Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm All Lost in the Supermarket

Here is a picture of some dandelions.

It's quiet in here...Almost too quiet. And now that I've said that, the Apaches should be attacking at any moment...Or maybe I watched too many Westerns as a kid.

Things are starting to calm down in my world - which is good, because I couldn't keep going at that pace for much longer. In fact, I gave myself a time-out on Saturday night and spent a nice, mellow evening with Mr. Dateman. While I dried out a little last night, I didn't really catch up on my sleep the way I wanted. So, today ended up being kind of weird and turned around because of the sleep deprivation.

I ran around with the girls at first and then finally picked up Coadster's friend and we headed to the YMCA camp. It was a hot day to stand in line for an hour waiting to get Stinky settled in her cabin. The good part about it was getting to see Coadster in action in her role as counselor in training. She was so sweet and helpful with the little kids and their parents. It still blows me away that anyone who shares my DNA could be that poised and mature. (there must be some weird recessive gene that skips a couple generations or something) After having to refill-out forms that were misplaced, I finally got back on the road around 3:30.

By the time I made it home, I was exhausted. I crawled into bed and didn't get back out until Colleen called me later in the evening. I stopped by my friend H.'s house around 9:30 and chatted one last time before Colleenyweenie goes back to New York.

I found myself at Hy-Vee, grocery shopping at 11 o'clock on a Sunday night. I was surprised at how many other people were there at that time too. It made me wonder if all these years I'd been missing out on some secret society of late Sunday night grocery shoppers, but I didn't see any special handshakes, so I don't think they were in cahoots or anything.

Now that my girls are gone for a week, Colleen's on her way to New York and things are finally calming down, I guess there isn't much else to do but go back to bed...Unless, of course, the Apaches show up, and then I guess I'll be busy defending the homestead.


Remiman said...

A secret society of Sunday night grocery shoppers. Seeing as how I do the grocery shopping I'm going to check this phenomenum out.

Babybull40 said...

Before ya know they show up and you will have to entertain them with yer Downsy face... that might only fool them for a short time... So do the Bum dance too.. they might make you an honorary memeber of the tribe...

Matt said...

Late night shoppers are a different crew all together. I worked overnights at EconoFoods in IC when it was first open. Drunks, stoners and night crawlers were the standard fare but better than the uptight yuppies in the daylight hours.

An artist told me that a dandelion that has gone to seed is a 'wishing flower'. I like that term better for some reason.

Tara said...

I love going to the grocery store or department store at odd hours of the day. I went grocery shopping on a Saturday at 10:30pm after I had dinner with some friends. People were still there and the store was under construction while people were shopping.

not fainthearted said...

I used to belong to that secret society but the produce sucked. All the good stuff was taken...

hey, maybe that's when all this "pick up at the grocery store" thing happens?

anyway, happy monday

Poptart said...

I live close to my grocery store ("the Jewel'ssss" as we like to call it) so I am in the 11:55pm grocery crew - and it's funny, but there are some of the same people in there scurrying about getting stuff.

Yeah, when IS the proper time to meet single fellas in the store? I should do a time study...

SO EXCITED that you have the week to yourself. Have a great one, Churl!

booda baby said...

That is very wise, to prepare for the Apaches. The rest of them, they'll be sorry they didn't listen to you. (I'm assuming you're sounding the alarm? And then further assuming that no one's paying you any attention?)

AKS said...

When Samuel was 6 mos-18 mos he used to wake up at 5 am or so everyday - So I used to grocery shop on Sundays at 5 AM, and that is an eclectic group of shoppers, - and the stocking boys make the store into an obstacle course so it can be a lot more interesting. - (ps Econo foods in iowa city man that is a memory, I was probably one of those night crawlers.)

l.b. said...

A childless week? Let the drunken blogging commence!

evil-e said...

You did not know about the late night shoppers? I am stunned. We have no secret handshakes or codewords but if you look real close there is a certain nod and a slight look. We accept outsiders for the most part, but shop careful.
Besides, the elderly are usually long gone by then.

AlienCG said...

Have a good relaxing week without the kids. I am not part of the late Sunday shoppers...yet.

Churlita said...


It's worth a look-see.


Do I want to be part of their tribe?


Oh, how I miss EconoFoods. Remember when Best Buy was in that same strip mall?


Saturday nights are usually good times to go.


I know. I've heard talk of grocery store pick-ups, but never experienced it myself.


Let me know the results of your study. I'm very curious.

Baby Bull,

It's pretty safe to assume that no one is paying attention.


Obstacle courses at the store. It almost seems worth getting up at 5 for...Almost.


We'll see. I'm still trying to dry out from last week.


I'll have to check more closely for the nods.


You're young yet. There's still time.