Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nights Like This Appeal to Me

Here is some stuff that got stuck in the grate by my house.

I thought I'd do you all a favor and keep a safe distance from another drunken blog post by waiting until this afternoon to write.

Last night I finally achieved my goal of integration between all of my friends and it was just as awesome as I suspected it would be. My friends K. and T. showed up and K. brought her boyfriend and everyone got along swimmingly. Stinky even had a whole hour where she wasn't hanging out with her friends, so she joined us downtown for a bit. Colleen was so funny around her. She couldn't get over the fact that Stinky was a teenager and wasn't going to make Colleen wear dress-up clothes and put on garish make-up.

After Stinky went home, we all decided to drink at the beer garden at The Mill. Of course, one of the bad things about me, is that my friends can talk me into anything after I've had a beer or two. My friends took full advantage of it last night. They got me to do my downs syndrome face and the butt dance in front of god and everybody. I'm not saying I'm proud of my behavior, I'm just simply relating what went down.

Another friend of mine gave me a Xanax to take for recreational purposes. I should have saved it, because I'm sure there will come a time when I'll need it for real, but he was adamant that I take it right then and there. I split it with someone else and we downed our halves with the Mexican beer we were drinking. (which, I'm pretty sure is exactly what any pharmacist would recommend)

About twenty minutes later, my friend said, "See? You've already stopped guffawing as much and you're not half as loud as you were." To which, I responded,

"Uh, what?" I wouldn't be surprised if last night starts a precedent for all my friends to show up with handfuls of Xanax or Valium to throw at me whenever I get too drunk and loud.


Les said...

got any pics of the downsy face?

Ondine said...

I lost my contact once when I took Xanax. Yep, the darn thing just popped right out of my eye I was so relaxed

evil-e said...

I really need to come to Iowa to party with you....

Sounds like you had yourself some fun, good. I agree, I need to see the downs face....

not fainthearted said...

I think the best part is the label:

"...portrait of a teenage forty-one year old."


Poptart said...

oh, isn't summer fun?! You crack me up. I do think you seen to post pics of the faces at some point...

Poptart said...

OK in that last comment I meant NEED, not seen. *I* must be on Xanax.

I love you in the face said...

I heart recreational xanax. The only problem with drinking and xanax is that after a certain point, you lose all ability to recognize your levels of drunkenness and start laughing about books you read in highschool while your overly concerned non-boyfriend carries you up the steps to your apartment repeating "Are you okay?" every 5 seconds....or something:)

Remiman said...

Holy crap, recreational xanax? Man, I am getting old. ;-)
Any more than two glasses of wine and I need an ambulance to get me home.
But, I have another question to ask during interviews: Do you use recreational xanax often?

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I'm beginning to love drinking.

Churlita said...


Hell no.


I don't think I relaxed that much. Maybe I should have taken more.


People always say that until they actually see it. Then they never ask again.


Unfortunately, it's a little too accurate.


Once again, hell no.


I only wish my experience had been that entertaining.


Two glasses of wine would have worked too.


I know. Use whatever crutch works for you.

Babybull40 said...

We got to have pictures.. Sounds like you still had a really good time..