Sunday, July 22, 2007

Woke Up, Got Out of Bed, Dragged a Comb Across My Head

The girls on their last day of camp together. They almost look like they like each other, don't they?

Well, kids. It's too late for me to be awake on a Sunday night, but here I am. After all the craziness on Friday, I made a point to just chill the rest of the weekend. On Saturday, Coadster came back from camp for good and she was exhausted. Since I was still pretty zoned out as well, we went out for lunch and then turned into zombie girls and stared at all the CD's we wanted at record stores. I actually bought a Todd Rundgren and a James Gang CD. Which is pretty good, considering all the thousands of CD's I would buy if I ever trip over a trust fund or winning lotto ticket. Stinky was downtown with her best friend, and she called me every five minutes to tell me she ran into someone I knew and pass along their message to me. Was it only last week that I was declaring my love to my cell phone? Hmmm.

Saturday night I went over to Mr Dateman's and ate burritos and watched some of the first season of My Name is Earl. It was about perfect. I declared today a day of rest. I have no idea why I was so tired, but I got almost nothing done.

Next week, I have to work all five days. I know - wah fucking wah. Especially when I'm taking the whole week off after that. But even now, it seems like there will be a lot of running around tomorrow. After work, I'll take Stinky and her friend to the County fair and pick Coadster up from the booth where she's volunteering. She's going to babysit for my ex-boyfriend at six. I told him not to pay her too much, but it doesn't sound like he'll listen to me. Hopefully, I'll get to hang out with Mr Dateman in the evening and slow things down a little.

Okay, I just read this post and I think it wins the award for the most mundane and unfunny blog entry ever written. I guess all I can do is go with my strengths. Hey, at least I didn't have a grown man ask me to dress him the rest of the weekend.


Remiman said...

Back to work to recover from all the good times? Next week off sounds cool.

Babybull40 said...

Well hopefully something really funny happens at work then you can blog about that.. What are You going to do with yerself for a whole week of vacation....?

booda baby said...

If Mr. Dateman had NOTHING else going for him, he'd be a GEM after the short-on-charm-and-style drunk fuck boys. Oh yeah. I really wonder where guys learn their crap from and why they persist in it, sometimes into their thirties.

I just LOVE hearing how authentic this generation is.

(Oh. I guess I was really responding to your last post. Sorry.)

David in DC said...

Read the title and immediately heard the "dah-dah-dah-DAH, dah-dah-dah-DAH" instrumental riff that follows, in my head.

I love the Beatles. Thanks.

egan said...

My wife and I were chatting about camp. Do kids still go to camp? I mean, I know they do, but is it more scarce than when we grew up? That's a great picture.

Poptart said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE of the girls!! SO cute they are both in blue with white polka dots too.

yeah, what are you gonna do next week? Come here!!! I'll have no roommate by then, hopefully.

l.b. said...

Nothing wrong with getting a bit mellow :-) Even churlish figures deserve some downtime...

evil-e said...

You are never boring and unfunny.

Sounds like the kind of weekend I had, just being chilled. I will not be working a five day week until September after this week.

AlienCG said...

Which James Gang CD did you buy?

There's no such thing as a mundane Churlish post.

Churlita said...


Yes, it does sound cool, doesn't it?


Something funny always happens at work, but it's usually funny in that pathetic way.

Booda Baby,

Got it. Yeah, people get really original when they're that drunk, don't they?

David in Dc,

Me too. Any time.


I was too poor to go to camp, so for me it was always a thing that kids on TV did. A lot of kids here go to camp.


I wish. You have no idea how broke I am.


Yeah. I should just go with it.


Thanks. You are so lucky.


Thank you too. I just got their greatest hits, but it can sometimes be hard to find.

egan said...

Aw yes, the money issue. Fun times.