Tuesday, July 17, 2007

But You Grow Up and You Calm Down

Okay. I think my goal here was to take a couple of photos of myself on the eve of the beginning of my 42nd year before I went out. Then maybe I thought I'd take some "after" shots when I got home and had actually turned a certain age, but I was too drunk (thank god) to do the last part...Or possibly, I had spent too much time by myself on Sunday and it was making me a little loopy and I had no plan whatsoever for taking dork-ass black and whites of myself. Either way, here I am during my last hours of 41. Yeah, whatever.

So, check me out. I'm blogging from home. Sweet. All day on my birthday, the Mediacom people were telling me that it could take 24-48 hours for them to fix my internet. Even with my lovely hangover, I knew that was bullshit. Today I had to call three times and got disconnected once and was on hold (with the worst cheesy techno hold music ever) for what seemed like a couple of hours until I got the one guy who knew what was going on. He told me that my issue shouldn't take 24 hours, it should take about four minutes to fix. Really? He said he'd call me back when it was done, and damn if he didn't get back to me in ten minutes. The more I deal with tech support for any company, the more I realize that you have to keep calling back until you get that one girl/guy who actually knows what she/he's doing. Whew.

So, thanks again for all the birthday love. My birthday eve was super great and my birthday was fun too, I just had to pay the toll for the night before. I'm old enough to understand that it was all my choice, and in my mind, it was totally worth it.

Today it was back to the real world, and that was okay too. After my four day weekend, I forgot I had to bring a lunch and was forced to pay way too much for crappy food downtown. On my way to purchase said crap, I ran into Stinky and her friends. So, we all went together for our crap feast and I got to meet Stinky's new boyfriend who she met at camp. He has that whole sun bleached, blonde, skater boy/seventies surfer look that me and my girls all seem to have a weakness for. I made him shake my hand, not because I'm all formal like that, but because I knew it would make him really uncomfortable. And how fun is that? It almost makes me want to forget my lunch again tomorrow, to see if I can mess with him some more.


Les said...

you need to sneak up on yourself when your taking pics of yourself so you look normal :)

Neil said...

happy b-day, Churlita!

Mr Atrocity said...

Oh you missed a trick there. What you should have said to Stinky's new beau once you'd firmly gripped his hand and looked penetratingly into his eyes is, "So you're dating Stinky? Hmm, we will need to have a talk sometime soon". I think you could have crushed the poor fellow in an instant.

michelle said...

Happy Birthday! They're a pretty good attempt at photos regardless or how drunk you may have been. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself enough to make the hangover worth it.

Babybull40 said...

The hangover makes it all worth it somehow.. So what's next with Stinky's BF? Are you really going to mess with him.. but at the same time not scare him off.. I like that 70's surfer dude look too.. sooo hard to resist...ahh to be that young again...

Margaret said...

Love the self-portraits, very stinky-esque, very pretty.... and congrats on the super-suave hand-shake move; you are an evl mastermind

Tara said...

Was his handshake weak? I'm guessing that it was, if he was taken off guard. Hehe. Good for you for making him feel uncomfortable. That's wonderfully evil. >:D

Great photos, too! I like messing with the black-n-white tool on my computer.

l.b. said...

Nifty pix! The digital age works for me. I mostly take photos of myself and delete them because they are so heeeedious.
Oooohhh! Camp Boyfriend! It is fun to see it as the mom and mess with them a bit ;-)

Brando said...

Totally dig the photos, very glam.

I hope you get many opportunities to mess with the boyfriend. That seems like one of the best benefits of parenting.

evil-e said...

42, I doubt it. Looking good, thanks for the photos.

I hate taking my own photos, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Happy birthday again....

AlienCG said...

Great pictures. Happy Birthday, one more time. ISP's are a pain in the ass, but they are a necessary evil.

Churlita said...


I'll never look normal.



Mr Atrocity,

Oh, that's good. I'll save that for next time.


Thanks. Yeah, those photos are dorky, but apparently I have no shame.


I haven't quite formulated my sinister plan yet.


I know. I channelling Stinky when I took them.


He wouldn't look me in the eye.


These were bad enough. I should have deleted them.


Embarrassing your children makes all the other annoying parts of parent all worthwhile.


I hate taking mine too. Every once in a while, I do it anyway.

Alien CG,


~Tim said...

Happy birthday! I'm sending you a virtual cake with virtual trick candles that you can't blow out.

I love you in the face said...

Happy (Belated) B-day!! Thank you for not dying;)

Michelle said...

Happy belated! You're beautiful!

LA said...

Oh I am beeehind the times, here, but
You are looking pretty happy in the year older picture. Good sign!