Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm the Kinda G That Little Homies Wanna Be Like

My friend K.'s neighbor was tuck-pointing her house last year, so I went ahead and photographed it.

Tonight I am standing on the precipice of a four day weekend. Don't worry, it's not making me dizzy and I won't pass-out and fall off of it. I'm just a little giddy is all. I turn forty-muthahfuckin'-two years old on Monday, and I thought I'd give myself the birthday present of time. So, it's happy birthday to me, (starring Melissa Sue Anderson) all over again.

I was a little worried earlier today, because my cold got all up in my grill and was sweatin' me and I was afraid all my vacation birthday time would be spent livin' in a Summer cold paradise. One of my co-workers told me that if my cold was still bad tomorrow, I should just come into work. Her reasoning was that if I was going to be miserable anyway, I may as well not waste a perfectly good day off. So, I went to bed the minute I got home and pretty much stayed there until around 9 o'clock when Mr. Dateman called me to make sure I hadn't been passing out in doctor's offices again today. I've got four minutes to go until midnight and so far so good.

So, I'm wide awake now and my cold seems to have chilled the fuck out, I have tomorrow off and my girls are away at camp. What an excellent way to head into Friday the 13th. I don't really have many plans for tomorrow, so give me some suggestions. If you had an entire day to yourself, how would you fill it? (please be aware that you would be on an EXTREMELY limited budget, so renting tons of porn might be out of the question)


Les said...

Hey 42! Life the universe and everything. You'll still look good so forget about it.

Mr Atrocity said...

4 whole days off, that's pretty darn good. Hmm, stuff to do. It's a bit late now but there's which is like Amazon for second hand books - you can get some bargains there for reading without paying excessively. You could go somewhere and draw, maybe explore somewhere new?

Have an amazing 4 days of your own time.

jenny said...

assuming the weather is nice, i'd probably start off with a delicious iced latte and a scone while sitting outside and leisurely reading the paper.

then i might take my camera to a cemetery and take some pictures. then i would get a hot dog and fries for lunch. then i would get my oil changed. then i would hang out at a bookstore. then i would get another latte and read some magazines. then i would order thai food for dinner. then i would watch something from netflix while drinking boxed wine.

but that's just me. enjoy your long weekend, and happy birthday!

Killer said...

In the age DYI, nobody should be buying/renting porn. You can make your own.
Just look around the house for any old whips or chains, maybe some leftovers in the fridge, or some neighboring farm animals...voila, home porn.

Tara said...

Sleep in a bit, then get up and lounge around outside with a good drink and read your comic books!

I'll bake you a virtual cake on Monday!

evil-e said...

I gave myself a three day weekend for my birthday....I figured why screw up a perfectly good birthday with going to work.

Time to myself and a limited budget, this sounds scarily familiar...sleep in, relax, and find something later on. Happy birthday in advance my fellow cancerian.

booda baby said...

Where's my comment?!? Where's my comment?! I can't believe I wrote a comment and the internet ate it.

I yack, yack, yacked and then got around to saying that if I had that many days, I'd send me (me, not you - wait. Sort those out.)an address for a celebratory thingie that won't even come close to getting there on time, but four days can easily be stretched to ... ten. Can't it?

DO NOT eat my comment this time, Mister Blog Comment Eater.

plain jane said...

Oh I remember those rare days with no kids and no work and having so many options I didn't know what to choose. I was always on a super tight budget too. The best of those days were spent reading, napping, yakking with anyone I ran into and enjoying not NEEDING to do anything. Rest. Restore. Bliss.

Enjoy turning 42, before long you will be 50 like me. Aack.

Churlita said...



Mr Atrocity,

Thanks for the suggestions.


That sounds wonderful.I keep it in mind for the next day I have off.


You are so resourceful.


Can you make it virtually chocolate?


Cancers rule, don't we? I hope your birthday was wonderful.

Booda Baby,

I'm sorry, I hate it when the blog monster eats my comments.

Plain JAne,

Rest was key today.

michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it in time to wish it to you when it was your birthday.