Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You'd Think it was the Fourth of July

Here is a picture of my friend's daughter wrasslin' a stick away from a dog.

I went into today, not really having any idea what I'd do. I knew Stinky was going with her dad at some point, and that was it. It turned out to be a really fun day, it just felt like I lived three very different lives that didn't really have much to do with each other.

I woke up to my first life as a mom and spent some time talking to Stinky. I ran my seven mile route and was surprised how nice and breezy it was outside this morning. For lunch, Stinky and I picked up some food and ate outside at our little patio table (which is actually a driveway table, since we don't have a patio) until Stinky announced that she was full and too hot and asked if it was okay for her to go inside and get on the computer. I have to give her credit for humoring me for a little while anyway. Her dad picked her up around three and that's when I started my second life.

My second life was more like a flashback. I went out to the farm where I lived for a brief time and watched some bands play and hung out with old friends. Now that we're all getting older, there were a lot more kids and dogs running around than there used to be. At one point, my friend B. said, "Wow. I keep looking around and having weird flashbacks from years gone by." It kind of felt like that to me too, except there wasn't a mud wrestling pit, or half as many drunk people and the music wasn't as loud. It was more like Fourth of July lite.

In the evening I went to live in Mr. Dateman world for a few hours. We listened to music and then stood on his deck and watched fireworks from about six different towns. It was really cool, and the best part was that we didn't have to get stuck in traffic.

Now my holiday must end so I can get ready for work tomorrow. Wah.


Mr Atrocity said...

Sounds like a great day. I was due to have dinner with my American buddy, Miss Weeza last night and I asked what a traditional Fourth of July activity would be. She said, "Well, probably start off losing a couple of fingers in a bottle rocket accident, get blind drunk and finish up falling asleep in a neighbour's garden." We went for sushi instead.

Remiman said...

"4th of July Lite"....that's cool. Ours was 4th of July Wet. We did all the traditional celebratory activities, sans kids since they all live 4 or more hours away and have to work today. Speaking of which, I've got to go get ready to save lives.;-)

notfainthearted said...

Sounds like a good day to me.

Babybull40 said...

Great post Churlita.. I can totally relate.. we have these other lives... without kids.. Ah I cherish the thought..

Margaret said...

is work a 4th life and world

booda baby said...

Wow. You covered some territory! That's the best, when you hardly go anywhere and still go lots of places.

Té la mà Maria said...

pasamos un rato ameno en tu blog, felicidades

saludos desde Reus- Catalunya

l.b. said...

Sounds like you got the best of all three worlds Churlita.

LA said...

What a fund day! The farm on the 4th was a flippn' dangerous place years ago. It's probably nice to not have to worry about getting a Roman Candle blast in the face, or flesh rot from Old Man's Creek.
Bring on the sedate years!

Dagromm said...

Happy 4th!! My kids are still at the age where they get excited about the holiday for some unexplicable reason.
By the way I read the words "seven miles" and passed out from exhaustion.

evil-e said...

Sounds like served all of your different Churls all in one day.

I had to nix the run because the animals were drunk and armed by 6am and the gym was closed. None of my routes were safe I could hear mortar fire all around. Living in Cleveland, the fireworks started about 3 weeks ago and they go on around the clock.

Churlita said...

Mr Atrocity,

Sushi sounds wonderful.


Even though it was wet, it still sounds like you guys had fun.


It was.


Sometimes I wish I could integrate all the lives together.


Work is the 4th life just above hell.

Booda Baby,

Once again, I was all over the place.


Muchas gracias.


Yeah, I mixed it up.


It is so much more mellow than the days when you used to go. You might not even recognize it...Oh, maybe you would.


My running is a sickness. I don't expect anyone to understand.


It was the churliest.

Our town gets really quiet over the 4th. Everyone seems to go somewhere else.