Saturday, July 28, 2007

In the Summertime When the Weather is Hot

Here is a rusted out piece of machinery in a garden in Kalona. I took this last year.

First, I want to say thanks to the people who gave me suggestions for a better Kinks Song to run to. I'll be taking care of that sometime this week.

Today I finally got my ass in gear early enough to make it to the Farmer's Market. Last year I used to go almost every Saturday around the same time. The girls would come with and we'd buy flowers to have for our table during our big Sunday dinner and get lots of good fresh veggies and look at stuff. Of course, it's always a big social thing too. On one of my "walk around downtown to get out of cubicle world during lunch" strolls this week, I ran into my old professor. He's now retired, but he used to be the head of the English department here and he taught my America in the 1930's class that I loved so well. Anyway, we used to run into each other a lot on Saturday mornings and we'd stop and chat and he'd talk about his wife and grandkids and we'd laugh about the differences between having boys and girls. So, when I saw him this week, he asked me where I'd been and told me he really missed seeing me. How sweet is that?

So, today when I woke up at a decent hour, (thanks to my sister who has young children and thinks everyone should be awake on Saturday mornings and calls me just to make sure I am) I made the trek down to Chauncey Swan parking ramp. Coadster came with and we went downtown first so we could go to the bank and take out some money. My friend A. was setting the outdoor tables at 126, so I stopped to talk to her and we made plans to meet for lunch on one of my days off this week.

We finally made it to the farmer's market and the guy selling gladiolas gave me a bunch extra for free. I saw many of my Saturday morning friends from last year and got to meet their new babies or boyfriends or girlfriends and caught up on tons of gossip. By the time we walked across to the Co-op and then made it home it was almost noon. I forgot that going to the farmer's market was such a big time commitment.


l.b. said...

I love going to the Farmer's Market too, but the one nearest me is on Thursday evenings, so I don't get out to it too often. Yours sounds nice.

Margaret said...

that's a lovely rusted thing

Remiman said...

Farmer's markets no matter where, either in the big city or small towns, remind me of neighborhood gatherings, social engagements, those times when life seemed less hurried, where you could kibitz, catch up on "what's happening" and just establish your place in the community of friends and acquaintances. It's sorta like blogging but on a more personnel level.

evil-e said...

It sounds like a good time for you. I am not familiar with the goings on at a farmers' market....we might have that sort of thing south of Cleveland, but I would not know.

Churlita said...


So much of it is about timing, isn't it?


I know. It is a lovely rusted thing.


It's all about community here, and our community is nothing if not interesting and bizarre.


If nothing else, there's a lot of good people watching.

Poptart said...

I miss the IC Farmer's market so much!!!!

We have an OK one by me - and tons in Chicago, but IC is the best. I miss lots of stuff there....

Aw, nostalgia.