog world, you can cry if you want to. And at least you find it within yourself to put the positive spin on at the end :-)

evil-e said...

This is Churl's world, we just live here.

My one ex used to get migraines, I know what they are like form a spectator's point of view. See if Mr Dateman will rub the temples for you...that used to work when I did it for my one ex.

AlienCG said...

We all have to bitch and moan and even whine every so often. I hope it made you feel better (along with the pain medication).

LA said...
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LA said...

Bad migraines! I am glad you have medication that seems to help.
I can't believe the quarry is still "open". I thought that the powers that be closed it off and were putting the smack down on renagade swimmers there. The water snakes weren't enough to keep me away, but that mass rash outbreak was. It's still a groovy place!

Churlita said...


I heard that.


If only I could find some strangers to whine to at the grocery store...


I take Zomig and it almost always works wonders for me.

Booda Baby,

With or without kids, we all have a lot on our plates, don't we?


Do you have pictures of that? I would love it if you could e-mail me pictures of the boy going off to camp.


I'm feeling much better thanks.




I didn't see Mr Dateman much yesterday. But that temple rubbing thing sounds wonderful.


Meds and whining always make me feel better. Thank god for blogs.


I think it's private now. They had to get okay'ed to go there from one of her friend's relatives. I didn't know about the rash. Her hair smelled like crap after she got back, though.

Babybull40 said...

Blogging wouldn't be the same without the whining.. Glad you feel somewhat better... Hope the reat of your week is quick and painless...

Churlita said...


That's how I feel about blogging.