Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Know You've Got a Mental Age of Ten

This was the picture I took at Mr Dateman's on Monday. My camera phone didn't do that sunset the least little bit of justice either. Stinky showed me how to e-mail myself the photo so I could post it. Thank god I have teenage daughters, or I'd be stuck drawing pictures on my cave walls and rubbing sticks together to make fires.

Remember how I didn't exactly promise you guys blow job and dildo jokes yesterday? Good, because it's not going to happen. After driving my girls back and forth to the county fair and obsessing over my music all night, all I'm capable of is posting some messages I either sent or received in the last week. I won't tell you which is which, on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

1. For sure! Beef Days @ 6:30. Bad Fathers after. Call me...Are you going out tonight?

2. I just saw a guy dressed as a wizard walking around. Then I remembered the Harry Potter hoopla. Next I saw a woman dressed all weird and realized she wasn't into the hoopla, she was just a hippie. Eh, tomato/tomahto.

3. Sweet! Oh yeah. I have some extra mashed taters. Would you and J. eat them?

4. Are you guys doing anything tonight? I'm feeling kind of restless and wondered if I could tag along if you were going to get up, get up and get busy. I promise to keep my drinking to a level where I won't try to say the word "pussy" every two seconds.

5. Did you get your haircut and new chest tattoo yet?

6. Speaking of Lemmy, (wait. You wrote Lemme) do you illegally download music?


Les said...

Wouldnt it be funny to find a cave wall somewhere and draw pictures of modern day kitchen appliances. LOL

Payne's Gray said...

That makes me want to send you odd text messages.

Poptart said...

i love the text messages! are extra mashed potatoes mashed extra?

l.b. said...

Hey! You didn't tell us you were getting a new chest tattoo! Oh, that one was from you, not to you...right?

evil-e said...

"rubbing sticks together can be a lot of fun"--GBH

1. Bad fathers and beef...hmmmm
2. how can you tell these days?
3. if they don't I will
4. You would not have to make that promise with me around!!
5. no, but I am getting a head tattoo, but the chest hair just isn't starting in.
6. Lemmy, where? In Iowa?

Churlita said...


I could draw pictures of computers and cell phones.

Payne's Gray,

You totally should. I would love that. I owe you an e-mail or a text or an apology for not contacting you while you were in town anyway.


they could be, but I think they're just leftovers.


I'll never tell.


Just so you know, Bad Fathers is the name of a band in town.

I wish Lemmy was in Iowa. I would love to meet him. Les Claypool just read here last week and I missed it. Damn.